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I've come to believe that there's almost nothing that the supermarket sells that is healthy, or is not in some way part of the machine that deals in animal misery & death.

It really hit me this evening, when I was walking down the supermarket isles with my two young daughters, looking for something healthy & yummy that they could eat.

I care a lot about their health, but I also want them to be able to eat something yummy that they'll get excited about. Something that they'll think their dad is pretty cool because he bought them this tasty stuff. It was then that I realised that I couldn't find them anything outside the fruit & vege isle that was good & healthy for them. It was either a processed food, contained unnatural harmful ingredients, or contained animal products.

Firstly, try to find something healthy. I mean, really try.

If you've become an avid reader of labels like I have, then you will quickly be horrified the listed ingredients that are toxic & are not fit for human consumption on almost every bottle, box & packet, sometimes a long list of these in the one 'food'.

Unpronouncable names, numbers unknown, colourings, flavouring agents & enhancers, preservatives, seemingly unnecessary ingredients that are against the very foundation of human health & contrary to everything that we have always felt that mother nature is about.

Ingredients such as monosodium glutamate (MSG), or at least glutamate, the harmful component of MSG, is now in 80% of supermarket 'food' products, & can now be disguised as almost any various name so that you will not recognise it, & so you will therefore not put it back on the shelf in horror & disgust – in an attempt to protect the health of you & your children, as you well should. Because, let's face it, glutamates are a neurotoxin. Harmful to the brain & nervous system & should not be allowed within a million miles of food.

That is exactly why the food manufacturers go out of their way to give glutamates so many distguised names. So that you won't know. So that you will buy. I mean, the reason that they put the evil crap in there in the first place is because it is a chemical storm of toxic crap that is deliberately designed to trick your taste buds into thinking that the food that it has been added to is the most moorish, tasty snack you have ever encountered – & you must eat lots of it, & come back for more at a later date.

And it's true. Try eating CC's - A brand of corn chip - their slogan is 'You can't eat just one!'

Or Pringles – 'Once you pop, you can't stop!'

Well they're right. You can't stop. You can't eat just one.

If you eat a tomato, you can. Same with an orange. But not a corn chip. Not most of the stuff in a packet found on supermarket shelves. MSG & glutamates have been designed in a laboratory & tested over & over again until they have perfected the ultimate 'must have more' formula.

Glutamates can now take on over 500 different assumed names, depending on which foods they are chemically extracted from, & which 'name disguise' that they decide to choose to best go under the radar of the discerning consumer.

Yeast extract. Oh yeah, that sounds benign. No problem – in the basket.

Spice extract – Oh yeah, what's the harm?

Calcium caseinate – Oh, I need calcium.

Hydrolysed vegetable protein – Hey, everyone needs protein, & it's from a vegetable. How good is that?

Textured protein, Monopotassium glutamate, Spice extract, Hydrolyzed plant protein, Glutamate, Autolyzed plant protein, Glutamic acid, Sodium caseinate, Autolyzyed yeast, Vegetable protein extract, Senomyx (wheat extract labelled as artificial flavour), & so on, & on, & on.

You get the picture. They don't at all costs want to label it as the evil that you know it as – MSG.

If they disguise it, you won't know, & will therefore buy it. Kaching! Excellent!

You gotta ask yourself... don't they care?

Oh yeah – they care alright. They care about big profits.

Preservatives aren't there because they're good for the consumer, or make the product yummier. They're there, so that the product has longer shelf life, so that the producer experiences less spoilage to their 'goods'. That they're bad for you is just incidental. The flavour enhancers are there so that you eat more of their stuff, & keep coming back for more. The colourings are there so that the products look more appealing, often they are there so that it looks more 'natural'. Are they good for you? The overwhelming answer for the vast majority is – Hell no! The transfats are there because they have a better shelf life & are a harder fat so that a product stays rigid & in shape without melting so easily. Good for you? Many countries in Europe have banned them altogether as not fit for human consumption because of the extreme health risk that they pose.

And we wonder why kids are getting ADHD in record numbers these days, why childhood obesity & obesity in general is on the rise & affecting unbelievable numbers & percentages of people, why cancer is out of control, why heart disease is taking nearly half our population down (half our loved ones) before their natural time has come?

These things added to the 'food' products are not there because they are beneficial to the consumer.

They are beneficial to the producers bottom line. That's it. Period!

They care about making money. They care a whole lot more about making the money that they make from the sales of their products; far more so than they care about the health or life of the person buying their products – otherwise they would be doing the right thing, & making sure they only sold good clean, healthy stuff. Right?

Obesity & overweight conditions are now rampant - & rising.

So too is disease. High sugar, high fat, highly processed, a tradgic chemical concoction in every bite we eat. These things have risen, in line with the sales & promotion of processed foods & animal products.

For many people, the last part of this statement may seem like a bit of a non issue.

But eating animals & animal 'products' - that is, the bodies of animals and such things as cows milk, eggs, cheeses, gelatin & the like – is a real health issue.

Most modern diseases have at their root, the consumption of animal products.

Heart disease kills nearly 1 in 2 people. Cancer, roughly 1 in 3.

Diabetes, stroke, arthritis, althiemers & so on... The diseases of the priveleged. They are ripping vast holes in the fabric of our societies. Take away the consumption of animals, & these diseases begin to vanish.

Then why are these issues not talked about far & wide in all forms of media?

There are large interests with big profits at stake that wish you to keep eating like this & to not know the health risks associated with such a diet choice.

To really learn more about this & get the best information on this largely unspoken issue, do yourself a favour & go out & buy the book 'The China Study', by T. Colin Campbell – you will be forever grateful for the insight to health, diet & disease association & connection. Additionally, you will no longer be confused as to how to know what is a healthy diet, how to trim down, look your best & be the healthiest you that you can be.

