30 Bananas a Day!

Raw Alternatives for People with Allergies (even bananas!)

When I heard of 30 bananas a day, I was intrigued and really wanted to try it. I have tried to do diets in the past, but have never committed to any, mainly because of my allergies. I want to become raw vegan to help with my weight loss, eczema/dry skin, autoimmune problems, and mental clarity.

I am coming from a vegetarian lifestyle, but would like to transition to raw vegan; however I am allergic to a lot of things, including the following:

nuts (especially peanuts, others are fine if roasted/cooked, and not allergic to raw cashews)

sesame seeds

raw spinach


honeydew melon




mangoes (some seasons I am more allergic to mangoes than others)

dates (I can only eat them if they are really really mushy, which is usually only a few in the box)

BANANAS - I can only eat bananas if they are not completely ripened. I thought it would be okay to consume not completely ripened bananas, but I hear this a big no no

Okay, so that's most of them and now I'm not sure what to do. Should I find a banana alternative? Maybe apples or pears or oranges? Or should I just continue to eat not ripened bananas? For reference, if there are more than a few spots on them, I can't eat them.

*Also to be completely clear, I don't have a full blown allergy for all of these foods, except for peanuts and sesame seeds. The rest I just have oral allergy syndrome, which is when your mouth/tongue/throat become very itchy. Sometimes you get itchy skin and acne too the next day.

Any suggestions whatsoever are greatly appreciated...THANK YOU!

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I think you should consider investing into buying organic foods. They are expensive but they are way better for your health in the long run. I guess the reason for your allergies is because of all the fungicides, herbicides and pesticides that are sprayed heavily on the fruit and veggies and probably that reason why your body is sensitive to and is reacting to. Invest in local organic produce or shop at wholesalers who carry organic produce. Just google one in your area. As for the ripeness for the bananas, you have to be patient until they are fully spotty like a dinosaur LOL and Eat and enjoy. Bananas are a amazing souce of energy and calories per pound. Bananas are cheap and are a great a way to eat a lot a calories without breaking the bank. But you need fruits that are heavy in calories and that are going to satiate your hunger, try pinapples, papayas, mangoes, peaces, watermelons...etc. and try using chronometer to keep track of how much calories you are eating to see if you are eating enough! if you to re-mush your dates just by soaking them into purified water and letting them soak for 1 hour or more, So the date can reabsorb the water and feel mushy and sweet. Same goes for all dehydrated fruit. Hope It helps you:) -johnny


Thanks for your reply! I have tried organic and non-organic bananas, and both seem to have the same effect. I haven't thought about eating watermelon and peaches, so I will try those. And yes, as soon as I begin eating raw I will be sure to log in all the info into chronometer. Also, I'll have to try that tip on dates. 


You said you can eat mushy dates? What about if you leave them in water overnight. I've done it and they get very mushy, but less sweet, so be sure to use all the water as well (either drink it like that or in a smoothie) because all the sweetness is in it.

Fruits to substitute dates:  prunes and dried figs.

I would also suggest to put (wal)nuts in your morning smoothies to increase calories intake, since you can't have mangoes or bananas yet.

While you are allergic to a lot of things I'm sure this is doable and it is worth sticking with it, as your allergies may get better.

What is odd is that I know so many people that are now becoming allergic to nature (or what they call hey fever!).

Coincidentally I tried dried figs for the first time today, and thought they would be a great alternative to dates. Very tasty, but also very pricey. I like that you used "yet" when suggesting I use walnuts. Hopefully my allergies subside as I get further into this new lifestyle. 

I've been getting hay fever from ragweed for a long time now, although interestingly, I've never been allergic to pollen as much as others.

Do you make a fig smoothie the same way as a date smoothie or do you reduce the amount of figs you use? Thanks for your tips! 

Hi Amy, yes, figs are a bit pricey. Would you consider using dates that have been soaked in water? You can also use raisins. They are sweet, high in calories (100g=300cal.) and potassium and should blend nicely.

Unfortunately my blender is the most basic cheap one, so I haven't really tried to do a smoothie with dried fruits (not datorate) , so I just have them as a second meal if I don't have much fruit at home. But I'm sure you could experiment and make a smoothie.

Another thing I can suggest is to buy fruit sugar (I found it much cheaper the coconut sugar) and add it to your fruit smoothie to increase the calories. It's much sweeter then normal sugar so you need to put less.

Are you allergic to papaya? You can use it instead of banana. As well as mango. I would suggest just buying a lot of fruit and using what is in season instead of bananas (peaches, apricots, cherries, fresh figs, melons or watermelons, apples, pears). If you can afford coconut water (for me it is a bit pricey).

Also I've read somewhere that you can "try young coconut, but it needs to be the meaty kind of young coconut. The jelly-like pulp of some very immature young coconuts just won’t do it." I'm not sure where you can find something like that.

I really hope your allergies go away.

Thanks for your suggestions. Do you think coconut sugar is processed differently in the body than fruit sugar?
I'm pretty sure I can find young coconut, but I hear that eating more than one coconut per day can cause diarrhea...however it is high in calories so I wouldn't need much.

I really haven't researched it, to be honest I don't use much of the sugar (but I can eat bananas). I buy it because it is much cheaper then the coconut sugar.

Good luck with everything.

There is a possibility that if you continue to eat foods you are even mildly allergic to, you could become more allergic to them over time as you continue exposing your body to them over and over. I know someone this has happened to and he can't eat pineapple anymore even in small amounts. If you're allergic to some foods just eat other foods entirely. Subacids are delicious, apples, strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, cherries, grapes and that lot are very nice. It seems like you still have lots of options for acid fruits too like tomato, oranges, grapefruit, and pineapple. Please stop eating foods that make you feel bad and eat foods that make you feel great, it's easier on your body that way I promise.

That actually makes a lot of sense and I never thought of that being a possibility.
Can my diet subsist on mainly acidic and subacidic fruits? I'm trying to find a staple like bananas that I can easily come back to.


edit: this is a repost because i didn't reply to you, but rather the whole article the first time

You need to make sure you get enough calories. There was a chart somewhere here about food combining but here it is again.


Yes! you totally can, if you can get the fruits and you like to eat them. The only issue is subacids and acids are far less dense in calories so you're going to have to eat a larger volume of food. I use cronometer to track my calories and make sure I'm hitting my caloric goals properly and not undereating. You know my staple food is actually lettuce greens, they're easy to digest, nice nutrient profile and if you examine the food combining rules on this diet they go with everything. Again they are low in calories though so prepare to eat a TON of food and feel as light as a feather :p What I do is salads. I have a subacid salad for breakfast usually greens, apples & grapes/berries. Then for lunch I like an acids salad, greens, tomatoes, lime/grapefruit, clementines/oranges. Then I do some preparation of grains and high starch veggies for dinner, carrots, potatoes, beets, squash, peas and that sort of thing. As far as choosing a staple food that really depends on what you like to eat and have most available where you shop. Berries are my favorite but I can't always get them so sometimes I default to apples or grapefruits instead. I hope that helps!



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