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Since I can remember I've never been able to run. Even as a child running around on the playground I would get out of breath and terrible side cramps so quickly. Now, 16, I still have the same problem and can barely go 1/8 of a mile before feeling like I need to either stop or I'm going to pass out/have a heart attack. I'm going completely raw after New Years and was wondering if anyone's stamina has been greatly improved by the switch to raw veganism? I would also love any tips on form, good meals for before and after. Any advice<3 Thanks!

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Yes, I did find my stamina greatly increased on this lifestyle.

and that's ok if you can only make it 1/8 mile.  Do that, or less if necessary.  Then the next time, do it again, and just a few steps further.  This is something you want to be able to do for your entire life, not just a few workouts, so it's fine to build slowly and progressively.  Works just like investing your money at interest.   Over the days, weeks, and months, results are hard to discern, but look back over years and you'll be impressed at yourself.  

And yes form is key; I recommend checking out www.chirunning.com for their resources.  Plenty of their youtube vids out there too for you.  Watch anything in which its originator Danny Dreyer is speaking.  

Thank you! This looks like an ah mazing resource.

fur shur!

Mixing up walking and running can definitely help in the beginning stages.  Just trying to get out there consistently and giving a good effort is the most important thing! If you need any help let me know. Running is a big passion of mine. Good luck!

Hey, thanks!

and I try to jog/walk a mile (at least) everyday and I run or jog until I feel like I can't but should I push myself harder?

My sister (moreso) and I always had trouble running, same as you described above, but my sis would get an asthma attack in school, but mostly outgrew the asthma when older.  On her husbands side of the family is a competitive runner that gave her the advise of running a little more and gradually you will improve, but you don't have to push yourself.  

I know that when I ran outback that each day I could run more because of this diet...had the energy to just do more and the results were impressive.  I stopped because I was concerned by what others would say since I was 7-9 months pregnant (yes, a scary site), but I hope to start again this spring when we get out more regularly.

I've never had any signs of asthma, which is surprising, just a horrible lack of stamina.

And yeah, I think if I just try to run as much as I can for awhile everyday, especially on this diet, it will get easier!

And wow! Running when you're that far along? Cudos to you! That's fantastic, even if it might look a bit strange haha

It takes time to build up stamina for running. And by time I means years and years, depending on where you're at now and what sort of fitness level you want to reach. The best way to approach getting better at running is by staying as consistent as possible, listen to your body, don't push yourself too hard in the beginning (first few months/years) and try to make it fun/embrace the challenge. Running is not easy :).

Personal story, might motivate you: I started running as a freshman in high school (13 yrs old) by joining the cross country team (to be more involved with sports). Prior to joining I had far below average fitness level and was terrible at sports. My best mile at the time was probably around 12 minutes. Anyway, I joined the team and went to practice. The first day/week I couldn't not run longer than 30 seconds without needing to stop. I really hated it and my heart and lungs and legs felt like I was putting them through torture. This kept going for probably the first 2-3 months of me joining the team. In this time I would run/stop/walk during practices that lasted 20-30 mins... I remember the first time I did an entire 30 minute run without stopping to walk, it was a huge accomplishment. So basically I ran small amounts five days a week all through school (because of practice) and I started to improve as months went by. The more you stick with it the more results you will see and the better you'll get. You introduce a stress onto your body, your body responds and adapts, and you become better! It's amazing. The key is to really stick with it. I've stuck with it for now about 10 years and I am in love with running. Over this time I have significantly improved, and with the diet my endurance and recovery have improved and I can run more consistently and longer than I ever could before. 

Tips for starting off: Set small weekly goals for the amount of running you will do. Don't try to do too much too soon. Be easy on yourself and know that consistency will pay off. Keep your arms at your sides, elbows bent at about 90 degrees, swinging parallel to your body. Hands should be in fists pretending to hold onto fragile crackers. Focus on landing light on your feet with your feet below your hips. Control your breathing and use your mouth in order to to get plenty of air in. I find that listening to music makes it fun when I know I am probably not going to feel too great while running, but without music is awesome too. I like to stop eating and drinking at least 2hrs before going for a run, running on an empty stomach ensures no cramps for me. Make sure you rehydrate and eat lots of carbs after your workout, within an hour. Also, join a running club! Having others to run with is super motivating, and running clubs usually have people of all ability levels. 

Sorry I wrote so much haha I just love running and I'm excited you're taking up this fantastic activity :)

Thank you! Such an inspiring story and wonderful advice!

I'd recommend sticking with it, even if your results are slow; as everyone improves differently. I've been running pretty solidly for the last four years or so, and at the moment I'm pretty lucky if I can finish a 5k without having to walk at all(though I generally attribute my fitness status to lack of sleep). Time and experience will teach you how hard you can and should push yourself, when you should stop, and when you should really just take time off to heal. I've found I seem to do a bit better when I'm eating lfrv for a time, but as I'm not converted to doing it all the time yet, so can't really compare. I have noticed though that attitude makes a big difference. I can be kind of a negative person, but on the rare occasion I'm actually happy when I go out for a run, I actually shave off a few minutes. I've also personally found that while I like running with music, I seem to perform better without it.

As for meals, I work evenings, and unfortunately stay up late/have trouble sleeping. I'm fortunate in that I have time to eat, wait, and then exercise before going to work. For me, having some water after getting up, waiting a bit, and having a small source of calories(1-2 oranges or bananas), and waiting 15 minutes(I walk a mile to 'warm up' my legs) before starting works for me. For many 8-5rs, that probably won't work unless they like to get up really early, so you have to adjust for your schedule. As for after, nothing in particular. I tend to inhale my smoothies rather quickly, it would probably be better for me to eat/drink more slowly. Unfortunately my fruit is kind of crappy, so I prefer it in smoothie form. I would also suggest a stretching routine for before/after, yoga on certain days, or something along those lines. I've personally gotten out of the habit and my flexibility isn't near as good as it used to be. 

Oh, wow! I have been struggling with running in a similar way as Sarah's describing here! Thanks for posting this — so I don't need to open another discussion with this topic.

To all the kind souls who have replied so far, know that your words were helpful to me, too. Thank you and may you all have an awesome and "legen— wait for it! —dary" fruitful new year! ^^

hi !! personally my stamina increased. before I run I usually don't eat much before I run maybe just a banana for some sugar, and after I run ill have breakfast. One thing that I noticed this past time that I ran is when I run listing to music I ran longer and faster and didn't stop to catch my breath. When your running try intervals, like running as hard as you can for 45 seconds then jog/walk for 15 seconds, it will keep your heart rate up but give you time to breath, good luck and happy new year!!



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