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any major differences?

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Is it normal that there's also a carbon filter thing in there?

EDIT: i'm talking about this one (it's actually the only one i can find) http://www.meditecheurope.co.uk/portable-water-distiller-md-4l.php

Sure, that's standard nowadays on good distillers. It removes any leftover VOC's

Here's a picture for yall.. check out all the crap that comes out of my distiller after a few months of use:

And this is not from the tap, but my own well.. imagine all that crap depositing in your body..

No one is saying you don't need minerals from water. Everyone gets minerals from plants, fruit, grains, water, etc. The water though is full of chlorine and other additives (especially tap water) and who knows what else. I'd just up my green intake a little more if I started to drink distilled water. Would rather have water free of most (if not all) pollutants and just get my minerals from food.

Read my rawfoodexplained quote and article below. It doesn't matter if it's natural.. it's INORGANIC!!!

Some spring water has arsenic and other poisons in it NATURALLY that would kill you.

Plus with all of the pollution nowadays, I worry about natural spring water as well. The oceans are polluted, rivers, streams. It would probably take hundreds if not thousands (major assumption) for the planet to heal once all humans and technology is gone from here. 

Oh yeah, pollution is a BIG factor, more reason to drink distilled.

The minerals you would get from water would be a negligible amount anyway.. a couple of 100's of mg's.. it's nothing compared to what we get from our food and they don't really get absorbed anyway and cause disease.

No, your body does NOT need inorganic minerals from water. We get all our minerals from fruit and veg in organic form that can be easily absorbed and not damaging to our bodies.

"Like mineral supplements, mineral waters cannot provide any beneficial minerals to the body. Any minerals contained in such waters are inorganic and must be expelled by the body. Should an excess of these inorganic minerals be consumed in the water, the body cannot rid itself of them fast enough and they are deposited within the body.

These inorganic mineral deposits lead to kidney and gallstone formation, hardening of the arteries, arthritis, heart trouble, ossification of the brain and other serious diseases. The unexpelled mineral matter from mineral-containing waters combines with cholesterol to form plaques. These plaques lead to cardiovascular problems, and they join with uric acid to cause arthritic and rheumatic complaints.

The body cells can use only pure (distilled) water—such as that found in fruits and plants—and they reject all inorganic minerals consumed in mineral-laden waters.

When mineralized waters are drunk, a condition known as leukocytosis occurs within the body in thirty minutes to three hours after drinking. Leukocytosis is the proliferation of white blood cells which are the body’s first line of defense against foreign and harmful body substances—in this case, the inorganic minerals in the water.

Mineral waters cannot furnish the body with any needed elements other than the water itself. The remaining inorganic minerals are either eliminated through the skin, kidneys, etc., or they are deposited within the body where they may cause eventual harm.

Sea water is our “richest” mineral water, yet it is poisonous. Similarly, all other mineralized waters are simply dirty waters, contaminated with inorganic matter which is pathogenic to the body."

You can survive on any water.. for a while.. die young at 20-30 as early men..

But here we are talking what is the BEST for optimal health and longevity.

And the answer is distilled water.

You can go ahead and drink your crap-laden spring water for the rest of your life, just don't try to sell it as the best water because it isn't.

What's ridiculous that you don't have a basic understanding of biology. And that you don't have an argument at all, just wu-wu magical BS nonsense. And logical fallacies like "appeal to nature":.

Pick up a biology text book.

Plants turn inorganic minerals into organic ones that our body can absorb.

That's why we eat plants not sand and rocks.

You are basically suggesting to get our nutrition from sand and rocks. Or at least supplement it, with the inorganic crap in spring water. There is no need for that as we can and should get all of our nutrition from plants, not rocks.

"why is natural minerals in spring water bad for you?"

-because they can make you sick and even kill you

"What kind of water do you feed your plants?"

-plants aren't humans; plants can uptake inorganic minerals

I don't want to convince you to drink distilled bro.. drink whatever you want..

We put our arguments out there now everyone can read it and decide what makes more sense to them and go with that.



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