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...Anyone experienced such a miracle?!

Periods of oral neglect have caught up to me and I just had to get another filling... :(
It doesn't feel good to have all these strange foreign materials inserted into my bony enamel coated structures.

I also have some little darkening bits on other teeth...and somehow I feel there must be a way to reverse such travesty! 
How can we make another set o teeth grow through? I have a constant stream of wisdom teeth pushing through, so there's certainly an active life going on in there still...

Anyone got the magic code? ..or just some ways you keep yr fangs healthful?

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Well, as far as getting new teeth to grow in, that is impossible. Your wisdom teeth come in late in life, and the pressure they exert on your teeth can fill gaps caused by other teeth being removed, but growing in teeth is impossible.

However, it is possible to recover from a cavity. A cavity, in short, is a bacterial infection caused by weakening enamel. Enamel becomes weak because the minerals it is made of fall out and thus it becomes soft. By re-mineralizing your teeth, weak spots can be repaired and cavities reversed without the need of drilling or filling.

This process, however, is not easy, and will require a large amount of lifestyle change on your part to accomplish. First is diet change, you need to eat foods that are very high in minerals and calcium in particular, that means a lot of leafy greens especially kale and other fibrous vegetables. Choose vegetables grown by small farms instead of large ones, large scale farming steals minerals from the soil and thus the vegetables produced by them are not as high in essential minerals. Also start drinking only spring water. Spring water contains large amounts of minerals and is very important to good tooth health. Consider brushing your teeth and cooking with spring water, avoid tap and filtered water.

Second, switch to a toothpaste that contains calcium carbonate as its primary ingredient, and make sure you get a toothpaste that has no glycerin or sodium lauryl sulfate. Not all toothpastes are equal, some can hurt your teeth rather then help, so this is an important step. Most of the toothpastes you find at your local grocery store are not very good, even if you find toothpaste at your local Whole Foods it usually contains bad things like glycerin. I have been using Coral White for about a year now, and I am very happy with it, the link is below in case you are curious.


Lastly and most important is a change in oral hygiene. You need to begin brushing your teeth with a high quality brush, electronic or otherwise, at least twice a day ESPECIALLY before you go to bed. During the day, your tongue and saliva generally keep your mouth clean and removes food particles, however at night your saliva production goes way down and your tongue stops working for several hours. This gives bacteria and acids time to work on your teeth. You also need to make sure to floss your teeth on a daily basis, over 30% of your teeth are inaccessible by a toothbrush. If you don't floss this area is a springboard for bacteria to come out and infect the rest of your tooth. Plus, plaque between your teeth has been linked to heart disease, tumors, and other health issues.

Your last decision is whether or not to use a mouthwash, and this one is not clear cut. If you DO decide to use a mouthwash, make sure to use a non-alcoholic mouthwash. Alcohol is very caustic to your teeth, and can degrade your roots in no time. ACT fluoride wash is usually the best, as it does not contain alcohol. Fluoride is held as the miracle chemical with teeth, as it instantly re-mineralizes the surfaces it touches. HOWEVER, fluoride is also linked to the calcification of the pineal gland in your brain (the center of your brain, said to be responsible for dreams and the unconscious) and other health issues. Its up to you on whether or not you want to use fluoride, but I recommend doing some research on it before you decide.

Hopefully this will help :)
Wow...Bowl o green...Thank you so much for all this! You have unleashed a new wind of inspiration within me - just when I was beginning to think my poor mislead teeth were done for!

You say that cavities are reversible, but I already have them drilled n filled, so if i start to follow your recommendations in healing them, surely it wouldnt work as i have a load of metalic blaa standing in the way? or would they naturally fall out?

Would you suggest using a soft toothbrush?
And how about acidic fruits, specifically citrus...avoid?
Unfortunately, once the tooth enamel has been drilled out, it can not be regenerated. I was speaking of making soft or infected teeth material healthy again, but drilled is drilled.

However, what this WILL do is prevent the enamel around your caps from becoming unhealthy then withdrawing. When this happens, cavities are able to form around the filling, essentially crumbling the foundation beneath the house. This would require re-drilling and re-filling the cavety, and if left unchecked could lead to a root canal.

I actually do recommend soft toothbrushes. Most people have more of an issue with brushing too hard, this can actually cause your gums to withdraw from your roots and expose them. A soft toothbrush makes it so you don't have to worry about this too much (although if you are a hard brusher, consider trying to train yourself to be a little lighter on yourself). Also, make sure to replace your toothbrush or toothbrush head once every six months, bristles get harder as they age so you will be loosing its softness.

