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Hi All! I'm new to the RT4 lifestyle and so far I love it. I'm trying to find information on why it is better than 100% raw? Can anyone help? Thanks!

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Well Dr. Doug Graham would attest that it is not better necessarily. DurianRider and Freelee introduced RawTill4 as they were losing too much weight being 100% fully raw, here is a link to the video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jZSW4Iztc-M

There really is not much of an argument as to why it is better other than some people just love a nice warm cooked vegan soup or potatoes. Of course if you too are experiencing too much weight loss cooked starches can help bring it back up. Honestly, at this point both are substantially healthy for your health. Cooked vegan, raw vegan, raw till 4 vegan, they are all great and it may be best not to subjugate one to being dominating over the others for the concern of demeaning the rest. All forms are good for you, good for the animals, and good for the planet, if any specific one actually is better then it will only be by such a minuscule fraction of an amount that it is not even worth concerning yourself with. If you enjoy raw till 4 because you love yourself a mean bowl of rice or cooked veggies then go for it. I think it is time we as vegans start bonding together a bit more; in my opinion this is why vegans have trouble battling against the dairy and meat industry because we're too busy being divided by vegan sects and battling each other over which vegan is best as opposed to putting these minute differences aside and joining forces against the true enemy. You do not need any special scientific data or research to validate RawTill4 being the best, the vegan lifestyle as a whole has enough scientific data to support its practice. You are vegan; you care for and are conscious of your health, you are compassionate toward animals and life, and you care about the fate and well being of the planet, that's good enough. 

OK, this makes sense. I was looking for reasons as to why someone would choose one over the other, but I guess it's just personal preference. Thank you!

No problem. I'll elaborate a bit more and give you my personal reason of choosing the diet outline I do. I am predominantly 100% raw yet do very rarely have some cooked starch yet not frequently enough to call myself RawTill4. The reason I choose to be far more heavily geared to 100% raw is quite frankly I do not like the heavy feeling cooked starch gives me. Not only that but when I eat cooked starch I feel as though I am never satisfied and continue to just crave more of it whereas with sweet fruit I can eat to a point where I feel content and satisfied. Even when I do gorge on fruit I do not get that same drug down heavy feeling as with cooked starch and if I do get a heaviness feeling it will subside within a half hour whereas the starch will leave me feeling that way for hours and hours. So that's why I personally prefer 100% raw, I just wanted to make it clear above that though many enjoy virtually fully raw doesn't make it superior to RawTill4, RawTill4 is still an amazing way to eat and has been successfully implemented by a good quantity of members here. 

I feel the exact same way. Can never get enough cooked starches! And I feel so heavy and drugged afterwards! 

Its not better.  It is recommend that most, if not all foods be in their raw, whole, ripe form.  RT4 is a transition tool towards a raw foods diet and or a back up plan if no raw foods are available.  

Raw is still where its at:-)

Peace, PK

Hey Samantha! It's so awesome that you found this lifestyle! I think there are pros and cons to both and for some people RT4 is better and for some 100% raw is better. I personally feel much better on 100% raw. I have a video comparing the two and also another one about my transition from raw til 4 to fully raw. 

rt4 vs 100%  - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qYAs2oGGmjE

transition - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B5Uj-vPrivg

For me personally, my digestion and energy level is much better on 100%. When I eat starch I eat A LOT and it just sits heavily in my stomach until I get up and moving the next morning no matter how early I eat.  I do come from a past of binge eating so I think that has compromised my digestion. I am also more hydrated, happier, and all around better feeling when fully raw. However, the cons are that I don't have as many options when traveling or at social gatherings. And it's more expensive. But those are things that I am more than willing to sacrifice in order to receive the many benefits. Some people say that it is hard to eat enough, but I don't have a problem with that! I LOVE to eat! Also, some people prefer rawtil4 bc it is more "acceptable" in social situations, but I'm not uncomfortable eating fully raw socially so it just depends on the person I think. 

I think that there are some people who can thrive on raw til 4 and for me it was a great transition and helped me to stop yo yoing back and forth from 100% to vegan junk. My advice would be to try out raw til 4 for a while and maybe do some days fully raw and then decide if you'd like to go 100%. It's all good...just gotta find what's BEST for you! 

Hope that helps! Best wishes! :)



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