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RT4 - How do you still motivate yourself when you gain weight?

Hi everyone,

this question just came to my mind and I'm really curious about your thoughts.

I've read some older posts here today. People asked why they are gaining weight, how long they will be gaining weight or if anybody else is gaining weight. This made me think about how I would react and honestly I don't know. I didn't start this lifestyle as a slim person and would call myself a bit chubby. Now I am totally afraid of switching into fat before finally losing the 15 kg / 33 lbs I intended to slim down.

I admire those who gained weight over months or even years but stayed RT4.
All their success stories and transformation pictures motivated some of us to start RT4,
but will these stories and pictures be enough for us to stay when we start gaining weight?

I can imagine that this would demotivate me real bad.... =/
What about you?

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Hi, Sandee, Thanks for starting this discussion. Just wanted to see how things have been going for you lately. I, too, am gaining on RT4. I was even wondering if there are any RT4 coaches out there for me to be able to check in & get some consistent support. What have you been doing to support yourself?

I wish I could answer more positive, but on Monday my first 30 days of RT4 will be over and I don't feel like I want to continue this way for me.

Though I followed the rules I gained weight. (~5 kg)
I know some of you will now say that weight gaining in the beginning is quite normal or that it is healthy weight gaining. For myself I have to admit the weight gaining is counterproductive. As expected, I really feel uncomfortable right now. So I will try to go back to fully raw for some time and then afterwards to RT4.

Thanks for sharing, Sandee. I know it, the weight gain is something I didn't actually realize was a possibility when I started, but now I know & I'm still here, despite the truly uncomfortable extra weight. I'll be curious to hear how fully raw goes for you. You may have tried it this week?

I know it can be hard. I've definitely slimmed down in areas since coming to rt4 but I still hold a lot of weight in my belly and thighs. I remember restricting calories a lot more than I ever had the Summer before I found this lifestyle and I was definitely slimmer then (obv). But I felt horrible all of the time, anytime I ate I was insanely bloated and it would take days to go away. I was always tired and pretty seriously depressed. None of those problems really occur anymore. I get extreme bloat if I miscombine foods or eat fatty foods but that's my fault anyways. I feel the best I ever have on this lifestyle and there's no way a little weight gain is going to stop me. I have full confidence that the weight will come off when my body is ready. I would love to be lean and toned and wear shorts without worrying about my thighs looking horrible. But right now my body is healing, and that's beautiful in its own right.

Well for one thing, I didn't have my period for 2 years. My blood tests were like those of an anorexic, but I was on the higher end of normal. I am 5'9" and started at 150lbs. I gained weight to 170lbs, but it seriously doesn't feel like it! What mattered more than anything was-- I got my period back! Who knows how much weight I'd gain on my estrogen prescription! You hear horrific stories about weight gain and feeling terrible on prescribed hormones. This is real estrogen my body was producing, and LOVED IT. I've been 170lbs before, but instead of it being a sloppy 170, my forehead wrinkles are filled out, same with the cellulite on the back of my thighs, I'm filling out my bra. This statement isn't quantifiable--but I feel more pretty in my face. So I'm not even reacting to the 20 lbs one bit, which is crazy for me!

I have been eating raw till 4 for 7 months. I have been gaining weight for the first 5 monts and have gained 20 lbs. Since then my weight has been stable, I really wonder, what will happen next... Anyone with a similar experience?

I have gained 20 lbs, which is not that little, I was very weight-oriented for the first 4 months, I was hoping to get to my comfortable appearance untill summer, however I quickly realized that will not happen just because I want it to. Now I am at peace with it, I really do not look as if I have gained that weight. My motivation is that I know the changes I want will happen, but they will happen when my body will be ready.

Plus I thought 7 months ago I would be so miserable if I gained weight, but that is not true at all. I was calorie restricting and I did not even realize that is not how I am supposed to live like.

Gaining 20lbs sound relative if you were under weight. Many people seem to be coming from eating disorders so I'm curious as to what your weight was when you started - were you under weight? 20lbs seems to be an unofficial bench mark when people become healthy

Of course, I was 133 lbs and I am 5,57 feet tall. I was not underweight, but I was calorie restricting. Before raw till 4 I was calorie restricting for about a year. I ate approximately 1700 kcal every day, was exercising 20 min a day and always felt tired and hungry. However what I was doing, was not even that strict compared to people who eat 800 kcal a day or so. In that year I was decided to loose weight very steadily and I lost 10 lbs (not a lot, but visually it seemed like I lost more).

At the end of the day I was programming my body to store fat and now I will let it do what needs to be done. 

Hi! :) i experienced some weight gain for maybe....the first 6months to be honest! To other people it didnt look like much, but for me i could see a difference. BUT!!! now, the weight i gained all has come off, AND i am starting to get lean and building more muscle! My muscle tone looks better now than when i was really high protein ( still vegan).. I would say the biggest motivation is to enjoy the other benefits of this lifestyle! weight loss is usually why people will try RT4, but i think the other factors are much more exciting! Your energy will be super high, your attitude will improve about yourself, and overall you just feel so good that a few extra pounds dont seem to matter!! I say that honestly, because I used to be obsessed with my weight gain! please dont feel discouraged! but this is a wonderful community in case you ever do :) try looking up tinagrundin on instagram, she posts a lot about this issue :)



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