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I’ve finally worked up the balls to start a discussion. I know the topic of menstruation has been done to death but I can’t find one quite like mine. I’m posting coz I’m over it. I am absolutely sick to death of my periods.

This’ll probably turn into an essay but here it goes:

I’m 25. I first got my period in 2000 (nearly 14). Eversince, I have had the most painful periods I have ever heard of: Apart from excruciatingly painful cramps and heavy flow, I faint, I vomit, I have a huge bout of diarrhoea, I sweat profusely, my thighs are sore, my lower back is sore, and I am really, really tired. Oh, and I get zits! Every month!

I ALWAYS take at least two days off anything I’m doing  (that’s at LEAST 24 days a YEAR! Gah) whether it’s school, work, social activities or exercise. For my last period I was bed ridden for three whole days. It’s awful. They last 5-6 days.

I’ve been to the doctors many times. I’ve tried anything and everything under the sun to give me any sort of relief at all with no luck (chinese medicine, massage, chiropractor, supplements the list goes on) and have had a few ultrasounds to clear me of endometriosis, cystic ovaries and shit like that – I don’t have either. I’ve had blood tests for my hormones but apparently they are all normal (my most recent one was two months ago). All everybody recommends is that I go on The Pill. It’s like this magical pill that will solve all my problems. I haven’t succumbed to taking the pill...yet. Even though I’m completely bed-ridden there’s just something in me that won’t let me take it. (During the period days I do take very, very strong painkillers for up to three days. I really hate that I do but I figure taking something for up to three days a month as opposed to everyday of every month is slightly better? Who knows.).

I’ve been a vegetarian since 2000 and in 2005 I went cold turkey into high fat raw gourmet stuff. That didn’t last long whatsoever. I followed it religiously and kept it up for about six months (then on and off for a year). I lost a tonne of weight, I was permanently lethargic and was too tired to keep up with my sporting activities and all I could think about was food! I lost a tonne of my hair (I’d say easily half of it – will I be losing anymore on this lifestyle?). My periods were still excruciating.

Has anybody else experienced anything like this before? Whether it is a personal experience or a friend of a friend or your cousins friends brothers mother. Anything. I haven’t come across anybody with the same story.

I love life and love living but this piece-of-shit problem is pissing on my parade.

I started 80/10/10 about two weeks ago. I’ve been feeling absolutely wonderful so far but I am not holding my breath.

Sorry for draining it but thank you so much for your time.

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Thanks, Amelia.

Well my friend would get what she described as excuriciating pain when she got her period. She was obese and when she lost weight she said they were still bad but much better.  But you do not look like you are overweight and if you got your hormones checked that would not be your case.  Have you ever did any kind of fast and has it made a difference?  How is your pain tolerance with other things?  . I am sorry you have to go through this. You said you did chinese medicine otherwise I would reccomend accupucture. Did your mom have issues with her period?

Yes, my mum did. But all I can ever get out of her is "it's not bad after you've had a baby." I don't particularly feel like getting knocked-up to reduce my rag pain.

I'm definitely not overweight. My pain tolerance is very high. I usually 'suck it up' ( actually, I just got my wisdoms out without being anaesthetized and didn't use pain killers at all which I was quite happy about).

I have only ever done a juice fast for one week. But I don't think one week is long enough to show anything? From what I've read on this site many women up their caloric intake. In Freelees e-book she says she eats even more calories (500-1000 more) during the 'window' time of the month (14 days before menstruating) because your body uses more energy throughout this time. That makes perfect sense. I have exhausted all my options or so it feels, so I think I have nothing else to lose by listening and following Freelee.

Thank you! Yes, I am sticking it out. Don't really have much of a choice hehe.

Stay with this lifestyle and you will experience a steady lessening of your menstrual symptoms until you practically don't know they are happening, ENJOY! 

Totally, totally hope so!

I go through something similar - the only thing I know works is green smoothies for me.

LOVE your UTERUS, love your WOMB.  

think LOVE - let go of that HATE - you can create cancerous diseases with a bad attitude.  That might be what your pain is coming from, suppressed inner pain and hatred. (This is so common that there are ailments in pregnancy and birth that occur only because of a lack of love, care and nurturance. )

Eating lot's of greens does not effect my menstrual cycle until I begin to blend them.

My period cramps were not noticeable after 2 weeks of 1-2 large green smoothies every day with daily exercise and less stress

My period cramps and weakness lasted 2 days after 2-3 weeks of fruit only smoothies with huge salads and more stress.


Lower Your Stress

Green Smoothies Daily (1+)

Nurture Yourself : Let Go of Self Judgement

Try the 80/10/10 with green smoothies.

Roxxy! Thank you so much for your reply. I get in about 3000 calories but was really neglecting the greens. I started doing this green smoothie thing much more often. I don't want to jinx it yet but last rags I wasn't bedridden!!! (First time in YEARRRRS!!!!).

Hello! Sorry to hear about your discomfort :(

I've been vegan over 12 years, and my periods have always been good, with the odd exception of when I've eaten/drunk unhealthy foods in the week leading up to when I've been due on. Caffeine is the WORST offender.

Prior to being vegan, I would lay on the floor in agony. Those days are long long gone :)

I went 811 at the start of Jan. My period was amazingly comfortable, more so than usual- with the biggest difference being that I had so much energy like I wanted to run around everywhere!

Lots of vitamin C makes a happy period :)

Thank you for this! I will be upping my vit c.

I used to have the same thing. It was when I switched to LOW FAT that all of the symptoms went away. I know the months I eat too much fat because I have more painful periods. I also get pain when I eat cooked food more than once per month.

I suggest sticking to 811 as I am sure it will help. It makes this diet way easier to follow when you know if you don't nasty periods come back.

Good luck!

"I suggest sticking to 811 as I am sure it will help. It makes this diet way easier to follow when you know if you don't nasty periods come back."

Too too true!!!



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