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Hey guys! I'm Ann and I'm new here, so if anyone wants to be friends...

Anyways my issue right now is that I am a college freshman who is required to use the school's meal plan.  Right now my plan is basically a certain amount of money that I have to spend on campus.  So it hasn't been particularly easy eating vegan, let alone raw.  The only store that sells vaguely organic and vegan things is all the way across campus (although maybe now that it's getting warmer I might be more willing to make that trek).  So basically I was wondering if there was a way to do this 100% with little resources, or maybe I could use this time as my transition period and just try for as much raw food as possible.  Opinions?

So ya, I'd like to say hi and whatnot and thanks for any help!

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Welcome Ann and good luck on your journey!

Does your college have a cafeteria that serves food buffet style?  

Many colleges nowadays have open buffets in the cafeteria where one can find a plethora of all you can eat vegan and or even raw vegan options especially in the fruit and salad bar and some people can even take bananas and apples and oranges in their bags back to their rooms for a snack later on.  

If not, I will let others share their experiences here.

Peace, PK

Hey! While I was away at college last year I was able to eat a vegan diet because we had a dining hall with different greens everyday, bananas, melons, dried fruit, and even a cooked vegetarian/vegan section. Also I had a car on campus so I was able to buy anything else I might have needed from whole foods/ trader joes (although i wouldn't recommend buying to much at either store because they are kinda expensive). Another thing I took advantage of while living on campus were websites like amazon.com, medjooldates.com, and nuts.com. Amazon.com was good for pretty much oatmeal and free shipping lol. Medjool dates is kinda obvious, they sell dates and lots of them haha. Lastly, nuts.com sells a variety of things from exotic dried fruits, to different grains and beans, as well as dates. They have a wide variety of conventional as well as organic products, you can buy in bulk, and their shipping is really fast. But if your really having trouble at school I'd suggest making sure you have an abundance of some cheap staple foods like bananas and dates that you can always fall back on if you can't find anything you like on campus. Good luck! :)

Welcome to the fruit-munching community!

I would suggest talking to the head of the dining services and seeing if they will let you use your balance toward ordering fruit/veg by the case through their supplier.

When I was attending college I was able to work it out so I could get 1-2 cases of bananas and a case of oranges each week and sometimes I would get a couple bags of lettuce thrown in for free!  :)

Never hurts to ask and once people get over the fact that you aren't opening up a fruit stand in your room to compete with the cafeteria (a question someone in dining services kept asking me-jokingly), but are in fact consuming it all, they can be quite supportive! ;) Good luck to you and your studies!

Hello and welcome!!

I am in college too! I would definitely try what Felicia said, I didn't even think of that! I usually just buy them out of produce each week. Haha they started calling me the "orange girl cause I bought so many oranges. I also get some food off campus in bulk, if you as the grocery stores they will sell in bulk and then I pick it up on the "student" days where students get 10% off :)

hope this helps! Good luck :)

Carley Wilson



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