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After 30 years of binge-purge (bulimia), anorexia, type 2 diabetes diagnosis, eating meat (but no longer as of July 2016 as I am turning a new leaf and refuse to use or eat any animal products or food).... I want so badly to heal my body. I went to a health food store today (my new best friend) and asked for help. BECAUSE, every time I eat, whatever I eat, hurts my stomach, gives me gas, and/or constipates me...(this is really embarrassing to admit all of this). She has suggested Raw Probiotics by Garden of Life. Is anyone familiar with this? And these probiotics, do they work? Do any of you have any suggestions to what I can eat to avoid the stomach distress? This Raw food diet is new to me. It can be overwhelming, as I am just not sure what I can eat.... 

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Not going to say it Will cure you but I suspect its a pièce of the puzzle. Start off slow with probiotics, consistance is key. They may not be Vegan i.e. Animal source. There are other sources kombucha, Kimchee, krauts, all delicious and Made in your kitchen if you Want for pennies.

Thank you very much.

I can tell you that ortho molecular probitoics have tests alive and worked for me.  I have bought about ten  of the most expensive refrigerated ones from whole foods and they all were dead. to test aliveness put some in hydrogen peroxide and see if it bubbles.  

easiest thing to do if having digestive issues is to eat one fruit per meal or even just one fruit per day or even per week.  make sure you are well hydrated peeing about ten times  day.  as your digestion improves you can add salads.  if you are not doing raw then just eat as simply as you can.  check out...

Banana Islanders

support for eating disorders and disordered eating.

 Beginners in a fruitarian/raw vegan lifestyle

best option if you truly need to restore gut microbes (start watcchng st 50 minutes-  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mioR_WrkRaU

Wanted to thank you for directing me to the proper links. I appreciate it. :)

Like ednshell's video mentions the only way to instantly change your gut microbes is with a faecal transplant (FMT). Probiotics can have a temporary effect but because they are produced in a factory they are unlikely to be able to multiply and colonise your gut. They won't do you any harm but they probably won't do much good in the long term either. You could take them as part of a programme to improve your gut microbiota but it's expensive because you really need to take 100's of billions of CFUs per day.

Prebiotics are probably a better option - in theory they should provide a food source for the good bacteria already present in your gut to utilise and the fermentation products from those bacteria will help to heal your gut. I personally take about 50g of prebiotics per day after having had a course of intestinal antibiotics & colonic irrigation followed by FMT.

The best way to get prebiotics is with a varied plant-based diet. All sorts of soluble fibres and resistant starches are prebiotic. Banas, potatoes, leafy greens etc. I supplement with inulin, acacia fibre, konjac fibre, and FOS. These soluble fibres will also have a positive effect on bowel regularity, acting as a laxitive if you're constipated and a bulking agent if you have diarrhea.

You have to be aware that it takes a long time to create a healthy & self-sustaining population of gut bacteria. Making dietary changes and taking prebiotic/probiotic supplements may cause additional short-term bowel problems if you already have dysbiosis. This is why the FODMAP approach is so popular. If you do take soluble fibre supplements, make sure you build up to your intended dose.
Also, the hydrogen peroxide test is only effective for aerobic bacteria and some facultative anaerobes. Most gut bacteria, which are anaerobic, will not test positive regardless of whether they are de-activated or not.

Because probiotics tend to contain only a few specific species of bacteria, you're more likely to get a false negative than a genuine positive result.

Fermented sauerkraut, works like a rocket for me. Very cheap and you don't need a lot.

Only find the real one isn't easy, so not the one made with vinegar.

Eden is a good brand (Organic). You have to use it for a few weeks.

Thank you so much.

Nice name. 

Yeah, homemade sauerkraut and also water kefir are the cheapest form of probiotics. You'll get the equivalent of 10's or 100's of probiotic pills or sachets from a single serving.

As a side note Eden doesn't use fluoridated water in their canned beans. 

1) Probiotic supplements are a massive waste of $$. Just eat & live proper

2) What foods are you eating? Don't mix fruits with cooked & don't eat foods that are harder to digest like oil & nuts.

Sleep by 8-9PM

***Drink 1L of water before each meal, in the morning and before bed. In between drink anywhere from 250ML to 750 per hour depending on activity levels etc. Be sure to be peeing clear always. Peeing 2-3 times per night as well. 



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