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Okay I have a question. This morning I come downstairs and enter the kitchen and my sister tells me that my mom has noticed that I eat rice on a daily basis (1-2 cups). She tells me that white rice causes rickets...WHAT!? Anyway, I look it up online to see if it does. Found nothing, well except a study of Asian women who are getting rickets for becoming Muslim and lack of vitamin D. I kept thinking, surely people who eat rice daily wouldn't get rickets as long as they get enough vitamins and minerals throughout the day. On this lifestyle, it shouldn't be possible unless you're not getting enough calcium, vit D, and phosphates. White rice alone shouldn't cause rickets.

Anyone know anything about this?

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Yeah, haven't you seen that a ton of us here on 30bad have the Rickets? 

Your mom is ridiculous; meat/dairy is clearly making her irrational.:)

Hey, I haven't actually SEEN you all, you may all have rickets for all I know hehehehehehe joking. 

Its more like she's been sucked into the internet vortex called Google. Its not that she's ridiculous, but misinformed and will pretty much find an article and roll with it instead of reading several sources and coming up with her own conclusion. 

First it was the amount of bananas, then the potatoes, now the rice x.x; How do people get it in their heads this food is unhealthy for you? 

Next time just ask her up front..."Why would you think that?" Lets look it up together...

If someone is saying "Someone at the beauty parlor told me that eating too many potatoes causes you to get tuberculousis", that person probably doesn't take their health very seriously. Most people don't really give a damn about being healthy...they are only interested in information that supports the lifestyle they are choosing to live. 

I didn't ask her due to the fact she was still sleeping and hasn't come downstairs yet lol. Thanks for the advice BSoM. I mainly posted this if anyone had heard of this before or knows a lot about rickets in correlation to white rice so I can show her some facts/info as to why its pretty much not possible on this lifestyle as long as you get enough calcium, vit D, and phosphorus since she'd most likely try to show me a "Well...I got my info from a credible source online" yada yada even if I show her info (in general of anything). I tried google already as well :/ I mainly want to know how this even started.

Theres no way to disprove something that makes no sense and has no evidence to support it...so I'm more curious with her thought process and why she could possibly think such a thing...

*shrugs* I'll have to ask her about it and show her that I just started taking 2600 IUs of vit D daily now to reassure her that I won't be getting rickets (plus I couldn't go out much in the summer due to the extreme heat x.x) and the fact I'm getting enough calcium and phosphorus. 

sorry I thought you had come up with a new recipe, Rickets and rice mm mm mmm


If all you ate was white rice then yes you would be exposing yourself to some nutritional deficiencies.

I assume you eat a range of fruits and vegetables which makes the issue irrelevant.

The reason that in many developing countries people suffer nutritional deficiencies is due to; 1) they don't consume sufficient calories, and 2) they obtain their calories from a narrow range of foods.

I figured as much. I eat lots of fruit and some vegetables. 9-10 banana smoothie as a breakfast (with spinach or other greens and berries or mango), eating pears as we speak before I dig into a really large sweet potato I am baking into chips. Dinner is pasta with a tomato based sauce I made for a make shift spaghetti. Not even eating rice today. Normally getting between 85-95% daily on my nutrients based on cronometer. I even show my mom my values sometimes to prove how I'm eating isn't unhealthy.

You might mention to your mom that you would also suffer from scurvy if all you ate is white rice!

Yeah lol, but since i get more than enough vitamin C as well, scurvy is hard to get on this lifestyle xD



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