30 Bananas a Day!

RAW FOOD WEIGHT LOSS: Mistakes Ive made in the last 10 years.

If you want high energy to drop the weight and/or maintain a fun lifestyle, you need to get enough carbs DAILY!

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one of the best videos

Agreed. Very straightforward, objective and no BS.

Loved it.

Really great DR, as I was watching this I did think "wish I had seen this when I became vegan"

DR, how long have you been 100% LFRV?

I dont eat all raw but always eat all vegan.

I eat dried fruit, bottled juice, dates etc and these are not raw.

I mean 100% is great if someone can do it but I like travelling, racing, being high energy etc and sometimes you run out of fresh fruit and need a back up plan so you wake up the next day with full glycogen stores. I used to just fast when I ran out off fruit and then would just be floundering lol! I didnt want to talk to anyone, do youtube vids or be super fit. 

Ive eaten literally TONNES of rice and potatoes and can HONESTLY say that they are great sources of carbs for a high energy and lean lifestyle but equal calories from sugary fruit is FAR better. I used to never drink bottled juice cos it was cooked but in the last year Ive choosen to travel a lot and give more of myself and sometimes that means Im running out of fresh fruit and need to dive into a 711 and get some  preservative free juice. In the past I never had a lap top. I did a couple of youtube vids here and there and was single and didnt run the most popular raw foods and vegan forum on the net. Things have changed and DR needs more fruit cals even if they are 'cooked'.

Ive done the experiments. I encourage experimentation. Only then can you really make some solid convictions. We are talking about steamed rice and potatoes here not, big macs and cocaine. 

Id have no problems eating McDougall style cooked vegan food if I was in a position where fruit was not around. I just prefer living in places where I can eat quality fruit and wake up with enough glycogen each day.

I want to educate people more about the importance of of sufficient carbs and keeping it low fat and vegan vs eating 4 cups of cashew crackers with tahini homous just to stay raw and eventually just going back to SAD like 99% of raw newbies do.

I have a question. Do sprouted seeds(raw) have less fat than eating the dry raw seeds? Does sprouting seeds make them more nutritious?

Nice man! So have you eaten cooked food in the last few years? (not back in the day 10yrs ago). I get what you are saying about carbs. And that you use dried fruit/dates/juice as backup, but do you sometimes eat cooked food for backup as well? It's more of a reassurance I'm looking for. That say you've eaten 1500cals of steamed rice hear and there, and that the next day you are good to go again?

Definitely bro. Ive had baked bananas,pumpkin,brocoli, steamed corn and steamed rice. I found the baked bananas digested the best lol! I can talk from personal experience when I say that fat makes people fat and carbs keep you lean in the long run, no matter what the source. Its just that fruit is the best for athletic performance and overall health IF people eat enough calories of it. 

Ive literally eaten 3000cals meals of McDougall style low fat vegan meals and STILL wanted fruit afterwards. NOTHING satisfies like a mono meal of quality ripe fruit IMHO. Thats my personal experience over and over and I encourage other people to try it out for themselves.

Its also easier to have better skin and be trimmer on fruit as you dont have the oil and salt that typically comes with cooked starches to make them more tasty.  Who can eat enough cals from cooked starch with no condiments? Maybe steamed corn.

Ive re written the book I was going to release this year. I want to include back up options for people vs have an all or nothing approach. Too many people use the excuse 'I cant be 811rv so I will go back to SAD'. Thats so lame.

This is a VERY hard yet very REWARDING lifestyle to live due to social disapproval and situational inconvenience. I want to give people the best chance they have of making it easy.

Fruit is the fastest digestion time period. Do the experiment and work out what back up foods work for you. For me dates, dried fruit, bottled juice work the best. 

I do count my cals from juices as drinking a gallon bottle of organic grape juice can give me 800g of sugars and thats gonna restock my glycogen levels very nicely for a high energy day the next day.

Absolutely the best video ever. This 14 minutes should replace every single "nutrition" course or book ever published or passed out as "teaching". Every school, if they knew what they were doing, would feature this... and then facilitate it. Every world leader should live by this. Every nation should eat this way. Oh wait... this is the way it all USED to be.... 

Harley- I share in your joy and amusement! What an amazing journey. It is the best experience one can possibly have. It blows away all the "motivational speakers" courses, all the "meditation etc" yada yada yada. To actually BECOME what you eat.. AND eat the right things (fruit) is the ONLY way towards physical, mental, emotional and I dare say spiritual salvation. You have to experience this process in order to "break on through to the other side" - that state which remains elusive to all others. Harley- I am proud to know you. Even though we have never met. It is such a "mature rush" of satisfaction to hear another speak such familiar truth. I'm behind you and Freelee all the way.

So now we have to undo all the damage. Yikes. Here I go again. Being "on target" but not practical. Let's just all feel so blessed that, for whatever reason, we got to live this way.. and enjoy life the way it was intended.... 

Thanks for the vote of support CC. :)



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