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Hello, how ya been people? I have to say this thread comes with a heavy heart and a frustrated mind...

I'm closing in on three years doing this lifestyle, and i have to say, it's done nothing that it's been advertised as... Sadly, it's merely catapulted my weight to now a very dangerous 280 pounds up from around 250, shot my blood pressure through the roof, isolated me and done some really weird things to my skin... I admit it's probably an ideal way for younger, fit athletes to eat and train, but I dunno, I'm just not seeing the results. Not at all, and I follow DR and Freelee's reco's to a tee... I have had many suspicions that perhaps me living at high elevation and in cold weather climate might have something to do with something, but I dunno, kind of just feels like I'm making an excuse for this mess, that I've dedicated SO much of my life and time to.

In the link I went over my situation more in depth, i won't re-type everything... But yeah, I really must say I'm very disappointed... I just wonder if maybe I should continue on with this... I really don't think I can if i balloon up to 300 pounds, which I'm worried about now... 


SO, yeah, it's been about 6/7 months since then and I just haven't changed one bit for the better... the weight is skyrocketing and I'm sure doctor's would be lining up to hand me blood pressure meds... I don't know if i can or should continue to do this... but the big question also is, what else would I do? I have become so accustomed to this, I dunno if i could really change much now... I won't ever eat meat again... but I dunno...what else could I do... 

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I agree, he should track in details everything he eats and drink for a few weeks and show us what it's all about.

@Dominck: do you have stress in your life ?

How much do you exercise? What do you eat on a daily basis? How much do you sleep? How are your stress levels? How much water do you drink? Do you take a B12 supplement? Did you ever drink coffee, tea, soda? Did you ever take drugs, alcohol, or smoke cigarettes? Did you ever calorie restrict or starve yourself? If so, for how long? These are all valid questions to mull over when being faced with these issues. If you want, answer them and maybe we will all get a better idea as to what may be going on.

Yeah, the link in the actual post delves into specifics...I go over my history and all that...the answer to most of your questions are 'no'....ive been following Freelee and DR's advice to a "T"....

cut the clif bars right out. each one has 5 grams of fat, so if you are having 2 or 3 that is quite a bit of fat that could be cut out. also, just don't add any sodium to anything. add lemon, pepper, and other spices instead to flavor things. everything else seems fine. remember, that durianrider did say that for most people it takes 3-5 years to see results. so maybe you are just on the verge of getting results. give it at least 5 years and then re-analyze if you should stop. 

I feel the same way!  I also live in a high elevation/cold climate =(

Dominick, have you had your thyroid function checked? If it's under active no amount of dieting or fruit or exercise will stop the weight gain. Also some drugs ( some antidepressants, some antiepileptics, some drugs for diabetes) make you gain weight, if you're on prescription drugs you should check with your doctor.
I jus started in a very cold climate, but so far so good ( cravings gone...not even chocolate!)
Take care,

i thought about thyroid too, though my thyroid is underactive too now, but personally i have no issues with weight gain, if at all it's muscle gain.. i think because of a lack of iodine, so now since a few days i'm adding iodized kitchen salt here and there untill i have something better.. cause i refuse to stop eating goitrogenic foods.

You're right, Taka, if your iodine intake is OK there's no need to avoid goitrogenic lovely broccoli and all that stuff, however, if your hypothyroidism is autoimmune you might eventually need to replace your thyroid hormones, that's just the way it is...my thyroid gland's been fried for years, so taking the nigh time thyroxine is part of life now.

I have found that the non raw food I eat GREATLY effects my results. No matter what it is. Some people can digest different things efficiently some can not. When I cut out the white potatoes and rice I was fine. Also, the evening cooked meal effects the fruit we load ourselves with in the morning. It has made my diet more raw than anything. I eat cooked food sparingly, and if I do it's not heavy. I don't eat anything processed. Instead of banging your head against the wall and maybe quitting out of frustration, you need to try a whole bunch of different variations till you get it right. The more fruit the better.

Definitely track food intake on cronometer. It's just a good tool to truly know food habits and adjust as necessary. Soon it won't be necessary to use cronometer for accountability.

When it comes to food other than fresh veggies and fruits, I assume it is as whole as possible (ie. steamed rice, steamed potatoes, not fried rice from a restaurant or french fries cooked in oil) and keep processed food to a minimum. 

And while many people heavily emphasize raw fruits, I say it would be fine to look into other cooked foods too. If you don't feel like eating a cold banana smoothie, why not eat some cooked oats with warm apples?! Even Freelee herself mentions numerous of times that it's about getting to know your body and figuring out what works best for you. Of course raw fruits is king, but it wouldn't hurt to try other vegan, whole food options. 

After 3 years it's clearly not working for you. You should try something else. Don't bother tracking your food intake on cronometer or sites like that. It will only add to your frustration. I suggest you get genetically tested. You may be carbohydrate intolerant or have some other hormonal abnormality. After that I would see a vegan based nutritionist. Your body is reacting exactly the way a carb intolerant body would on this diet. It has nothing to do with cold weather or elevation...or Cliff Bars. Personally, I think the lack of greens in your diet may be a cause for concern but I suspect you may have an innate problem. Good luck.

Eat less:

- eat less starches and sweet fruit

- eat more raw non-sweet fruit, vegetables and greens 

- you can skip breakfast, and eat two meals per day

- do not eat until you are stuffed, eat until you feel you had enough for the next 3-4 hours, your stomach will shrink with time 

- try not to eat any fat for some time (2-4 weeks), after that eat at least 1 tablespoon of some omega3 seeds per week and do not eat more than 100-200 Cal from fat daily

Exercise daily (try to do 10-15 minutes of exercises that is for you a bit more intense than you used to)



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