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Okay I have a question. This morning I come downstairs and enter the kitchen and my sister tells me that my mom has noticed that I eat rice on a daily basis (1-2 cups). She tells me that white rice causes rickets...WHAT!? Anyway, I look it up online to see if it does. Found nothing, well except a study of Asian women who are getting rickets for becoming Muslim and lack of vitamin D. I kept thinking, surely people who eat rice daily wouldn't get rickets as long as they get enough vitamins and minerals throughout the day. On this lifestyle, it shouldn't be possible unless you're not getting enough calcium, vit D, and phosphates. White rice alone shouldn't cause rickets.

Anyone know anything about this?

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Actually there are some legitimate concerns about nutritional deficiencies on a vegan diet, notably lack of vitamin B12. The main remedy is to eat a variety of mostly unprocessed plant foods and obtain sufficient calories. Luckily veggies and fruits, particularly leafy greens are rich in a range of vitamins and minerals with the exception of B12.

The only supplement I take (as an insurance policy) is a 1000mg vitamin B12 tablet over the course of a week - I break it up into about five or six pieces and take one piece daily.  I have been doing this for the last 10 years or so. I was please to see that in my last blood test my B12 levels were in the middle of the normal range.  

Nonono, I didn't mean there isn't anything we should be concerned with on a vegan diet, but as long as you eat enough cals, carbs, vitamins and minerals, get sun or supplement for vit D, omegas (get from nuts, seeds or vegan supplements), then you should be fine. There are also deficiencies in the Western diet as well. Oh I heard of the lack of b12, I just meant when it comes to what I've been eating, it seems improbable. I drink b12 fortified nut milk (1 cup a day in my smoothie), and a b12 supplement (1000mg) once a week and a vitamin D supplement daily (2600IU)

Sounds like you have a well informed thorough strategy.

Until veganism becomes truly mainstream (I hope I get to see this in my lifetime) we are will have to constantly dispel the myths about vegan diets out there in the minds of the uneducated public. 

I hope I get to see it in my lifetime as well. Sadly the whole "vegans take loads of supplements so they have to be deficient" this IS annoying. Uhh compare the amount of vegan sups we take to SAD eaters taking vitamins on top of loads of prescriptions, fiber pills, etc. Definitely need to be dispelled. 

Ah according to Bill Mollison of Permaculture fame, white rice has no nutritional value what so ever. May as well eat cardboard. White rice is empty calories the same way white flour and white bread is.

Okay so I know all this but still once or twice a week I have to get my fix. I am thinking it is to get a fix of natural morphine from the white rice, the same as white bread contains.

Now I am thinking it should not hurt you too much to have some naughty stuff in moderation as long as you are eating plenty of ripe fruit and greens as well as some nuts for fats.

But if you add the white rice you have (I have medium grain) into cronometer, hardly seems like its empty calories! Had B vitamins, carbs, minerals and protein. I also don't consider white rice as a "naughty" food you can have in moderation. Since most people on this lifestyle strive for between 80-90% of their nutrition eating lots of fruit and veg, it shouldn't hurt at all to have rice in there as well. Let them eat rice lol.

I bet she’s thinking of a different disease caused by B vitamin deficiencies (B6, Folate, Thiamin, Niacin, so on…)

Pellagra is a disease caused by Niacin (B3) deficiency, it’s found in the brown rice but not some much white rice

Or Beriberi is a disease caused by Thiamine (B1) deficiency, also in brown but not so much white rice either.


The husk, bran, and germ are removed in white rice, that’s where almost all of the fiber, vitamins, and nutrition is.


Hmm maybe maybe not. 

Ah I didn't know that, but at least some of the nutrients are still there anyway, correct? Even if its a small amount. 

Maybe, but it's mostly the starch that's left.

Do you just not like brown rice?

Personally I prefer brown rice over white rice, I like the texture & flavor and knowing that I'm eating something that's good for my body.  I also keep the skins on potatoes... I love the purple sweet potatoes that I get from the Korean markets in town.

I do like brown, but I personally tested my digestion based on brown vs white and white digests better for me in comparison. I only eat brown every now and then. 

I LOVE potatoes. I tend to eat russet, red, and sweet potato. Sadly, none of them organic yet, but I do tend to scrub them well to get any dirt and stuff off before baking. 

If you like grains you can look up some other whole grains besides rice.

Not sure if there are any Asian markets where you live, but ones by my home have these yummy purple and white sweet potatoes, very yummy.  Potatoes seem to be a little easier to digest for me, but keep the skin on, about 80% of the nutrition is in the skin. And they are easier to cook that rice.

I just pop rice in my rice cooker lol. Takes only 15 minutes to cook about 2 cups. 
There are not many at all in the immediate area sadly :( 

Potatoes are easier to digest as well. If I come across a Asian market, will definitely buy a few things to try :) I always keep the skin on, but I kept coming across on the forum that its bad to eat the skin of unorganic potatoes because of potential pesticides, but that's what I have access to for now.



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