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I do clean my teeth every day . I do floss my teeth, from time to time. 

I do admit that during my teenage life I didn't care much about them. 10 years ago. 

Now, after one and a half years on a raw vegan diet (90% fruits) I had a very bad tooth pain.

8 months later, one of my molars broke in half (the external part of the tooth completely gone). Its nerve died and it was rotten inside. -That was pretty bad.

Being worried about it, I started taking more care and searched information that could help me prevent the same situation from happening again.


Today, 6 months later, another molar just cracked, looking pretty dark inside. I did my checkup 2 months ago and nothing was observed by the dentist. 

From my understanding, this is coming from the inside. Although my teeth colour aren't white but they're yellow going towards brown.  

I will be searching about it but, I would very much appreciate if someone knows a reliable source of information -whether is a direct person, website, book, etc. and is willing to share it. 

****! Im having the second worse day I can remember!  

Thank you in advance, 

carb up and cheers! 

Zeus L. 

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If you want proper information on your teeth condition you need to get full dental xrays and then learn how to read them! Ive had xrays and I spotted a cavity between 2 teeth and the dentist said 'no, that is not a cavity!' but sure enough that tooth cracked and exposed a longterm cavitiy that had been growing between the 2 teeth from under the gum line upwards.

One can literally have PERFECT looking tooth that is almost an empty rotten shell inside as the hole was between the tooth or under the gum line and not exposed to dentist looking.

Not caring for teeth by not flossing for so long will guarantee one will have some cavities in between their teeth as the food just stays there and gets stuck causing decay.

That is why I do my best to floss EVERY NIGHT before I go to bed.

Thank you! Flossing will be a must from now on! 

In the other hand, I've been doing my homework on research and seems like calcium is better absorbed when ingested along with vitamin C and leafy greens. For that matter Im consuming smashed chia seeds with citric/pineapple and dark green lettuces.

My concern is about central upper incisors chipping plus, from time to time, splintering nails too. In addition my girlfriend has experienced hair loss ever since she became vegan. 

From my understanding, these conditions are associated with calcium disorders and/or hormone imbalance.  

Do you have any quick thoughts about that? I've read all the books you promote and others about natural healing and nutrition. Could you suggest any more authors or books which goes more into nutrition, bio-nutrition, physiology or related? 

Thank you for your time. 
And congrats for the results of your effort in the community and in the movement towards the change! 

Less salt and more leaves. 

Thank you for the tip! 
I think the issue comes from not flossing. 

Our diet is salt free (but we do eat at vegan restaurants which makes hard to control the addition of salt). Fortunately this happens once a week maximum hehehe 

You can't fix what is already done, all you can do is eat more lettuce/leaves, drink more water, and avoid low water content things left on your teeth (like nuts). Flossing would be nice to, if you have problems in that regard, although I wouldn't say brushing is very important unless you're having an infection in your mouth or something along those lines.

Thank you! 



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