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I've been having some trouble recently with my sinus's and perception. I am rarely ill but got an awful cold, or what I thought was a cold, two weeks ago. Just a sore throat which cleared up, but now it's gone into my head. I am having issues with my perception, it's like I'm drunk and the room kinda feels off key and I stumble a bit etc. I wouldn't say I get headaches, just a generally feeling of being unwell and not at all healthy. I went to the doctor and she sent me off for some bloods- she reckons I might have an issue with anemia. I think maybe it's something to do with not supplementing b12?

I eat enough for sure! I think the issue is something I'm lacking. I'm just wondering whether anybody else had any issues with b12 deficiency or anemia that has affected them like this- dizziness, tiredness, sickness...

It'll be a couple weeks for my bloods to come back and I really don't want to feel like this for the duration!

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Haha! I know I shouldn't search my symptoms online...but I'm only human ;) I went from sinus infection to iron deficiency to heart failure in 30 seconds! Hopefully it is just some stupid virus that'll clear up...better safe than sorry though!

Ashleigh, sound like a classic case of vertigo to me, due to fluid build up in your inner ear.  It usually clears up on it's own; probably due to the cold you had.  I suggest you do some exercises that will help:  Lie down on your back on the floor with your knees to your chest.  The room will spin, but slowly turn your head to the right and then to the left.  Do this several times a day.   This really works; I had vertigo myself many years ago and a neurologist told me to do this exercise after drug I took did nothing to help.  Hope your blood tests come back normal;  I'm thinking a blood issue is not the problem here, but it's good that you got it checked.

It was vertigo! Went to the doctors and got some antibiotics! I hate turning to meds, but it was becoming so debilitating I couldn't even go into work! Still suffering, but nowhere near as much. !

Antiobiotics should be taken in only dire situations which it looks like it was, but they only mask, suppress and add toxins to the body. It might feel like your "healed" from the problem when your not, and are causing another problem somewhere else.  Its rare that our bodies have the time to filter all the junk out from the antbiotics with all the food we eat in a day. I wish you the best, you have plenty of suggestions to look through and keep us posted when your better!

  The balance issue definitely is the result of your cold and sore throat.   B12 deficiency is one of those unicorns that people love to talk about because it sounds so exotic... puhlease.   b12 deficiency in my line of work is encountered about as many times as protein deficiency.. thats to say, never.   I had part of my large intestine and last 12 inches of my ileum removed due to Chrohns disease back in 1998.  I was advised to take b12 shots once a month.  I have not taken any for at least 4- years.   Now, I supposedly lack the ability to even absorb B12 even if I ate all the meat I could..  Guess what?  My b12 level was 5X the normal level...  Its a very VERY slow nutrient to leave your body and get this.. you recycle it.  Yep.. funny eh?  Another ridiculous scare  tactic to get  you to eat meat and all its "nutrients" because you might be deficient.  The best way to scare someone is to make them feel like they are losing something and could be in danger.  Funny though how they all believe something that is rarely if ever proven, yet don't believe that eating meat or animal products is bad for us regardless of the obesity, diabetes, coronary disease and stroke epidemic that is swarming us..  I should know, I see it every day, I live it in my work in the emergency room

Peter Mainwald RN CEN

Sounds like you have congested lymph in the northern region of the body thats effecting your equilibrium. If you can mono eat on any one fruit for a few days you'll feel a difference. Ive heard many recommend grapes cause they are great astringents plus high in water and sugar.

I just emailed some friends to see what there take on it is because they have direct every day experience helping people detox the worst of there problems. Sit tight, help is on the way! :)

Thanks guys! I definitely have had issues with my ears in the past! They are usually very blocked! I will try the exercises! And hopefully it will clear up soon. 

These are some responses I got from my friends. Hope they help!

"Ive come to realize that most of the time when people are having balance issues, dizziness, feeling off kilter, feeling out of body, like they are floating or unable to catch their grounding, it always comes back to the adrenals. I recently worked with a 32 year old guy who had been having horrible panic & anxiety attacks, he kept saying that he felt out of control, sick and felt like he was going to faint, unable to get control of his body. We placed him on some orange juice with pink salt in the morning and had him drink a water/cayenne/lemon & pink salt in the afternoon and support his adrenals at night by taking licorice & honey before bed and within 3 days he said that the symptoms where almost 100% gone. B12 is not as common as most would like to have you believe. I see way more deficiencies in potassium, magnesium, zinc and vitamin D then I ever see in B12, that's because most Vegans & raw foodist drink almond milk and love coconut oil which is great for B12. Anemia I see every once in a while but that can be corrected by simply taking Spirulina."

"I had this. For me it was neurotoxins. My advice, go grain free vegan ASAP & sweat like a mofo. Upper circ & lymph herbs stat. It's toxins, not a deficiency."

"I've had this. My head was full of mucous once I cleared it out it was gone. Of course she needs to move her lymph"

Basically exercise and eat high water fruit to get the lymph moving, maybe in the afternoon balance it with a salad and then at night a starch meal with veggies or some more fruit. Keep us updated on your progression.

If you're having blood work done, it sounds like you should be closer to pinpointing your problem soon enough. 

I've heard (and I forget where, or I'd credit the source,) that if you take a sublingual B12 and feel a rush of energy, it's likely you were deficient.  The effect wears off after a while, though. 

You can also use a tool like cronometer.com to track your nutrients and see if there's anything you can identify as deficient in your current diet. 



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