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I am going pretty deep here & perhaps a bit silly but I want to talk about oxygen.

In my gym there's like 100 people all in the same room doing high intensity workouts.. I have often wondered if this will effect me in anyway??

A large part of the reason I exercise is to get oxygen to cells and keep them healthy but if I am in a room full of people sucking up all the good air and breathing out CO2....

Am I just being silly? or do I have a point?

The reason I choose the gym over outside is because I love using the machines. With all the running on hard surfaces I think I have injured my left knee. I am not sure, I just do not want to risk it. In the past it would get sore for a few days after running everyday for long durations. The machine is no impact.

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"Born To Run"  Read it....I mean that to all runners :)

.... i m not sure about the CO2 thing.... i actually was never in a gym...but i believe with so many breathing and sweating ppl they must have a good "pulling used air out and pushing new air in-system thingy" (xcuse my english)...but i guess u know what i mean

i only run outside now... but last year and the year before in winter time i had a really good treadmill ... i was running on it each day for 1 hour.... i figured that i m only able (NO idea why) to do forefoot running on the treadmill but it really sucks on asphalt ..and for sure even more on stony ground (where i usually run now around a lake)

i believe treadmill running is too monotone for the body...for the  joints, tendons and muscles. Coz each step you take is like the same surface on the treadmill. On Asphalt its a bit irregular.... but on stony ground for example its relaly different with each time. I believe its better for the body. But thats just my opinion. 

what do u mean u injured ur knee by running on hard surfaces.... like asphalt ?  and u think a treadmill is more easy on ur joints etc ? (sorry i didnt get it....) 

Hi Steph, with the machine, my feet do not leave the foot rest, hence the no impact on the knees.

I guess to simplify my question. Will I still be able to have a good workout and good results in an indoor congested room. I have no idea if the air is constantly replenished.

This is a tuff one!!

Let me see, the choice is between running outdoors on the local trails, parks, roads, forrests, beaches and meeting local runners etc.


Running next to people that are watching Jerry Springer or David Wolfe infomercials and breathing in everyones detox, farts and perfume as you hit high heart rates and learn poor running technique cos you always train on a treadmill. 

mmm thats a REALLY TUFF one to answer. ;)

Get on a bike till your knees are good enough to run on outside in the fresh air. Find out the cause of your knee pain. Its it too much training or poor technique, not enough sleep etc.

Thanks Harley.

You right man as usual. LMAO "breathing in everyones farts"

Funny thing is, I can't believe I didnt mention that before you did because it is so true...

Another bad thing about the gym is that I almost always get big fat smelly people who stink it up on the machines next to me. It really disrupts my momentum...

I now have to find a nice place to run...will be tough in the city.... would love to run in the blue mountains where the air is supper clean/fresh

Dang how can you choose indoors over outdoors?  I only run inside when it's freezing outside.  I love being out in the sun and seeing nature and new things.  In a gym I go nuts from looking at the same stuff. 



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