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Some folks seem to gain weight, while others appear to lose it right away or at least stay steady on this lifestyle. For those of us who gain on the RT4 lifestyle, is there any interest in starting a group within this site to offer each other support? Perhaps one exists already that I can be directed to? It would be nice to hear from those, who maybe gained weight for a year on RT4, but then lost it. I have run across maybe three or four women in that category who have shared here (thank you!). Maybe there are others??

As for a little about me, I have been on this lifestyle for almost 2 months, which I realize is nothing in terms of an adequate healing process. Some days seem fun, smashing in those carbs, while others are more of a struggle. 

Busting out of my clothes, digging through my closet for tent dresses in order to give my body a hide-away/cocoon/space for its process -- even in the name of optimal long-term health -- requires stamina that some days can falter. 

And, I know I can't expect those closest to me to see the light of this lifestyle without seeing results first, so on I plod, downing banana & date smoothie after banana & date smoothie, smiling to myself as I think, "They don't know what they are missing." ; )

My original intent in coming to this lifestyle was to detox from nuts and unsweetened chocolate, which I ate in excessive quantities (sometimes 1 lb of almonds or pumpkin seeds a day, half lb of 100% cacao chocolate a day). I was also otherwise bored with my diet, which comprised mostly of (& often raw) sweet potatoes, kale, carrots, chickpeas, apples, chia seeds, almond milk, other green leafies, squash, unlimited salt and coconut oil or avocados, Vega shakes. Occasionally, I would have eggs, cheese, or fish, maybe a couple times of year, but they mostly gross me out, so I am relieved to have found a lifestyle that says I don't need them. I was bulimic in my teens and 20's, but have managed it (i.e. no purging) in the past decades by my food choices including limited carbs, but lots of plant fat. 

I was what I thought was a normal weight = 125 lbs, 5'4", age mid-forties. I hiked a lot and did yoga. I ran several marathons in my mid-thirties, but don't currently run. I haven't weighed in since starting the lifestyle, but I can go and find a scale if that would be helpful. I am just aware of jiggling arms and legs, and stomach rolls, where there were none before, a swollen neck/chin, and clothes that are no longer comfortable to wear. Often I feel like a walking water balloon, especially after a meal.

A typical day for me calorie-wise has steadily been increasing from 2800 to 3200 to 3600. I had a few 3800 hundred days, followed by 7000 calories yesterday!! Maybe it's just that I have never counted calories before, but that felt like a record!

It also made me want to check in and see if this is what I am supposed to be doing for optimal health and weight loss? So, yesterday, I ate 20 bananas, 25 medjool dates, 1.5 boxes of corn fusilli with 2 cups of peas and a can of low sodium chopped tomatoes with three small baked potatoes & a tablespoon of lo-salt, no-fat salsa, black pepper and freshly squeezed lemon. 

First and second meals (8 am & 11:30 am) were this tasty banana ice cream float I make --basically, a 10 medjool dateorade with spoonful after spoonful of ice-cream that I make by just putting 6-10 frozen bananas in my Vitamix. At 4 pm, I ate 1/3 of the above pasta-potato combo, and then finished the remaining 2/3 at 6:30 pm. 

I drank 5.5 liters of water thru out the day, peed 15 times (day & night, as I have to get up a couple times to pee), walked for 1.5 hours in the afternoon sunshine, and slept from 10 pm to 6 am that night. 

This has been a pretty typical day, except that I usually have romaine lettuce or arugula with a choice or combo of rice, pasta or potato with the above seasonings for dinner. Peas are my "fat" when I haven't had an avocado in 1.5 weeks and don't have one on hand. And sometimes I only walk for 40 minutes. I used to do yoga, but I am too full and/or bloated these days to want to move like that, so I'll pick up some hand weights or do some squats instead.

