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just watched this vid: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rz9urOBIS5g where rawvana, a popular raw vegan you tuber, discussed how many calories you should be consuming on a raw vegan low fat diet and her recommendations go against everything freelee and harley and the whole 30BAD philosophy. i was just wandering why a hclfrv would be telling others to do this, since i thought that its possible to eat unlimited carbs and not get fat? also how hasn't she failed on this diet considering she's only eating 1500 cals?

also I've heard multiple times people talking about multiplying your weight by a number (up to 18) describing how active you are and thats the total calories you're allowed to eat, but if that was true i could only eat 1400!! 

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I'm a guy and am pretty active and eat only about 2000 calories a day and that works wonders for me. I've tried eating more but it just doesn't feel right. When I ate cooked vegan food I could eat up to 6000 calories but that didn't feel good. I ended up gaining a lot of weight and built up a lot of mucus. Now, as a raw vegan eating only around 2000 calories a day, I feel WAY better and my BMI is down to 18.5.

Do what works for you I guess. Some people thrive on eating 4000 calories a day some thrive on 2000. Personally I feel that the less I eat the better I feel. :)

18.5 is on the edge of underweight, i hope for you that it isn't falling anymore, when i still ate what a regular person ate but i excluded everything with msg and refined sugar on the ingredient list i felt great too, i lost a load of weight (went from 85 kg to 68 kg in half a year (not that i wanted to lose weight necessarily cause 85 was in the healthy range)) first i believed it was because i didn't eat refined sugar cause i believed in the nonsense that that made you fat and i read stories about how people lose weight by avoiding stuff with refined sugar.. bull ofcourse when i became vegan (at that point +eggs so vegetarian) i first came to know about calories basically.. i calculated what i was eating in an average day and it was way too little 1500 kcal or so..

according to cronometer for example someone of my size, gender and everything already uses 2200 kcal in a locked-in syndrome state(absolutely doing nothing)

Well, according to the mainstream, yes, 18.5 bmi is on the edge of being underweight. However, I believe that humans are meant to be pretty slim. Who knows, maybe my ideal weight will be at a bmi of 17, we'll see. As long as I feel good then it's fine.

feeling good is not a good indicator of longterm health.

Well, I felt absolutely like @#$% eating cooked HCLF with unlimited amount of calories and I would gain weight if I didn't train for 10 hours a week. I also developed sciatica in both legs (it's getting better now as a raw vegan with only 2000 calories a day), I had multiple knee injuries and extreme fatigue. Some days I could even walk 1k to the buss. So I was forced to take a break from training (cycling) for 4 months but it didn't help. but when I went raw and started to eat less my energy came back and I'm now training again. My dental health has improved as well.

Surely, what I'm doing now is better than what I was doing.

Btw, it's not restricting if it's all my body needs. The more efficient ones body is the less fuel you'll need. My goal is to be able to eat maybe 1500 calories a day and feel amazing.

I'm just gonna keep doing what works for me. 

CRONometer was actually made for people doing Calorie Restriction with Optimal Nutrition.  It is for people who wanted to live longer by reducing their daily calories, while still keeping reaching all of their nutrition goals.  I guess in some animal studies, reducing their daily calories resulted in a slowing of the metabolism and a longer life span.  Think of tortoises, they're slow and barely eat, but live forever.  Sounds like what you're trying to go for.  I personally wouldn't reccomend it.  Make sure you are 100% hitting your nutritional goals so you don't become deficient in anything.

Dr Greger has a video on this topic (is there a topic he never touched ?): it seems that the longer life expectancy with calorie restriction is in fact due to lowering of protein intake.

Taka said> feeling good is not a good indicator of longterm health.

Exactly, we can feel great while living on our adrenal kicks until the adrenals fail and we end up with chronic fatigue, hair loss, and many other potential problems.  Having a goal to get down on calories is a classic eating disorder symptom.  Not supported here on this site!  Take it somewhere else

Your consideration is appreciated,

The 30BaD Crew

I wonder about all of this too. I've been watching a number of different popular HCRV youtubers and observing all the various ways they eat and exercise. I follow the advice of the people who are the most FIT, vibrant, honest and HEART centered. i think Freelee and Harley are so full of energy, love, passion and look amazing because they eat abundantly. I just don't vibe with Rawvana at all and I do not trust anything that comes out of her mouth. 

Well said Rebekah! :)

agreed I have watched like 2 of her videos and that's enough for now lol

my personal experience has been that in the beginning I needed to eat 3000, but as I move more and more to 90% raw I'm actually needing less.  I think the enzymes and whatnot in the raw food may actually help you to be more satiated.  Just my opinion, though idrk



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