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I have a question. I am on a rawtill4 lifestyle at the moment and it is going ok. Right now I am at a low. I am a bit constipated, bloated and gaining weight with sudden fluctuations and decreases. I keep everything the same so I dont know what is going on. I dont eat more than 500mgs of salt a day, 50g of protein and 40g of fat (usually much lower). 

I was wondering what is better rawtill4 or 100% raw vegan. I have realised that a lot of raw vegans eat quite a lot of healthy fats such as avocado, peanut butter, tahini etc. Wont that make you gain weight? 

would it be 'better' (also for weightloss) to eat fully raw but with healhty fats and oils or to stay on the rawtill4 lifestyle? 

I am considering to switch for a while to full heal my body but I dont know if the higher fat will be ok? Most raw vegans I see on instagram (and the popular ones like kristina eat more fat). 

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Hey Millie, I have followed both rawtill4 and 100% raw for a while. I started out in 2009 trying to go 100% raw, but I ended up yoyo-ing from 100% raw to high fat vegan. I eventually began to regularly incorporate high carb low fat cooked vegan dinners. It did help me to stop yoyo-ing, however I constantly felt bloated. Not just in my belly, but my whole body. I also was very tired and also thirsty. I didn't sleep well either. After several tries, I have now gone fully raw and feel MUCH better!

All of that being said, I think it depends on the person.  I come from a background of compulsive overeating and restricting so I feel like I have a lot to heal. I personally don't have nearly the good digestion with cooked starches as I do with fully raw. I think some people can thrive on rawtill4 for a lifetime and feel great, but I'm not one of those people, not right now at least. 

I think it's worth a try. Can't hurt. Oh, and I don't eat much raw fat. I'm more like 90/5/5 than 80/10/10. I only eat over fats 2-3x/wk and I still keep it at or below 10% of calories on the days that I do eat it. 

Hope that helps! I also have a video about rawtil4 vs fullyraw if you'd like to check that out too. 

Thank you so much for your reply :) i heard to many people say that raw is so much better but I just cant imagine what I would eat all day. I come from compulsive overeating, bulimia and restricting and I always feel like I have to be fully satisfied to not bounce back. I just cant imagine what I could eat on a low fat raw vegan diet. A high fat raw vegan diet seems ok as there are so many different recipes including seeds, nuts, avocado etc. But I dont really want to do high fat...

I think raw till 4 should be for people who are already healthy, or people who can't fully transition to raw fruit and veg only.  More fiber in the raw among other things.

I eat a mostly raw diet, with ZERO over fats. None. 

Removing all fats and salt from my diet, tracking all my calories to make sure I get enough, eating enough leafy greens daily, was what made a huge difference for me. 

I suffer health problems when I eat cooked food or try to balance salts, fats, grains, etc into my diet...it does not work for me.

100% raw fruit and leafy greens - high quality unlimited produce is by no means something that should even be compared to consuming rawtill4. It's like choosing a Target mountain bike vs an elite road bike to ride with. Much better both however I'm sure, than crawling or walking. It's a good analogy I heard Durianrider use a while back that stuck.

I agree with the others, a lot of people eat fully raw, low fat - 801010

Here's a review of someone who was fully raw and then started eating cooked, her personal pros and cons - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a9rAil8vOG4

there are so many options for fully raw vegan meals! Soups, smoothies, juices, salads, veggie noodles, nut-free cakes! It is definitely worth it to give a try, it doesn't have to be overnight, you can just try adding more raw vegan meals each day - summer is the best season to transition to a more raw vegan lifestyle or just incorporate more ripe fruit and veggies! :)

I also think healthy fats such as avocados (which is a fruit), coconuts, nuts ( when in season fresh off the tree! for example fresh walnuts that you pick yourself are great - you can't compare them to the rancid ones in the store) are good for the body, of course it doesn't mean to eat tons of them but to have some would be totally fine! Especially during winter I tend to eat more fats  which I eat with greens! -  personally I don't like cashews, peanuts

don't restrict! and if you set a goal to be fully raw on one day but feel like you want some steamed veggies don't force yourself, then just eat something steamed, the raw vegan lifestyle should be fun and you should enjoy it!  :)


I did fully raw for a while and i've done raw till 4. I dont notice a difference either way. if anything I"m more satisfied on raw till 4. I can stay raw all day if I want or i can do raw till 4 it gives me some options and a break from the sweet. My running performance doesnt seem to be impacted either way. I will however notice a bump in performance if i'm eating better quality bananans (IE just perfectly ripe and sweet). 

I rarely eat overt fats if i eat a whole avocado a week thats a lot for me.

If you are very sedentary and have poor digestion then  yeah, living on pure fruits and lettuce will work best for you most likely.

You won't be healthy though as one MUST have a decent fitness level in order to be healthy. Fitness doesnt guarantee health BUT in order to be healthy one MUST be fit. Does that make sense? 

Body is a machine and it has to be worked and oiled by daily life activities. Sounds like you have weak digestion muscles if you eat like Freelee yet don't look like her. Time to work on your fitness. Follow Freelee on strava and do the same riding watts per kg she does. She is around 50-55kg depending on the time of day. Easy done. :)

Most of the raw vegans on insta are nut jobs to be around sadly. Kristina is not a nice person unless she sees she can gain some career advancement by being your friend. I was disappointed last year how she treated her fans in person at WFF 2013. It really highlighted what Freelee said all along 'Kristina is a rich spoilt brat'.  

Give yourself time and patience. Going to take at least a 5 years before your body is functioning properly from your prior abuse of it. No probs, your on track and not wasting time like many others do who don't realise how long it really takes.  

Thank you so so much for your reply. It really means a lot to hear that for you. I think it is often also just the motivation that you dont get from non vegans and meat eaters. Helps to hear people tell you that it will work as long as you keep going :)! Thank you.

I will try to start doing exercise again and that might work wonders. 

yes, thats what I realised too. The food they make looks so healthy but it has so many fats and oils in it. Its so hard to find goot low fat vegan recipes. everything has nuts and avocado in them. 

When i started this lifestyle my digestion was really good and I had no problems. But after a while it started to become a bit constipated and slow and nothing like before (more like on a meat and dairy diet). I eat less watery fruits at the moment and around 250- 500g of dates a day (small dates). maybe its the dates taht cause this and i should switch more to foods higher in water content. 

The good thing now on 30BaD 2014 is people have such great options. People have a template they can swing around here or there to customize for their individual goals and current situations both financial and geographical.

We have learned a lot over the last few years running this forum, doing youtube, traveling and talking face to face with literally thousands of people and hearing their stories and insights. Its been an incredible journey and its only just started.

i love 30BaD. Its so good. It helps me as a newbie so much. I can search for questions or just ask them myself and will always get an answer. Its probably what kept me on this lifestyle because I could be certain that im doing everything right and that it just needs time.

Im a big fan of you and freelee. you changed my life from eating disorders to being healthy again. And 6 weeks ago I never thought I could eat normal again or not restrict and have a clam head!!!



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