I have been on vacation for the past few weeks (it ends next week), so stress has been low, as well as giving me an opportunity to explore this forum and youtube and learn what I can. I recently ran across two separate RT4 women, who have switched to a Starch Solution-based diet and are now getting results that they did not get after a year on RT4, which has given me some pause. I'm wondering if I should I try that, stay with RT4, go to Banana Island, return to my old eating, as those around me think I should…. Maybe you can see why I thought a gainers' group might be helpful. : )

I love the idea of my cells swelling up, so that they can one day release any accumulated toxins. I love the idea of achieving optimal cellular function and unlimited energy once the debris is gone. I love banana ice-cream in my life, although I think I am allergic to unripe ones (i.e. normal, yellow vs brown, sweet and soft), which I had to learn that the hard way and from all of you. ; )

I picture my cells doing their important house-cleaning right now. My skin feels smooth and soft. I have had some break-outs around my mouth since starting the lifestyle, but I am guessing that is just detox, whereas before starting the lifestyle, my cells were just hanging on to stuff. My nuts and chocolate addiction ended by Day 2 on this lifestyle -- I almost forgot that!

If I feel tears trying to come on at night, because I am uncomfortably hot or my skin is expanding on my neck, the back of my arms, my back, my belly, my butt, my calves, even my fingers and toes sometimes can ache, I remind myself that things often need to feel their worst in order to feel their best. I recite, "Go to bed Buddha & Wake up Ghandi."

I love Freelee's inspiring video presence and look forward to watching them each night, Durian's never-ending conviction that there are no long-term fat HCLF vegans, and all of your brave and honest and helpful posts. I love the animals and this planet, and what can be more motivating than that.

So there you go. This is me -- hiding behind the pic of a smiling banana & a tent dress in real life. Sorry for the length & detail. Any insights or suggestions would be welcome, and let me know if you need any more info in order to evaluate. 

And many thanks to all of you for your past posts, extraordinary support you've shown each other & the tons of helpful info you've put out there over the years. You have kept me going this far!

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Here I was in June 2013, approx 60 days into 80/10/10. Same shorts that I cannot get over my thighs now. Just some reality of how damaged we can truly be.

I love how RT4 sort of saved your life. That's pretty cool. Once I figure out how/when the weight gain ends, I'll be sure to let you know. Not there yet, that's for sure.... : )

I know it! : ) There's something about gaining that makes me want to check in & see if I'm doing it right. : )

This discussion is good...

Fruity Fitness--I feel like you.  This is the highest non-pregnancy weight that I've been, and I'm very uncomfortable.

Here's the thing:  I trained to walk a half marathon in the spring, and those 2 months when I was really ramping up my walking, I gained 4 lbs. eating generally around 1800 calories a day (with prob. 20-30% of calories coming from fat -- generally nuts and avocado).  I was thinking that on Rt4 when I upped my cals. but cut the fat, I'd be in good shape.  I also think that I gained that 4 lbs because I was not taking in enough calories.  

When I did Rt4 in earnest for those 2 months, I was really good about it.  I know that it's not much time, but gaining 6 lbs in 8 weeks was not welcome at all.  I feel like I have so much to undo.

For the past few weeks, I haven't been tracking calories at all.  I've been eating mostly lower-fat foods and fruit still, but I'm back to having GF toast with avocado for breakfast (my old go-to).  I'm eating cooked food at almost every meal now.  Like some of you, I had a fairly bad (for me at my age) acne breakout too.  Ugh.

I am joining a 90-day challenge at my gym starting next month -- it includes 2 trainer-led workouts per week and 1 day solo (plus whatever exercise one does independently).  I'm thinking that this will give me a good jumpstart to lose these extra lbs.  I have 20 total that I want g-o-n-e.  

I appreciate reading everyone's trials and tribulations and what worked for you.  

I was 100% raw for the first 12 months and when things were not improving, I felt I owed it to myself to try rt4. I am gaining at the same rate as I was eating fully raw. I personally feel like I need more calories but my digestion is so slow, it cannot handle the volume. I was hoping by adding in cooked would help because I can eat less volume for the same amount of calories. But I wake up tired, wanting more sleep, not feeling as rested through the day. I wear a fitbit and it shows my caloric burn to be around 2300 per day based on my activity. If I am only able to eat 2500, thats barely anything extra to aid in healing. I used to eat 3300-4000 calories and I was very uncomfortable due to the slow digestion. :/

Thanks for your candor….  Are you going to stick with it for a bit longer?  What's worked best for you in the past?   

