30 Bananas a Day!

Raw Till 4 made me obese (BMI 30+), advice needed - do I stick it out or what?

OK, let's hit it with all of the relevant info straight away:

Height - 177 cm

Starting weight/BMI - 70kg/22.3

Current weight/BMI - 100kg/31.9

What does my diet consist of?

For fruit I usually have bananas, peaches (canned in juice), or oranges, and I occasionally eat more expensive fruits like berries to try to add variety. I sometimes drink smoothies, and rarely drink orange juice. If I do drink juice, I make sure it has as much fiber as possible.

For my cooked food I eat either steamed potatoes, bulgur wheat with lime or brown rice. If I eat brown rice I often use tomato sauce that I make myself. It is very low sodium so I'm not too concerned about it (salt intake is almost always 1g a day or less). I eat tender leafy greens three or four times a week, and other vegetables maybe a couple of times a week.

About 60% of my calories are raw and 40% are cooked. That's the best I can do right now.

What exercise do I do?

At the moment I walk at a fast pace for about 5 hours a week, do about four hours a week of cardio that causes some serious sweating and lift weights for two hours a week. I thought about lifting weights more and cutting down on cardio but decided against it - cardio seems more natural.

What's my caloric intake?

At least 4000 cals a day, usually more. 90/5/5 macro ratios. I am never hungry.

What's my past history?

I calorie restricted quite a lot for about a year when I was young, and lost a lot of weight that way, and then ate a high protein and high fat diet for a while afterwards, probably close to another year, which involved some calorie restriction but less than before. I started raw till 4 10 or 11 months ago, but I can't remember exactly when right now.


I take a B12 Methylated supplement, so I don't think that's the problem, and I have done blood tests so I know that I don't have hypothyroidism (my T3 is high actually). I should also mention that while water is no problem, I sometimes have trouble sleeping because I'm in a very high stress environment.

So, does anybody know what the problem is? Durianrider or Freelee? Is this just normal weight gain because I restricted in the past? I was prepared for some gain but didn't think it would be this much. I kind of worry that I'll just keep on getting fatter until I reach something ridiculous like 300lbs. but another part of me thinks it's ridiculous to suggest that someone could get that fat on this lifestyle. Otoh I never thought I would gain as much as I have.

Thanks in advice to all you wonderful people.

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Thanks for taking the time to try and help. If it were possible I would do all raw, but I have some strange circumstances and basically have to take care of my parents for a while, so it isn't possible.

I knew I would gain some weight, I'm just surprised by the extent of it. I suppose if I stick to it for another year or so it might improve. Either way there's no way I'm leaving a vegan lifestyle altogether.

I tend to get the peaches because they're a pretty cheap and reliable source of calories other than bananas (which are not so great in the winter here). I drink an average of 4. Perhaps more if I sweat a lot, and going to the toilet is no problem for me.

Thanks for the support again. I just can't see myself ever going back to restricting calories - being hungry all the time can't be healthy. We'll see what happens in the future.

Just wanted you to know you're not alone. I started a year ago on raw til 4 at 200 LBS and I'm 5'4". I am very active and exercise daily. I always eat at least 2500 calories and I still ended up gaining 40 LBS.

I did an experiment going from fully raw to Rawtill4 and gained 35 pounds. Very recently I started back to fully raw and noticed without any exercise I'm losing almost a pound a day. Obviously the Rawtill4 made me retain a lot of water weight. Of course I still have more weight to lose to get back down to my fully raw weight, but it's looking like Rawtill4 just makes you retain lots of water.

I think those people who eat cooked starches and don't retain water are very consistent with their exercise (unlike me) and keep that water weight at a minimal. This is my observation.

I'm more on a low fat vegan diet than raw till for (although I at least try to avoid gluten, because it is addicting to me and gives me stomach pain). I exercize perhaps for 20 min per week, not consistently (often I am to lazy). ;) And I try to always have enough low fat starches around so whenever I want to eat I will eat until I don't want anymore. (I am definitely slimmer without salt but I do eat salt because it's quite hard for me to cut it out and I don't feel bad when eating salt I only look more puffy.)

I have lost a lot of weight. (I don't weigh myself, but people, photos and my trousers tell me...)

I now get about 9-10 hours of sleep per night!

Yeah, I think I just have to work on the sleep and allow my body more time to heal. There's no doubt in my mind that you can't be fat long term on this lifestyle - it just sounds stupid to think of say, a 350 lbs dude who only eat low fat vegan starches and fruit lol. 

I worked out a way of eating around 75% raw for the same cost as before so I'll change my diet up a bit, try to sleep better and do more cardio instead of resistance training. 

This is the part I dont understand! I am 164 centimeters tall female, eat till im buddha full sometimes eating 4000 calories, didnt gain did lose excersise minimum 3 times a week 40 min cycling. How am I losing weight eating much excersise minimum and you gain weight!!!

Look, I did fullyraw 2 weeks challenge. After that gained 2 lbs for 2 days and losing. At that fullyraw challenge ate like 1800-2500 calories..... Yes I was satisfied. But my logic thinking says: your body is adapting. If you eat 1 year fully raw, your body is used to easy digesting. Its not the cooked food that makes u gain weight but mostly your body needs to try harder to digest the cooked food again. This is the reason why I dont do challenges anymore it feels restricvtive and I dont want the digestive problems (feeling bloated short period of time) eating cooked after rawchallenge

I know this must be frustrating and heartbreaking for you to be gaining weight despite your dietary changes.

I have lost 14lbs over the course of 12-months on the Starch-tarian diet (mostly cooked vegan) but didn't start doing raw-til four until about 3-mos ago. Actually I didn't even get serious about eliminating animal products from my diet until about 6-mos ago.

1. Cycle up hills

2. Cycle up hills

3. Cycle up hills

Eating fruit isn't enough. You gotta get out there and breathe out all that fat - oxidize it!! Make it 30min per day at first, then do 45min per day. Just get out there and start pedaling the bike. Then give it about 3-months before you get on the scale again. 

You dont have to do this each day or you must stick to do this each day. I do 3 times a week 40 mins lost fat and still lose some

I definitely think that you can retain water eating starches and it´s harder to regulate sodium intake, therefore it needs to be flushed out with exercise. I recommend one intense session a week and one long session a week.


cut out the weights, when you lift weights you are asking to gain weight, when you perform cardio you are burning cals, also because of your past restrictive lifestyle your body is healing, once it realises you are no longer restricting it will let go and your body will find it's optimum, but this takes time! ride it out! I was the oposite I lost weight first then put a bit back on now ive stabilized



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