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Hi! I'm trying out the RT4, and started thinking about pasta. My cupboards are full of normal pasta, but in all the recipies either corn or rice pasta is recommended, why is that? Is it THAT much better for me? Or can I just eat my delicious normal pasta :D. Very new to all this so would appreciate some answers, thank you.

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It is all about what the pasta is made of.

Gluten (wheat etc) is quite hard to digest, the gluten-free stuff is significantly easier and lighter for the body.

So wheat-based is the absolute heaviest pasta you can eat. Which is the normal pasta. I would recommend to stay away from it really.
Eat up what you already got, if you don't mind it, then buy gluten-free food next. Rice, corn, they are naturally gluten free.

Thank you for the reply, it helped a lot! :) 

Oh! How grateful you are :) Thank you.

I don't want to spam the forum by creating a new discussion so I will ask another thing here. I went to the store and thought that I want to try to bake some vegan desserts and for example was checking out chocolate. Most have dairy in them but some had the text of: '' Might have little amounts of milk, eggs or gluten included''. So what is your stance on this as a vegan? I wasn't sure what to do so I didn't buy any of them because I wasn't sure if it supports the vegan way, so to speak. Please share your thoughts.

Often packages in grocery stores say 'may contain traces of...'.

What that mean is that it is produced in a facility that also makes things with those ingredients, and so you know, dust particles can fly in the air and land in the vegan product.

In your case, it might mean that they bake them with the same tools or on the same table as the non-vegan foods. I would ask them directly, because I would not have eaten anything cooked with the same utensils or same anything as non-vegan food. But I do accept the 'traces of' thing, because here we are talking about particles in the air, but physical separation.

Often we need to ask directly, because people are not so aware of what they do, and especially don't explain very well.

Thank you for the response! I think its the same with these products, my translation was just a rough one from Finnish to English :D but thanks for the clarification. I think I can now be at peace with myself when buying these products. Really helpful :) 

I eat gluten pasta it several times per week. Nothing bad about it

Thanks for the reply!

Gluten is harder to digest for some people. If you find it doesn't cause you any digestive issues and you do not have a gluten allergy then it is fine to eat.

Thanks for the reply! I do have noticed that it doesn't digest as well as before going vegan, I wonder why. Before had 0 problems.

Nah, you had problems before too. It is just that they drowned in the condition that the other heavy food made in your gut. Gluten is not heavier than meat and diary. So it gets masked. And when you eat that on a regular basis, there is no way to differentiate meat and diary's effects from gluten, unless you are gluten sensitive.

Being vegan, your body is healthier and stronger, your cells has an easier time to deal with unhealthy conditions in your body. So it feels like you are more sensitive and fragile, but in fact you are stronger and your immune system is more active and takes better care of you. It is a healthy sign. A non-responsive body is a dying body.

When you are now vegan, lots of what you eat is lighter and easier digestible than gluten. So your gut is conditioned to that lightness and ease. When you then eat gluten, you immediate get to experience how gluten is heavier than the other foods you eat. Because now your body is strong enough to make the effort of detoxing glutens toxicity. And detoxing is a sign of a living body, although it is unpleasant.

You could try eating something non-vegan (don't :P ), and you will see you will react even worse than with the gluten, now that you have a vegan body.

And your body did have problems with gluten and animal products before, when you were first introduced to it as a baby, transitioning from breast milk diet. But you were force fed it without any alternatives, so your body got conditioned to it over time. And too sick and weak to fight back anymore. So then the detox-symptoms disappear (bad sign). Which is when our diet begin to create real sickness and disease in our body.

This is why young children are lightly sick and snotty all the time, and get less and less with age. Because their body is so health that it is detoxing their horrible diet out of their body, until they can't handle it anymore.

Makes sense?

Yeah it definitely does, I'm just surprised my body realizes all this so fast considering this is my fifth day being vegan :D. But that's a very well explained answer, thank you.



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