30 Bananas a Day!

Just wanted to share my purchase today so other brits can keep the faith and see fruit is affordable here too!


Went to Smithfield market in Manchester, it's basically a bunch of warehouses all stuck together full of fruit and veg traders. I went down with my wife and we got there about 6am, I think the timing was important as we got the last few boxes of "cheaper" bananas. It took a little asking about at 1st and I got prices quoted as high as £24 for a 40lb box of bananas, not even organic! I kept telling the traders I wanted the fruit to eat and it didn't have to be "shop quality" as I wasn't selling them, eventually I got a guy to give me 4 boxes of bananas for £5 each! We stayed with the same guy and got 21 mangoes for £9 and 2 boxes of Lychee for £2 each.


£30 for

4 x 40lb boxes of bananananananas (£5 each)

3 x 9 mangoes (£3 each)

2 x box of Lychee (£2 each)


All in all great success, I like very much!


I'm in the Manchester area and I' trying to get a group of people together for a co-op to get awesome organic fruit in, if anyone is interested send me a message!

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haggle haggle haggle! 1st price is never the best price brother!


I do the same thing here in Worcester, I go to Smithfield Market in birmingham - its great! Nothing but bananas are organic though :(

I also looked into the organic place in Manchester that delivers (not much tropical fruit but loads of salad stuff). The problem with them is that their salad stuff (as with all the wholesalers) is sold in too large a quantity for just me and my husband to get through before it would go off. If you can get a group locally you would be able to get lots more organic stuff from them.


Aye I couldn't find any organics at Smithfield Manc this time, the only organic trader I could find was closed!


Thanks for the link, I've sent them an e-mail :D


I could be relocating to Birmingham later this year, if I do I'd be happy to share greens with you guys! :D

Hi Lee
think i need to get my arse down there. do you know if they keep trading later in the day ?(as you can prob see from the time i sent this, I'm a bit of a night owl)

also saw you were looking for somewhere to get some raw dates from, found link a while ago but haven't used them

I found an organic nana ripener and importer in Luton. He may deliver. Not £5 a box though, more like £20 but you can choose the state of ripening. You may be able to get your wholesaler to pick some up from him to you.

See newbs posts for details. I'm in Bedford and still looking for a wholesaler (or a lottery win, not fussed which)

Import / export, ripen and wholesale organic bananas for the UK market. Certified by: Soil Association Certification P2512.
Laporte Way, Luton, Bedfordshire, LU4 8EN. Tel - 01582 436503 Fax - 01582 436570 Email - bricelamarque@shpratt.com


Just been talking to them again and got 18kg/40lbs boxes delivered for £18.50, standard for £16.50.

They also supply and would also deliver to wholesalers at the Manchester and Birmingham fruit markets.

Well, anyone who knows Waitrose prices generally isn't going to believe this, but recently they were bagging up 'overripe' (:-)) bananas and selling them at 8p each!  I bought 16 bananas for £1.28!


(Don't go running down there now though - they're back to their normal displays of vivid GREEN ones...)

Yeah I got some cold damaged (ugly on outside, not bruised on inside) for 50p per 2kg in Budgens today. Going well. I got 5 bags £2.50.


I think I prefer Waitrose's though :)

Good job! I'm personally not 100 % focused on price, quality is far more important. I just found a biodynamic wholesaler near Gloucester, apparently the only biodynamic fruit wholesaler in all of UK (a business opportunity here, any takers?) which is a bit shocking really. But I'll check them out, quality is never too good, my current organic wholesaler is decent but there's room for improvement...


Living in the backwaters has its upsides but choice isn't one of them, no warehouses here to haggle at. I have to do with ordering at whatever price I get quoted.


BTW I was able to persuade my Waitrose to sell ripe bananas at a discounted price instead of throwing them away. I walked in one day and they were picking ripe bananas off the shelves, I asked why and they said they're throwing them away. "Aha so this is why I never find ripe bananas in this store!" After a short chat they agreed it'd be a better idea to sell them at a discounted price, and now they're applying that to all fruits. So now I just need to wait until the mangoes, papayas and bananas ripen and take them at half price, sometimes just 1/3 ;) (I 'supplement' ordering from a wholesaler with ripping off Waitrose =D I repay though by buying something like 90 % of their fresh Medjool dates...

That's not going to be an option for me Jack. I won't be able to afford a 'gold-plated' lfrv lifestyle lol.

But, I am looking to do some garden foraging in season and have three little blackcurrant bushes of my own I planted last year; I diligently


What the difference anyone, of doing LFRV without many tropical fruits and using say, more northern seasonal produce such as apples, gooseberries, raspberries, strawberries(very acid btw). white, red & balckcurrants, plums, pears?


i went to asda in tamworth where they were bagging up ripe bananas and was getting them for 20 p a kilo (average 10 big ones!!) :)  60 p a day for harley's typical day's food!!! went back the other day and no such luck tho!

Wicked! I will defo check this out, it this the warehouse estate on ashton old road? I was going to go and check it out anyway but with deals like this I'm off there like a shot next time I'm there. :)



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