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Hey fruitlovers!

Has anyone tried Raw Vegan protein by garden of life? Was wondering if this is okay on the 80 10 10 diet. It does say its raw vegan, gluten free, dairy free and organic. The ingredients look pretty safe.. I know that its definitely not from its natural state (buckwheat, quinoa, amaranth sprouts etc...) because all the grains have been turned into powder.


But do you think this is okay to have in my diet maybe 2-3x a week? I'm thinking of just eating it plain with water or mixed with a little coconut milk. Maybe even mixing a scoop of it in a green drink.

I'm trying to build muscle on this diet, I have been lifting weights for over a month and I haven't seen an increase in muscle mass or definition. I DO eat raw soaked nuts 4-5x a week.. (maybe 1/2 - 1 serving at the most like 25 almonds or less) becuase I dont want to go over the 10% overt fat.


Any advice?

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I'm gonna add the raw vegan protein powder to my green drink today, and try that 2-3x a week and see if I see progress in building more muscle.

this was me taken on 7/15 before any supplements. I was doing 811 100% HCRV. But I want to build more muscle!


Just to reinforce a point that was made by rawbert earlier though, if you just increase protein but don't increase calories whilst weight training, you won't get results. Because you use a lot more calories when weight training. If you try to build muscle by adding protein with a calorie deficit, that protein will just be used for energy (metabolising it from protein into sugar), which is a waste of money and misses the point of protein entirely. If you want to gain muscle mass, you need not only protein, but also sufficient calories from carbohydrates. That means you can't just eat 2000 calories. Being short and having a low BMR doesn't mean you won't need to eat a certain amount. What that amount is for you, only you can know - the results will be obvious when you start gaining muscle. then you will know what the magic number in terms of amount of total calories and protein you need to gain weight.

As has also been mentioend though, gaining weight is slow. You will need to train hard and consistently and eat sufficiently and regularly to get even slow results. And adding the protein to the green drink 2-3x a week is a waste of time. To get consistent results your diet, just like your training and sleep has to be sufficient to ensure you recover and develop. You need to eat enough calories every day, just like you need enough protein every day. If you are going to do an experiment, you need to be consistent with the parameters.

Take care

Adam x

thanks Adam, lately I have been eating over 2000 calories. especially on the days I weight train. a usual day now is 2500, and there is at least 2-3days I "carb load" (eating more fruits + veggies combo of raw and steamed) and I total up to about 3000calories. It helps alot the next day.

I feel better, and more energized when I "carb load" and I definitely can lift more weights.


Enough is enough.

We asked you to stop your protein supplementation/deficiency mumbo-jumbo.

If you aren't willing to do that you'll get suspended, take this as a final warning.

The 30bad Team.


Some thoughts here. 

Dried foods are recommended as an emergency staple but our focus is and always has been on whole raw fruits and tender leafy greens.  Dried fruits have caused some of our members to have oral problems, and other dried foods may be lacking in important vitamins such as C.  Vitamin C and other nutrients can be rendered useless by processing and storage.  


You are right that our bodies need some protein for growth and development.  

Our basic requirments are :

Women ages 19 – 70+ 46 grams
Men ages 19 – 70+ 56 g rams each day.  


If people eat a balanced diet, that is simple meals but a rainbow of fruits over a period of time, and focus on leafy lettuce greens, these are easy targets to achieve without eating foods that are not nutrient dense, and or are high in  toxins like oxalate, purine, and phytates that are irritating to humans, cause acidic conditions in the body, prevent calcium absorption and assimilation, and or poor kidney health.  

Starchy Foods vs Raw

To avoid muscle loss, deficiencies, and malnutrition, we recommend at least 2500-3000 calories a day:

Why 2500 to 3000 Calories?

