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any major differences?

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Because we as humans have something called inteligence! and we have discovered a way of replicating mother nature to reproduce evaporation to leave behind all contaminants from our water, allowing us to drink the purest of nectars! once you have drunk distilled water for the first time it's like a switch being turned on in your brain it actually flows down your throat easier and the zero taste is actually the most amazing flavour you could ever want, I just wish we could do the same thing for food!! 

Thank you for this Sam, definitely going to grab myself some distilled water at work xD tomorrow though, unless I can't get any more of their organic spotty bananas. Can't carry all those bananas and water at the same time. 

I think we can all agree that the most important thing here is that you're drinking plenty of water.  Don't stop drinking water or cut back your water consumption because it's unfiltered tap water.  Do the best you can and if you really feel you need a distiller then fucking buy one.  

Thank you for all the replies !! this makes sense because even after a few liters of regular tap water i never feel fully hydrated still thirsty, thanks y'all ! 

Sure, drink whatever is available.. do your best and don't worry about the rest.

But that doesn't mean we can't or shouldn't discuss which water is cleaner, healthier, more optimal.

This thread was awesome and informative, thank you all, especially Rawbert

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7O6GhVCvVgE - Rawbert at 21.50 he says "If you really wanna drink water, the best thing is spring water. It's got the minerals, and this whole thing about inorganic minerals not being absorbed is again another myth. A simple way to understand that is, how many people take sea salt??. Sea Salt is an inorganic mineral ..... ITS absorbed.... ?? *laughs* .. we utilize it.. " that's a small segment of what he said but he goes on to explain a bit more.

Not saying you're wrong or he's right because i'm very new to this topic so, It's just essential for me to look at both sides, especially when you Rawbert are coming from scientific side and the guy in this video is too,

We absorb some of it.. but some of it it get's deposited in your joints and arteries so more damage than benefit.

The amount of minerals we could get from water is minimal anyways.

And again.. arsenic and other heavy metals.. parasites, etc., etc.. why risk it when you can have PURE H2O?

The reason that we absorb the sodium and chloride from salt is that when you put table salt in water, it splits into sodium ions and chloride ions.  These are single atoms suspended in water in their ionic state, and yes, they are very much absorbed. The minerals found in spring water are in part just rock dust. They're not actually dissolved into separate ions or atoms. It's that rock dust that is most likely not absorbed.

Not only is this dust not absorbed  into our tissue, I doubt that it even makes it into our bloodstream.  I have a hunch that most of that stuff is just pooped out, and does not form deposits in joints.

Calcium deposits in the joints doesn't happen because there's "inorganic" calcium in the bloodstream and tissue. It's because the calcium that's in the bloodstream is not accompanied by the right levels of cofactors like vit D, K2, and other minerals.

RO and distilled are both great.  differences in the water itself are pretty negligible, imo. In terms of cost, RO has the expense of filters, and distilled has the cost of electricity necessary to run the distiller.  My distiller electricity cost is about 60 cents per gallon, so it does add up.  And most distillers have a charcoal post-filter (which is pretty cheap, especially if you buy the charcoal in bulk).

The question now arises, What is the cause of this gradual ossification of the body, bringing rigidity, decrepitude, and death?

   From the purely physical standpoint, chemists seem to be unanimous in the opinion that it is principally an increase of phosphate of lime (bone matter), carbonate of lime (common chalk), and sulphate of lime (plaster of Paris), with occasionally a little magnesia and an insignificant amount of other earthy matters.

   The only difference between the body of old age and that of childhood is the greater density, toughness and rigidity, caused by the greater proportion of calcareous, earthy matter entering into the composition of the former. The bones of a child are composed of three parts of gelatin to one part of earthy matter. In old age this proportion is reversed. What is the source of this death-dealing accumulation of solid matter?

   It seems to be axiomatic that the entire body is nourished by the blood and that everything contained in the body, of whatever nature, has first been in the blood. Analysis shows that the blood holds earthy substances of the same kind as the solidifying agents--and mark!--the arterial blood contains more earthy matter than the venous blood.

   This is highly important. It shows that in every cycle the blood deposits earthy substances. It is therefore the common carrier that chokes up the system. But its supply of earthy matter must be replenished, otherwise it could not continue to do this. Where does it renew its deadly load? There can be but one answer to that question--from the food and drink; there is absolutely no other source.

   The food and drink which nourish the body must be, at the same time, the primary source of the calcareous, earthy matter which is deposited by the blood all over the system, causing decrepitude and finally death. To sustain physical life it is necessary that we eat and drink but as there are many kinds of food and drink, it behooves us, in the light of the above facts, to ascertain, if possible, what kinds contain the smallest proportion of destructive matter. If we can find such food we can lengthen our lives and, from an occult standpoint, it is desirable to live as long as possible in each dense body, particularly after a start has been made toward the path. So many years are required to educate, through childhood and hot youth, each body inhabited, until the spirit can at last obtain some control over it, that the longer we can retain a body that has become amenable to the spirit's promptings, the better. Therefore it is highly important that the pupil partake of such food and drink only as will deposit the least amount of hardening matter and at the same time keep the excretory organs active.

   The skin and the urinary system are the saviors of man from an early grave. Were it not that by their means, most of the earthy matter taken with our food is eliminated, no one would live ten years.

   It has been estimated that ordinary, undistilled spring water contains carbonate and other compounds of lime to such an extent that the average quantity used each day by one person in the form of tea, coffee, soup, etc., would in forty years be sufficient to form a block of solid chalk or marble the size of a large man. It is also a significant fact that although phosphate of lime is always found in the urine of adults, it is not found in the urine of children, because in them the rapid formation of bone requires that this salt be retained. During the period of gestation there is very little earthy matter in the urine of the mother, as it is used in the building of the fetus. In ordinary circumstances, however, earthy matter is very much in evidence in the urine of adults and to this we owe the fact that physical life reaches even its present length.

   Undistilled water, when taken internally, is man's worst enemy, but used externally, it becomes his best friend. It keeps the pores of the skin open, induces circulation of the blood and prevents the stagnation which affords the best opportunity for the depositing of the earthy, death-dealing phosphate of lime.

   Harvey, who discovered the circulation of the blood, said that health denotes a free circulation and disease is the result of an obstructed circulation of the blood.

   The bathtub is a great aid in keeping up the health of the body and should be freely used by the aspirant to the higher life. Perspiration, sensible and insensible, carries more earthy matter out of the body than any other agency. As long as fuel is supplied and the fire kept free from ashes, it will burn. The kidneys are important in carrying away the ashes from the body, but despite the great amount of earthy matter carried away by the urine, enough remains in many cases to form gravel and stone in the bladder, causing untold agony and often death.

   Let no one be deceived into thinking that water contains less stone because it has been boiled. The stone that forms on the bottom of the teakettle has been left there by the evaporated water which escaped from the kettle as steam. If the steam were condensed, we should have distilled water, which is an important adjunct in keeping the body young.

   There is absolutely no earthy matter in distilled water, nor in rain water, snow nor hail (except what may be gathered by contact with house-tops, etc.), but coffee, tea, or soup made with ordinary water, no matter how long boiled, is not purified of the earthy particles; on the contrary, the longer they are boiled, the more heavily charged with ash they become. Those suffering from urinary diseases should never drink any but distilled water.

   It may be said generally of the solid foods we take into our system, that fresh vegetables and ripe fruits contain the greatest proportion of nutritious matter and the least of earthy substances.



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