30 Bananas a Day!

Has anyone issues with that?

I have that a lot and I am going to the doctor soon, after I couldn't even drink water some days ago because it hurted that much in my gullet.

I've tried around a lot but didn't come to a conclusion after which food I have it and after which I don't. (Well I got no problems with bananas but I already feel like donky kong and want some diversity)

Has anyone experience or suggestions?

I feel like my stomach is super sensitive and I don't like that :)

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Hi Lukas:) I suggest no allergenic food at all, such as wheat corn gluten coffee etc... Hcl can help as well as apple cider vinegar but first fond out what is causing the problem. What is your diet like?

Thank you for your reply :) !

So I am HCRV... for instance now... (just got it some minutes ago again) my diet: had a salad-soup for dinner (red pepper, arugula, salad, tomatoes, celery) and some bananas 2 hours later. Waited a while (always at least half an hour) to drink water and now I got this strong burning sensation in my gullet.

It is caused from LACK of hydrochloric acid.  Most people suffer from this because of the acidic cooked phoods they have eaten.  Are you a raw foodie?  Do you do grains still once in a while?  How about dairy of any kind or perhaps protein powder.  All this can have an effect on your system in a negative manner.  Not enough details from your post yet. 

I am pretty sure that I have a overproduction of stomach acid, because I did the test with lemon juice or apple cider vinegar, when I have that problem and it got much worse...

I feel like it's coming from eating to much or to much calorie dense food like medjool dates.

Yes sometimes I eat cooked carbs and I thought about it if that's the reason and just came to the conclusion that it would be crazy to get major stomach acid from rice, potatoes. From which I never had any problem before becoming HCRV. I mean if I feel like I am very sick after eating some cooked carbs, I am asking myself why I never felt that sick before when I wasn't HCRV...?!

It is normal reaction to think that the healthiest part of your program is causing this reaction.  Don't believe it. 


You may be getting a bit more sensitive to cooked items.  Did you eat these cooked items PLAIN? Without salt or butter or anything on them? 

yep plain or with fruits/veggies.

Lukas, are you taking any medications or supplements including vitamins, etc? 

From what you've said, I can deduce that you are mixing your foods improperly.  Food should be eaten in an ascending order of its complexity.  For instance, simple foods like watermelon, grapes, or other high water content fruit should be eaten first.  As the day progresses, eat more complicated foods like bananas.  Essentially your stomach needs time to clear prior to eating another meal.  Give yourself 30 minutes after you eat simple stuff, and about an hour for things like bananas.  Eat your food MONO.  Save the veggies until later in the day.  I noticed you mixed red pepper, arugula, salad, tomatoes, celery.  Tomatoes are FRUITS and should NEVER be mixed with other types of foods.  Yes, I've done this, but when I do, I may experience similar problems as you've had.   Once you eat vegetables, don't add to your stomach until it has cleared.  It can take a few hours for veggies to clear depending on what kind and how much you have eaten.  I understand this means you can't eat as often, so try to space out your meals and eat as often as you can clear your stomach.  I eat as many as 15 to 20 small meals a day and have no problems.

Here is what happens in your stomach when you add to it before it clears.  Some of the food in your stomach will ferment because your stomach won't clear until the complicated stuff gets digested.  This will cause gas, acid and reflux because the fast digesting fruits stay too long.    Your stomach will hold food even longer if you mix in dairy products, meat, or even heavy starches.  20 years ago, I had very bad reflux attack one morning.  My breath smelled terrible, and when I belched, it smelled like a fart.  It was very embarrassing to say the least. 

Try to eat mono, space out your meals, and eat simple foods first.  If you experience the same problems, I will need a very detailed description of what, when and how you eat your meals for a few days to pinpoint your problem.  Oh, and stress, sleep deprivation and lack of exercise won't help.

Thank you, yes I never felt bad after lettuce or celery either :)

Alright to make things more clear. I am very strict with my diet and I know all the food combining charts by heart and I am a HCRV 811 just fruits&veggies Lifestyle lover. 90% of my time I am eating mono meals or combine the right things, wait after meals etc....

I read the books ;)

what is just so hard for me to understand is:

When I make this one single exception and not follow this lifestyle for 100% for once,(just because I did not eat a mono meal or did a wrong food combining) I am sick like I said.

Sick like I've never been before in my "past - animal products, cooked food - Life"

I find that quite shocking.

Ok, Lucas, I can understand your frustration.  I guess this means also that you are NOT taking any supplements.  I would guess, not knowing how long you've been at this, that perhaps you might be super-sensitive to some combos you do once in a while.  I'd stop it actually.  Perhaps a day of watermelon and other melon in separate meals would help.  Are you also doing greens each day included in what you eat?  Have you ever tested your ph balance?    Perhaps I would suggest being on the program 100% of the time instead of 90%.  Do you have a problem with doing that?  I myself cannot do any cooked items at all.  That's how sensitive I am. 


Also, do you do organic or commercial produce? 

Really appreciate your help!

Yep I am eating every day greens, no supplements, never tested my ph balance. Yes I have issues being 100% raw when it comes to eating out with friends&family than I would choose cooked HCRV.



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