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The past year and a half I have worked at Applebees, and I am so ready to get out of there. I am a bartender and a server...and I make my money on upselling steaks and topshelf drinks. I feel like this supports animal cruelty and drinking..plus we are super wasteful. No recycling,,,no composting...just a lot of trash and wasted food. My customers(who are almost always overweight) constantly try to tell me how I eat wrong and need some steak blah blah blah. I try to explain how it is healthy, but I'm terrible in a debate. I haven't tried anything on the menu, so I am always lying to people when I am serving. Another issue is the hours I am scheduled...many times almost 50 hours a week with 10+hours a day sometimes no breaks to eat. This does not help me to eat enough, get enough sleep, or sunshine. For months I have been struggling with the fact that my job is completely against everything I believe, and I have been living a high stress life just to make money. Recently I have cut back on being a consumer and most of my money is just going to my rent and fruit. I have money saved and would be able to live comfortably for a while without a job, so I have decided it is time to let it go. I did go to art school for a couple of years, and I do facepainting gigs when I can. Hopefully I can find some festivals and parties to paint at, so that I don't use up all of my savings. 30 bananas a day has made me realize life can be so much better than it is. I have to stop living for the future and live right now. If anyone has any tips on jobs that are more geared towards this lifestyle let me know =] "Follow your bliss and the Universe will open doors for you where there were only walls"


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I wish that would work...I actually fell like 2 weeks ago and really hurt my knee and no one cared haha. One girl fell and broke her elbow and they didn't even give her time off.

Well as a restaurant manager myself that is completely illegal. They MUST cover any injuries with Workers Comp and give time off if needed to recover. I am currently in the same position you are...working in a restaurant that is against everything I believe in. Hopefully things will work out for both of us! Good luck to you!

Thank you! I actually had a dream I got a job at a jamba juice last night haha maybe its a sign. Too bad there are no smoothie places near by, but I'm moving to Florida in August, and I know there are many down there. How is everything going for you?


I quit my job for different reason but now that I am on this path I realize how much I do not support a business I was a part of. (I was a manager in MD office) Dr. totally didn't believe in healing through food and loved prescribing drugs. And the drug raps were the worst part. 

The thing I noticed about being in or around a restaurant is that you start to notice the smell of rancid foods and fats as you get further into eating healthy, especially fruit. I can't stand to walk past a hamburger place without gagging. I'm still figuring out what I'm going to do to make money myself. I just can't make myself go back to what I was doing before even if it was in an office. The stress was too much. I want to do something that is in harmony with my fruitarian lifestyle. Good for you taking charge of your life. :)

Thank you guys...everyone else in my life is telling me what a huge mistake I'm making and its good to hear some positive support about my choice. I just want to do something that is in harmony with my fruitarian lifestyle too! I want to help make a difference in the world...not serve fattys ribs and alcohol haha it never made sense to me, but I thought I needed all this money to be happy... definitely didn't.

Definitely NOT a mistake. It is so liberating when you break ties to what's "safe" and go for what you want. You will be so much happier. Congrats!

HHave done it for 7 years. I am making less money than I did in the restuarant industry, but am SO MUCH HAPPIER!!! I have found such happiness in not having to be around and cater to meat eaters and their stupid fad diet requests anymore!! yes!!!! I still am on call at a bar where stock brokers go after work. It's a lot better than places like Applebees, since we don't serve food and the people who go there are hard-working, intelligent people who I can have real conversations with. Also I have applied for an internship at a gym. where they would certify me to be a group fitness trainer!! yay!! Hopefully I get it!! :D Good luck finding a new job girl!! Go for something in a field you believe in. If you wow them with your enthusiasm and knowledge in the field, they're bound to hire you!

You should try selling your art or just creating it at the festivals. I know a girl who paints at electronic shows and sells the final work at the show for a good chunk of money. See if you can do things like that or get involved with a gallery, even a behind-the-scenes job will make you feel happy to be in the presence of artists.

Best of Luck!!

right on! you need to do whats important for you.  if your job is causing an unhealthy lifestyle for you..it just doesnt work.  last year i did 3 months of night shifts straight.... 7:30 pm - 7:30 am 3.5 days a week.  it was hell.. sometimes riding my bike to or from work around 1am.. crazy.. messed up sleep. messed up eating... dinner for breakfast breakfast for dinner! even the day shifts sucked... would get home at 8PM after working a 12 hour day and then eat and pass out and do it again.

currently studying online in prep for studying kinesiology as university...want to be a personal trainer!

that's my work day, 7am-7pm 3-4 days a week

Congrats!  I bartend part time, so I feel your pain.  Luckily the restaurant I'm at is pretty good at making my special food for me.  But yeah, when people ask how the steaks are I don't even bother lying.  Hopefully my real job will start getting profitable again and I can get away from schlepping junk to people and focus on selling real estate and taking care of myself and my family.


Congrats on chosing to be more sane in a insane human world.

Your festival Idea sounds like a good one like anything market yourself and you will do well.

Take Care,



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