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Hey guys, I am new here and hoping this is the right place to be posting this type of question...

Here it is:

I'm having a dilemma with my water intake. I've been trying to go fluoride free, for a few weeks now, and have been purchasing 6 gallons of the reverse osmosis water from whole foods every two weeks or so. I have recently noticed that it makes me feel extremely dry in the throat, lips, nose, even skin. I almost feel dehydrated, but I know I am drinking enough by looking at the color of my urine. And how frequently I go. 

I've also recently discovered that reverse osmosis removes even the minerals that should be present in "living" water. And since this water is demineralized, some say it will zap it from your body.

What do you all think of this? Can I get away with just drinking coconut water (god knows how expensive that would be), or is there another way?? I will eventually look into purchasing a water filter for my home that will remineralize, but at this time I have no money for it.

Advice would be GREATLY appreciated! Thanks,


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I even tried a period where I stopped drinking this water, and purely just coconut water. I seemed much better doing this...and I didn't do it all that long.

And again, I have been drinking this water since I can't get my hands on enough coconut water...the dryness returns. :( It's awful.

Then again, it could be this weather. It just seems like no matter what I do, while drinking this water, nothing seems to help..it just doesn't seem right.

if your worried about the minerals stripped from your water, eat more greens :P I dont want to point out the obvious, but any vegan gets more vitamins and minerals from their diet than anyone eating S.A.D. So just do more of the same, but eat more greens.

Do you have any advice on the dryness/dehydration? I'm just dry all over it seems. I don't get it.

more water   6 gallons for two weeks is too little

  does not have to be perfect water  

hydration is more important  then perfect clean water

air is very dry in winter

enough sodium  best sources are  celery honey dew melon tomato coco water 

my skin is fine in northeast winter  everyone i know is complaining and using creams

Read through this recent thread, especially my and Peter's responses on the mineral content on spring vs purified water.


Also, why not just temporarily go back to the water you were previously drinking, while keeping the amount the same, to see if the dryness goes away?

Wow!  6 gallons would only last me 4 or 5 days.  I really don't think the colour of your urine is enough to go on.  If I'm busy, sometimes I'll drink 3-5L of water a day, rather than my usual 5-6+.  Even down around 3L my urine is still clear, but my skin gets dry, my digestion and energy slows down, etc., etc.  I wouldn't be surprised if you just need way more water than you think.  If you're not properly hydrated, water tends to go through you quicker than it otherwise would so frequency doesn't necessarily tell you whether you're drinking enough either. 

Coconut water has quite a bit of sodium in it, way too much to want to drink it exclusively.  It would likely make you retain fluid as well, which might make a short-term difference in how your skin feels.



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