To build strong bones, muscles, and tissues, focus on minerals such as calcium, phosphorus, and magnesium, of which are easily found in leafy lettuce greens:

Benefits of Lettuce Greens

I do agree that focusing on one food group only like bananas only or dates only will cause long term problems and deficiencies.  However, when eating simple meals, but a variety over a period of time, and supplement with leafy lettuce greens, things do go smoothly.  

A sample day might include for an active female might include:

Two nutrient dense heads of raw romaine for 15 g of protein and 200 calories

A mono meal of 15 raw oranges is 25 g protein and 1275 calories

A mono meal of 10 medium bananas is 13 g of protein and 1000 calories 

A snack of about 3 cups pitted cherries give 4.8 g protein  300 calories

This translates into 57.8 grams of protein and 2775 calories which is more than a female requirement of protein and actually meets the male requirement.  If a male adds three more bananas to the menu, he is set to go too with close to 60 g of protein and 3k calories.  

Not only does this menu provide our protein and calorie requirements, it is nutrient dense in vitamin C, A, and  many other needed nutrients that a dried protein supplement might be lacking in.  

Peace, PK

Jacob, you and Adrienne seem to know alot about this topic. Thank you BOTH for your feedback!!

thats true Stephanie. also, consistency with weights and eating is a must. with your pea protein supplement, do you take that in the eveining? like after eating your dinner salad? or do you take that after or before your workouts?

I thought that fruit should be eaten alone or with lettuce/celery only.

I don't use protein powder. I used to back in the 90's when drinking raw eggs and cans of tuna daily though. Funny thing is Im stronger and WAY fitter than I was back then. I should be getting weak with age right? ;)

In this video Im benching my bodyweight.

Hey Rawlicious, I"ve been on this lifestyle for over 5 years, actually nearly 6 averaging around 5% protein, (majority of my cals coming from bananas and dates) and haven't done weights properly in maybe 4 years. My muscle mass appears to be holding out well even on little to no resistance. I'm also strong. I'm actually starting to do weights again and I know I will pack on the muscle. Thinking of getting a dexascan before and after just to dispel this ridiculous protein myth.




This isn't a protein issue and we do not recommend raw vegan protein powders here as they aren't necessary. What you need to do is eat sufficient fruit calories and train correctly and specifically.  


"I'm trying to build muscle on this diet, I have been lifting weights for over a month and I haven't seen an increase in muscle mass or definition."


- It takes a LONG time to build muscle! I remember building 3.9kgs of muscle in 5months once (measured before and after) and the dexascan operator said that was REALLY fast and I had about 5 years prior weight-training maturity in my muscles at that stage. Another thing to remember is that you can't objectively say whether you have built muscle or not without a dexascan that shows your before and after. Doing weights doesn't just equal definition, once you lose the fat and fluid over the top of your muscle then you will see more definition! Give it time on this lifestyle but make sure you are actually doing this lifestyle :)


Yes, thank you Freelee! I understand it does take alot of time and patience to build muscle. I have been doing "carb load" days (more fruit and veggies) 2-3x a week of about 3000calories. I do this the day before I weight train so I have more energy and I feel ALOT better when I wakeup.

I like eating alot of bananas. for some reason I just love the taste of them, and my body can't get enough of them... and I drink at least 1L of water when I wake up in the morning before going to the gym to workout and do my cardio.


are there certain fruits that help "build muscle" or have more protein, I think bananas are good... im guessing the higher calorie fruits? I dont do well with dates. I find that eating too much of them gives me acne. I tried this for one week the only food I changed in my diet is adding dates, so I'm pretty sure its the dates that cause my acne. when i stopped eating them, in 3 days my acne went away.

Took this guy 10 years of steroids to put on this much. Your not on steroids but wanting gains in 30 days??

Maybe in P90x photo shop world it happens but in real life it takes years and years of HARD work and CONSISTENT training.

Anyone telling you otherwise usually has some gimmick to sell you.

yeah, even the first pic hes just.. too big. us fruitarians/raw vegans perform and jus tlook better with lean muscle... not that bulky type you get from steroids, too much protein from animals and powders.



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