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Ali posted a David Attenborough vid on my FB page. So I posted a vid of my own and then
read a bit of her page and came up with these quotes from Ali.

#Time for you to come to the East Coast Mathew, so we can get cosmically activated in unison while consuming wild venison brain.

#Culminated the west coast journeys last evening with an incredible and much needed omnivorous 5-star feast of bison steaks and tartare, beef carpaccio, foie gras, and bone marrow with my homeboys! Amazing to explore new foods :) Excited to ground into home this evening!

Err...maybe I should ease up with critiquing Daniel Vitalis's informercials cos maybe I could end  up on the menu somehow..

Tonights feast: Durianrider shanks served with colostrum milkshakes.

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I was just thinking about how this could be something good for the raw food movement in a way. There is so much animosity from meat eaters about people who chose to be vegan that having this as a part can deflect this negativity from the rest of the raw vegans. IDK sounds kind of crazy and I wouldnt want to go to an event with someone like that but in the bigger picture it takes some of the heat off in a way. People who dont eat meat have been targets by governemt agencies who want to take their kids and it can be a very scary thing to go through and lawyers can be very expensive as well just to defend yourself.

ANd its not just the agencies- there can be some really nosey and vindictive people who just come out of nowhere and start something like that against someone. Its kind of like a modern day witch burning. I know people with small kids choose to keep it a secret that they are vegan for this reason. Its like it is acceptable to criticise vegans or something.. so yeah it would be great if people could focus on how this could be positive in any way in the scheme of things. I know if someone who I thought was up to something asked me about raw veganism I would send them to his site just to confuse them.
Wow... It won't be long until Daniel changes his mind about his diet. He is all about the money. If he can't get the raw foodies to start eating bison brains, then he may try to persuade a different community or create his own like paul nison. Or try a new diet to sell to the world
He makes me sick, he bashes vegans and eats like this. I am so tired of these so call raw gurus just out for the quick buck. why do people still have Daniel on their raw shows. It is one thing to stop being raw and go back to cooked vegan even vegetarian for some peopple, but foie gras really. He is a sick bas****! I hope all these so called gurus find another place to go to and raw foods goes back to what it was 10 years ago, I liked it so much better than.
Yeah that is so crazy he is bashing vegans- I mean seriously WTF!!! It is like the twilight zone. I am so glad groups like this are so strong and see what he is up to because it is so ridiculous what is going on. If there are upcoming festivals we should all call, send emails, and letters saying we would go if he wasnt there and see what happens. I mean I try to be positive about things but it just doesnt make any sense how he has attached himself to the raw movement like a parasite and then is running his mouth about how he doesnt like vegans! Like I said another time0 he should just go hang out at nascar events or some other meat oriented events where people wouldnt have a problem with him.
@Gia. Yay... I agree
yes - so true Jakko!

Even so... the point of comparing a human with no food choices with one who has plenty of choices is... sorry, you lost me.



bro, why you draggin this stuff into our clean world man, these people are the living dead, I'm gonna puke, oh man this is hard to read!
Yeah I am glad DR put this up because a lot of people are thinking oh yeah raw people who eat meat- that usually just means sushi or raw milk right? I mean the guy has pippy long stocking\heidi braids so you may just think he is talking about getting some stuff occasionally like that...BUUUUUUUUUT NOOOOO He is going ALL THE WAY!!! No animal or baby animal is sacred to him. And stuff like that isnt even wild like he pretends to think is more humane than people groing grain. And the thing is- he has a fat face like wolfe. You dont get a face like that from being low carb- you get it from eating grains. People need to know how full of crap he is.. I mean even meat eaters should find this absurd- because he is such a lier!
Because it's all a part of his deception. He should have a picture of himself in army fatigues, with a rifle and a shaved head to fit his real hunter identity that he tries to hide under some new-agey girly type facade.
I totally agree...how can we be happy for someone who is knowingly hurting others in the process?
Sadly it seems not. The reason I love the raw vegan concept, it embraces compassion for life whether animal,plant or human.

BTW I do not like it being referred to as raw vegan movement, because it gives power to them as it a movement really does sound like a terrorist like cult and that is how it will be referred too. Raw Vegan commnuity is a much better term

However the real worry the animal eaters refer to it as the raw food movement in order to make it sound cultish



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