Don't stay away from acidic fruits, your natural saliva motion will protect your teeth. Really, drinking lots of water, especially spring water, is one of the best things you can do for your teeth. This stimulates saliva production in your mouth, which is your first line of defense against all things nasty.

I know we are on a raw website, but I think this needs mentioning anyway. DO stay away from carbonated or sugary drinks, also hard or sticky candies. Of course, if you are raw then you can disregard this.
Spring water sounds wonderful, but is not so easy to come by....I always drink tap. Not sure where to go to forage for the fresh ripe stuff!?

Ah well its probably best my teeth are filled for now, so no more rot takes place. Though it feels so darn weird having metallic material in there...
So the drilled n filled parts wont heal, but the untouched blackened damaged parts will? Are they the 'soft and infected' parts?

I have been twoing and froing veg - vegan - raw, and it has screwed my teeth (amongst other things). They are now reaaally sensitive and when I eat fruits it often hurts...I cant go near citrus at the moment :( Hopefully resistance will strengthen over time.

Are you a dentist by chance? You are very knowledgeable on this subject. Thanks again for all your wonderfulness..
"Don't stay away from acidic fruits,"

This statement is only true if you are getting truly / tree ripened acid fruits, such as citrus.

Otherwise it will do serious damage.
are you just leaving the hole as it is? not getting worse?
A weak piece of enamel may have no discoloration at all, in fact a person could have several weak spots and not even know it. Weak spots can generally be found using tactile sensation. A weak spot on your tooth will feel like sandpaper, while healthy enamel is smooth. Also, enamel, when perfectly healthy, is actually a clear. Its only after damage that it begins to appear white.

Infected spots usually appear with a brown or black discoloration, at this point the weak spot begins to accelerate in size do to the acids released by the bacterial infection.

No, I am not a dentist. I have, however, always had an intense curiosity in all the sciences and do a lot of personal research in my own time.

Roo, loosing teeth has always been a problem for our species, we don't regrow new teeth and yet our livelihood is completely dependent on our ability to chew our food. To defend against this, evolution uses teeth pressure to solve this issue. Your entire life, your teeth will constantly push to the front of your mouth. Evolution has done this so that if any tooth is lost, your teeth will push into the open space to fill the gap. Now, this does take several years, almost imperceptible to humans ability to perceive time, but it does happen. Wisdom teeth are perfect example of this, they grow in very late in our lives compared to the rest of our teeth, and we have absolutely no room in our mouths for these teeth when they come.

However, in our ancient past it was not only likely, but common for us to loose at least a few teeth by our adolescent years. Wisdom teeth would come in, close the gaps, and it was like getting a few extra years of life out of our mouth. In modern days, however, when it is rare to loose a developed tooth before adolescence, it is just an annoyance.

Also, teeth are shaped very oddly. The head of a tooth is usually much larger then the root structure, that is why when one tooth pushes on the other the head of the tooth takes much more pressure then the roots. This is why people's teeth become more unaligned as their life goes on, the head of their teeth moves forward while their roots stay in place. Tooth crowding has always been an issue with an aging mouth.

Again, I am not a dentist, but I am sure if you do some research on your own that I am not wrong.

". Fluoride is held as the miracle chemical with teeth, as it instantly re-mineralizes the surfaces it touches." Is that the same fluoride that one should avoid in a toothpaste?

I personally feel that a raw diet is probably ten times better for your teeth then the processed SAD diet. Your experience adds credence to opinion.
I had read a few years ago about Sergei Boutenko having some cavities fill in and was very skeptical about that. Actually, still am. But I can't deny my own experience. The worn spot had in previous years been covered with a dental material that would always eventually wear away. After the last time it wore off, I didn't have it redone. I haven't been to the dentist since I've been raw. The dentist used to tell me that without covering it, it would get worse until the tooth would have to be removed. So, yeah, I'm pretty stoked! And very happy to provide you some SOLID encouragement... By the way, where is Midlothian? I'm in Dallas...
Yeah, that's possible, Zoe. If you know the story I'm referring to, though, you would have to be a little skeptical, but I'm not saying it couldn't have happened. I hope it's the truth and someone wasn't lying through their teeth, so to speak...
Woa Carl, That is amazing!
Was the sensitive spot blackened, or just worn? Do you think it was gradually filling in over time?
This is very encouraging...thank you!

I also previously heard of a few rawfoodies claiming teeth refilling or regrowing (perhaps that was wrong though)...was hard to believe such a thing, but i always hoped..



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