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Hey fruitlovers!

Has anyone tried Raw Vegan protein by garden of life? Was wondering if this is okay on the 80 10 10 diet. It does say its raw vegan, gluten free, dairy free and organic. The ingredients look pretty safe.. I know that its definitely not from its natural state (buckwheat, quinoa, amaranth sprouts etc...) because all the grains have been turned into powder.


But do you think this is okay to have in my diet maybe 2-3x a week? I'm thinking of just eating it plain with water or mixed with a little coconut milk. Maybe even mixing a scoop of it in a green drink.

I'm trying to build muscle on this diet, I have been lifting weights for over a month and I haven't seen an increase in muscle mass or definition. I DO eat raw soaked nuts 4-5x a week.. (maybe 1/2 - 1 serving at the most like 25 almonds or less) becuase I dont want to go over the 10% overt fat.


Any advice?

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Not ok.

If you lift and don't gain it means you don't eat enough or your lifting routine is wrong.

Eat more food and forget about isolated powders and potions.

I'm eating around 2000+ cals a day. I'm slightly under 5ft tall, 27yo, and weigh 98lbs. I do cardio for 1hr (5-6x a week) and lift weights 30mins (3-4x week). My routines are different every day, and I give myself rest days in between lifting. I increase weight and reps every other week.

I eat a variety of fruits and veggies, and I eat nuts. Just not too much because of the 10% limit.

Do you think eating more starchy veggies (carrots, peas, mushrooms) and increasing spinach will help build muscle?

If you say 'around' it means you're just guessing.. no good. You could be eating 1500 cal per day, who knows?

Weigh your food (edible part only) and plug it into cronometer, than you KNOW. Get 2500-3000 MINIMUM every single day. Go for high cal fruits for staples like bananas, dates, mangoes.

Carrots, peas, mushrooms are for decoration not staple food.. you can eat them every now and then in small quantities, but the more you eat of them the less high cal fruit you will eat so keep them at minimum. Baby spinach, lettuces, cucumbers, celery, tomatoes for salads at night, but during the day 3x800-1000 cal fruit meal is must.

If you want to gain mass you must STOP cardio right now!

Or do minimal cardio like a light jog or bike ride between lift days.

Don't ever overtrain and get plenty of rest/sleep, remember your muscles grow during recovery time!

I only eat salads with spinach and starches in them for dinner at night. My breakfasts, lunch and snacks in between are all fruit. I use cronometer everyday. For sure, I eat at least 80% carbs, (70 from fruit and 10 from veggies) I probably should cut down on the cardio and lift more (-: I usually eat 2-3  bananas a day and a 5-6dates for my high sugar fruits.. I probably should increase on those two!

Thanks for the advice Rawbert. I'll keep you guys updated on the muscle progress (-:

2-3 bananas and 5-6 dates per day???!!! WOW!! Just yesterday I ate 55 dates (I have a slight date addiction) and 9 bananas and that was just for breakfast and lunch and I usually eat 4 full meals plus a salad.. sometimes I push between 4 and 5000 cals a day. But I am male and generally work out pretty intensely

hehe CB, thats not everything I eat. Plus, most people don't understand how short and small I am. I don't burn that much calories a day. My BMR is 1200.

There are days when I work my a$$ off on a treadmill inclined 15 degrees and running on 4mph drip sweating for one hour and I only burn 450calories.

I eat 5-6 "smaller" meals a day, My last meal of the day is around 8pm, a HUGE dinner salad.. 2lbs of romaine and spinach + starch veggies. All throughout the day bfast, lunch and snacks... I eat ALL fruit (-:

I've read the book )-: its a good book actually. I don't remember if dr. graham said anything about raw vegan protein powders but Rawbert said it was no good. And, I probably need to eat more.. I just assumed that the 2500kcals at least per day was for the average american female....


well..im not the average caucasian female. I only stand 4ft 10inches at 98 lbs...I'll try increasing my calories to 2500 day and see if I gain any muscle.

I;ll keep you guys posted! thanks

Very true Skylar. If I include the raw protein powder..I definitely would go way over the 10% because theres already some incomplete proteins in the fruit and veggies I eat. DARN!

I can't be perfect all the time though. I'm really good with my carbs though. lol

if you read here it is about damaging the muscles with stuff you can only do 3 reps of then the mussels recover when given the animo acids (not proteins) found in fruit and veg.

like a baby you get enought by getting volume and then up with all and more / as much protein as the body coul dneed.  high protein is a danger to the health of the body

and any poder is Fractured food.  



This plus you don't want to get your protein over 10%.

Thanks guys!

Thanks, Reed

     Welcome Sweetheart!  I was curious about the protein powder too; despite it not being 811-approved, I experimented with it.  I didn't feel any better from it at all.  I wouldn't bother buying it again.  The closer I practice a purer form of 811, the better I feel.



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