The vast majority of foods outside of the fruit & veg isles contain animal products. Even seemingly plant based foods have hidden animal ingredients in them. Look carefully at the label & you may see it there. Or maybe not. Maybe it will take on a name that you did not know came from animal origin. Names such as carmine, casein, isinglass, gelatin, rennet & so on.

Not only is it unhealthy, but the misery & death to animals is untold, & millions of animals suffer indescrible lives that people when hearing of them, immediately block their ears & ask not to hear more – These are a result of our food choices - & if you eat these, you are hurting & killing the animal just as surely as if you were the one right there inflicting it, for without you & everyone else that consumes these, these industries would dry up overnight – to be replaced by industries that are healthy for you & the planet.

I took my kids to a large water park today, & the thing I noticed the most was that almost everyone there was either overweight or obese. It really struck me. I mean, there must have been thousands of people there. It was a big water park & very popular. Out of all those people, I would say that perhaps only 1 to 2% of them were not overweight. Even of the very young.

You don't have to go to a water park to see this though. It can be seen at any mall or public space these days.

This is no condemnation of people, their diet, lifestyle etc. In fact, far from it.

How can you be healthy, grow up to be a healthy weight & live in a healthy body, when almost everything available at a supermarket is grossly unhealthy & will pack on the kilos?

How is it possible when your food is highly processed & packed full of toxic chemical additives.

How is it possible when you are eating a meat heavy diet with animal products stacked on the side?

It is said that magazines are causing psychological harm to people by creating unrealistic images for people to live up to. I believe the greater damage is done by the food companies who are culpable in being co-creators of unhealthy overweight bodies that cause people not just physical harm, but also psychological harm when people are housed in bodies that they are undboubtably going to feel uncomforatable with.

Now let me ask you something. What's wrong with food grown & produced the way it is meant to be. By nature's intended principles. Organic. Clean. Untampered with. Grown locally. Sold locally. Bought & eaten locally.

Makes a lot of sense doesn't it?

I mean, would you like to eat food produced & sold this way? Thought so.

If food was grown & produced this way everywhere, if this was the norm, it would cost almost the same. So why isn't it?

Well, for one, there are some pretty big vested interests in having you buying food that uses pesticides & food that is genetically modified. Big companies like Monsanto make a lot of money when you buy a food that requires pesticides. Because they sell the pesticides. And pesticides are big business.

They also make GMO seeds. They don't genetically modify them to have more nutrients, be better for you etc. They modify the genetic code of the plants that they patent to be able to withstand the pesticides that they produce. That is the number one reason for the tampering with the genes.

Now they can also sell the farmer pesticides that those seeds were specifically designed to withstand.

Double profits. Wow!

Was that good for you the person who is eating this 'food'?

Or was it better for the companies who produced the pesticides & frankenstein seeds?

Who's getting the good deal?

They also create foods that are better able to withstand longer journeys & more handling. Harder fruit & veg. Less bruising. Less spoilage. Not as good, not as tasty. Not as nutrient rich.

Not only that, but they very often pick fruits & veges when they are not ripe, & then arificially 'ripen' them up in gas chambers & the like, so that the fruit or vegetable takes on the colour of a ripe specimen, & the goods spoil less in transport & in sitting long periods in the supermarket. The potential customer comes along, looks at it & thinks that it is good.

This does nothing to mention of the fruits & vegetables that are snap frozen & put into freezer storage for months at a time, before being defrosted to sit on your local supermarket shelf, looking fresh as a daisy & ready to eat.

So what to do about all of this?

Well, I've got to be honest, I don't have all the answers. But I'm hoping this post provokes some creative thoughts from you. Things such as eating whole healthy plant foods. Perhaps buying at farmers markets when you can. Maybe sourcing cheap organic vegetables & fruits if they are available in your area. Maybe buying locally instead of from big chain supermarkets. I'm thinking that maybe you'll come up with some great, if not better ideas.

But of all the things that I can think of that could be done to protect your health, & to significantly influence the foods produced by producers; the 2 foremost things that I think would make a difference, are to get educated, & to stop buying food that is full of junky crap that is harming you – if you don't buy it, they sure as hell won't make it.  

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I've had the same experience.  I've spent lots of time walking up and down the aisles, reading labels and doing experiments--and come up with the conclusion that I cannot eat anything that has a label, comes in a can, box, bottle or bag; or is advertised; or is served in a restaurant, bar, casino, hospital or health food store.

I can't trust anybody but myself to decide what I put in my mouth--because anybody who would LIE the way the "for-profit, special interests" do cannot be trusted--FOR ANYTHING!  If they lie for one thing, why should I trust them for something else?

And it's not only the food industry, in my opinion.  I don't trust for-profit medicine either!  I would rather put a plastic bag over my head than to check into nursing home, for instance.  How can I go back to a dentist who put mercury fillings in my mouth!!??  The way I see it, this person tried to kill me!!

In fact, I believe it is actually worse than that!  I can't trust anybody who is interested in money!  If their motivation is money, I don't trust a word they say.  These people--women included--will LIE FOR MONEY!

It's hell to suspect everybody and be on guard all the time, isn't it?

I buy my food in a local produce market and I don't buy anything but raw fruits, veggies, greens, melons, etc. 

I relate to Buddha.  He decided that society was so crazy that he renounced everything and went out and sat under a tree!!  I live in a 1-br apt, with no computer or phone; ride a bike and spend most of my time in the public library.  I haven't found friends since I renounced meat, sugar, processed foods and cooked foods; the standard American diet (SAD); alcohol, tobacco...and my crazy, abusive family.

It is a shame that anybody should have to go through what I've been through....



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