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I've had dry hair since the day I was born pretty much. I heat style constantly ( everyday), flat irons, blow dryers, curling irons etc.  I haven't dyed my hair in 2 years.

I don't use shampoo, only conditioner ( giovanni). I do use hair sprays, shines etc that have alcohol ( could this be the problem?).

I drink 3-10 liters of water on any given day. I eat and juice a TON of greens, I eat 3000-7000 calories ( 100% LFRV) and my hair is growing like a weed & it's very strong, just super, super dry.

What can I do about this? Any tips?

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Coconut Oil is really moisturizing. :-)
I've tried it, no luck:(
Is there any way you can cut back on heating your hair?  I think that's part of the problem.  With your face shape you'd look gorgeous with a French braid or a messy bun!  You could use those as an alternative to heat styling a few days a week.
oh and the hair spray could be drying.  I used to use hairspray and it made my hair pretty dry.



I've tried a ton of different home remedies before and nothing really worked. I switched to sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners, which helped a little. Right before I get out of the shower I let the water run cold for a minute, which helps keep some moisture. Lastly, what has worked best for me is Biosilk silk therapy. It's expensive but it lasts forever because you only need a little.

Ya I have a really dry scalp to so interested in what people do for this too?


get some aloe vera leaf and massage the gel into your hair. leave it in there over night and wash out the next morning.

i also use black seed oil

stop using heat to style your hair and stay away from hair sprays and shines that have alcohol... alcohol and heat dries your hair out..
I use avocado to deep condition my hair. I put it on like a hair mask and let it soak in for a while. Then I clean the avo out of my hair with a baking soda / cider vinegar wash.
Hi! I'm a currently a cosmetologist by trade, so I can answer you question! Curly hair is naturally much more dry than straight hair due to it's structure. Using alcohol-based products and heat tools only exacerbates the dry condition of your hair.  There is a product line called deva curl based out of the devachan salon in soho. This line is made for people with curly hair.  They have a shampoo called "no-poo" which is sulfate and suds-free, as well as a conditioner and great gel that forms a crystalline cast on there hair that you break up after it dries.  This product line is wonderful for people with curly hair (I have VERY curly hair and I love it) that keeps moisture in the hair so it doesn't frizz out looking to find hydration in the air. You can go on youtube and watch videos that offer styling tips! They're cruelty-free and mostly, if not completely "natural"...whatever that means. Dry hair has nothing to do with your diet, it's just genetics and heat-torture :)  Once you start using the products for a month or two  and get regular trims, you'll notice a difference in the quality of your hair. Good luck! And if anyone has any other beauty-related questions, I'd be happy to answer them if I can.
i did not have good results with no poo shampoo.  it left my hair frizzy, heavy, and difficult to manage.



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