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I'm just curious to see whats the most popular type of music among raw vegans. Granted, everyone has their own music style, but I just would like to see if theres a stereotypical type haha. For example, I love hardcore/progessive music! How about all of you?

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Actually, I think it is just a really good quality viola. I thought some of the strings were too deep for a violin, but some are definately too high for a cello. Thought it might be both, but it is just more likely to be a viola.


Take care


Adam x

Violins, violas and cellos are all wonderful instruments, though I dursn't say I can always tell them apart. Some of my favourite musical magic is the union of two great things, Mendelssohn and violin. Like drinking a goblet of pure soul nectar.

They are stunning. I wish I had kept up the violin. I played it for about 7 years, then ended up selling it for drugs when I was younger. It was the first instrument I really wanted to play. I remember having this plastic violin that was electronic when I was about 4 and my parents kept saying that if I kept it up they would get me a real one some day. I start playing when I was 7 and loved it. My teacher always used to play me the viola and the cello after my lessons so I could learn to distinguish between the sounds. She said when my fingers got bigger she would teach me to play these. I'm not always brilliant at distinguishing between the string instruments. I know when something isn't a violin because I know how deep it sounds. Sometimes it is really obvious, but sometimes the higher notes of the cello and the deeper notes of the viola confuse me. Same with the double bass and cello.


Thanks for the link. Beautiful. Seeing others play amazing music always makes me wish I had kept up music. I imagine how good I might be now. I look forward to the time where I have more free hours in my day and more money. I will completely indulge myself with languages, music and maths. Enjoying your most recent upload as I write this.


Take care


Adam x

How wonderful that you got to practice the violin! I think that there is much music can give you, if you give it a serious try. It helps develop many things in children, especially when they enjoy it. We had a violin and my father plays it, but for whatever reason, I don't think any of us got to try it. Too much noise maybe... We played the piano instead.


I believe that it is important to have some valuable activity to completely immerse yourself in; it gives life a totally different dimension. Music is, I believe, a very good one. Though there is an element of arduous practice, with passion, the experience of total immersion dissolves time and effort.



Music was a major passion for me when I was younger, along with maths and language. I played several instruments for a number of years. I could play the piano at a relatively basic level, but it was an instrument that I had less instruction with. My mum taught me a little until I was 11, then I got lessons for about 18 months, then I moved schools and stopped. I always wanted to play the piano well though. I tried to teach myself again a few years ago when I was unemployed for about 3 months. I enjoyed it but lost the motivation when I went back to work as I had less time.


If I were to pick up an instrument anytime soon it would either be the piano, the guitar and the ukelele. Mostly because I could sing with these instruments. I love to sing. They are also the most comfortable instruments to play. I always found that woodwind instruments hurt my mouth and cheeks in different ways after a few hours of playing. And the violin I loved, but it did hurt my neck after a few hours.


I imagine the piano would be the easiest instrument to lose oneself with.


I would love to be able to spend more time getting good at drawing too. I love pencil drawings and have always wanted to be able to do life drawings. I was never very good but I started getting a bit better when I got into it briefly about 8 years ago.I liked the fact that hours could go by whilst drawing, just like music.


I think in some ways, art and music are like metaphors for so much of personal development; they require a lot of time and effort, as well as devotion. But the rewards are so worth it once you get to a point where you can lose yourself in it.


I really want to start experimenting with polyphasic sleeping so I can find more time to do things that I want to do.


Take care


Adam x

ok dub fx is so amazing... i just have to post a song for all you :) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UiInBOVHpO8

Any music where I feel the musicians/writers possess integrity in their work.  Here are just a few of my favs.



The Residents

The Locust

Edgard Varese

Skinny Puppy

The Billy Nayer Show

Secret Chiefs 3

Astrud Gilberto

The Flying Luttenbachers

Soul Junk


Beastie Boys

N Substar

Iancu Dumitrescu

Novos Baianos

John Zorn

Don Caballero

Mel Torme

The Melvins

Iannis Xenakis

Mr Bungle

Otto Von Schirach

The Shaggs

Frank Zappa

Alfred Schnittke


Alberto Ginastera

Heiner Muller

Ambitious Lovers

Talking Heads

Thinking Fellers Union Local 282



Aesop Rock

KK Null

Einsturzende Neubauten

The Swans

Miami Bass Warriors


Bootsy Collins

Ennio Morricone

Venetian Snares

Trumans Water

Silver Apples

Tod Dockstader

Anti Pop Consortium

The Dillinger Escape Plan

Arto Lindsay

Melt Banana

Matthew Ship

X Girl

Sleepytime Gorilla Museum

Mike Patton

Cecil Taylor


Bon Iver, band of horses, Devendra Banhart, Modest Mouse, Arcade Fire, Empire of The Sun, EXPLOSIONS IN THE SKY!!!!!

Yes, explosions in the sky. Definately agree there.


Take care


Adam x

explosions in the sky is amazing! great band!

Here is some raw vegan music for you all




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