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So I have this new craving for rice, specifically sushi.  I make organic jasmine rice and wrap it up by itself in a nori (seaweed) wrap.  I eat like cups and cups of it everyday.  I was able to eat raw and felt amazing and my worries almost flew away, since eating not completely raw my worries seem to have come back.  I tried out some rice and can't stop eating it ever since.  I used to like salads, but I got lazy and don't like the flavor that much.  Is there any advice, or any way that i can get weened off the rice and go back to my raw lifestyle?  

30BaD note: Please remember folks that this is a raw food forum and this post is about asking how to get back on the raw wagon, not why it's okay to eat cooked.  Please keep your replies focused on HCRV solutions.  Thanks for your consideration! :)


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It's really a personal push, a strong decision that you make, as well as making sure you have plenty of fruits and veggies in the house.  Don't feel guilty for eating HCLF even if it's cooked, sometimes it takes a few steps back to get more steps forward and remind oneself the reason for eating raw!  Watching videos of all raw foodies like Kristina ALWAYS inspires me to eat, at least, more raw.  You can either "cold-turkey" it or wean yourself off the rice/cooked.  Make your plan, get inspired and go for it!  Best wishes!!

kristna's soooooo inspirational! :D  adore that girl.  and you're right, when comparing the two lifestyles, raw was definitely my happiest point.  i take your advice to heart!  thank you so much! :)

I usually eat rice or lentils for days till I stop wanting it... Then I know it's time for a few raw days :)

I say: eat till you had enough.

So if you still crave it, eat some more the next day... and the day after that...

It works for me : but then again, I'm no expert.

haha I went through the rice phase then I went through the rice and lentils phase. Then back to rice then only lentils sparingly. Then i got bored of it all. I still was raw all day till 5 or 6 many days. and I quickly amazed myself how much rice i could consume. 2 cups raw rice then cooked up i could eat all that in one sitting and still be scrounging around wishing i had more lol.

Then i went to potatos they made me sick to my stomach after only 2! so now i'm on a boiled yucca kick.

Thanks for the tip and advice!  i might just do that! :)

Every time you feel like eating rice, eat a kilo of bananas instead.  Problem solved.

I wish it was that easy for me. Generally when I want the rice i've already powerhoused bananas all day long! and need a sweet break.

"Every time you feel like eating rice, eat a kilo of bananas instead.  Problem solved."

Really? Lol. Does it work for you?

Yeah it does, actually.  Cravings = not enough calories.  For me, and I suspect 99% or everyone else, whether they care to admit it or not, it's that simple.

i usually eat about 2,700-3,400 cals a day, so i'm not quite sure that is the problem, but perhaps it is

Sometimes your body needs more calories then that.  I don't know why but it happens.  I can go a few weeks where I am eating 5500 then go down to about 2800-3500 for a little.  I think your calorie needs are not the same every single day.  We have hormone shifts, we have detoxing going on.  We have all sorts of things going on inside we don't understand.  I too thought I was eating "enough" but I was have issues/cravings and instead of giving into them I ate more fruit calories.  Bam problem solved.  So if there is something off you are not eating enough calories.  We have to get out of our minds a certain calorie level we want to keep and feel that is enough since it seems like plenty.  Well it isn't enough if your body is telling you it wants more.  Enough calories is the amount your body demands any given day.  We don't know that magic number only your body does.  So eat more until you feel satisfied.  I know it is hard to tell when you are truly satisfied because sometimes we think we are but we are not.  But you will learn in time, through trial and error

Perfect explanation, FoL.



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