I loved the feeling of being "fully carbed" on the days when I ate over 2500, but I am sure that I was overeating now (and I was eating beyond satiety which is probably not a good thing).  

I was definitely eating beyond satiety. I remember smashing in 10 bananas for breakfast but felt full after 6. I was going for a specific caloric count. I feel like all I think about is food now - never used to. Sadly, my body torched fat when I ate more fat and protein, but I love eating unlimited carbs. My body just does not agree.

Yes, yes, I, too, used to feel the fat melt off me when I was high protein, although I really don't enjoy the idea of eating flesh, and tons of nuts made me feel sick, too.

Plus, with high protein, I never had the walking-water-ballon feeling I get now after eating, where my calves and legs and arms jiggle with each step, let alone the distended midsection, and not being able to zip even my roomier shorts.

The fact is, however, I like eating carbs, really do, so it will be interesting if I can ever eat fewer carbs again. I fear my brain won't be smiling, if I don't. : )

I have been trying a few new things -- changing up the fruits, like including some melons or oranges. I also stopped cronometer for a little while. I'm not into deprivation, and I'm pretty sure I rarely eat less than 2500/3000 calories a day. After a break from cronometer, I'll go back to it. I'm curious to see how many calories my body is choosing, vs packing in as much food as my body can swallow, and then some.

In the past, I may have restricted which foods I ate (i.e. low carb), but I did not limit the quantity of the other things I ate (veggies & fat), so I'm almost positive that my body won't tolerate deprivation in my little experiment/hiatus from cronometer. 

I also haven't had any repeat performances on that 7k calorie day. I had staggering indigestion for several days after that, so I'm doing more frequent, smaller meals -- yes, like you: that means more like 6 bananas vs 10 at a time.

I still wonder about cooked carbs -- and whether I feel better or worse after eating them, or when I eat just a fruit meal. I'm still experiencing that ravenous-after-eating-bananas experience. I am not sure what that is about. It's like after I eat a bunch of bananas, I am dying for a bowl of rice to wash it down. Weird.

On another note, I noticed the sun on my arm the other day, and while I don't have much muscular definition there any more, the skin did appear to be glowing. So there's that. : ) And then, there's the delicious fact that I got to go home and roll my own veggie & rice sushi after my long hike yesterday.

This whole thing has been so interesting. I like exploring how to eat another way (for me, that's high carb), although, yes, I do wonder if I'll ever be thin again. What a journey it has already been. : )

Thank you for this! I truly appreciate it. It wouldn't be my first start that was too fast out of the gate. : )

And, yes, as I commented above, it took me days to recover from that 7k cal day. I have had to go to smaller meals since then. We'll see.... Still loving my carbs! 

I think that you're probably right, Ryan, but I gained 6 lbs in 8 weeks eating 2500-3000 a day (usually closer to 2500).  :-(

Again, so insightful & just what I needed. Thank you!

So, yesterday I ate three meals of pasta & potatoes & greens. I also went for a 3-hr hike -- that's not that long, but longer than my everyday, and for the first time since I started smashing banana carbs, my muscles are sore today. My guess is that the fruity carbs must be better at restoring lost glycogen. Do you think that's what's up? Needless to day, I am back to bananas today. : )

For 2 months, I was pretty much eating nothing else but bananas and dates and potatoes/rice/corn pasta for dinner with romaine lettuce. A little experimenting is helping me to own this lifestyle for me. Thanks again for your wisdom & encouragement!

Ryan said> 7000 calories!

Actually it was about 5000 calories if you look at what she listed eating for the day, not that there would be anything wrong with 7000, but just to be accurate.

Ryan said>You're eating too much

30BaD is a calorie restriction free zone.  Keep it high carb low fat, (with the other lifestyle factors), and you're good to go.  Please make sure you are familiar with 30BaD guidelines before posting again, this advice is not in line with 30BaD.  If you find after reading that you are wanting to follow another protocol please feel free to Take it somewhere else.


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