30 Bananas a Day!

So i got the food down... fruity carbs, sleep and water, but now that ive changed the way i eat

i feel like everything else im doing is wrong, like using all the mainstream products, shampoo,

deodorant, lotion, household items, i mean EVERYTHING is filled with toxic chemicals, i just

want to be as minimalistic and natural as possible so my question is WHAT ARE YOU GUYS

USING ON A DAILY BASIS? where do you get it or make it? it would help alot, i dont just want to

live the food i want to live the lifestyle the best i can in this ^&*()$% up modern day and age, 

thanks, alisha.

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Hey Alisha, I feel you on this one!

For shampoo I use a mix of freshly brewed chamomile tea, baking soda & lemon juice (I'm blonde)

Body  & facial scrub I use every other day (inbetween just water): Sugar, olive oil & apple cider mix

Face cream: olive oil

I don't really tend to need deo, as I don't tend to smell.

If I know I'm going to have an active long day I might use either a roll-on vegan stick, or a homemade deo.

Here is a simple one I found online:

1/2 cup virgin coconut oil

6 tbs baking soda

2 drops tea tree essential oil

6 drops rosewood essential oil or any other oil you prefer

Melt the coconut oil gently in a jar with about 1 cup volume (I used wide mouth half pint jar and think it's a great size) either under hot tap water or in a gentle. When the coconut oil is completely liquid stir in the baking soda  one spoonful at a time. Add the essential oils and stir to combine. Keep this in the fridge and use about a pea amount each time.

I still have a lot of body moisterisers in the house (gifts off people) So I'm using that on my body right now, all vegan and cruelty free though. When that runs out I plan to just use olive oil like I do on my face :)

If I opt for a bath instead of a shower to de-stress I'll use Epsom salts & Lavander oil in the water.

I do sometimes use a vegan purfume though, on special occassions, which is from lush. It is mostly made from fruit! :)

wow that's awesome, thank you so much for the tips, i will defiantly try those out, i really like that shampoo idea!

no worries, the lemon and tea are more so for the blondness of my hair.

For darker hair just water and baking soda is fine :)

I find that the chamomile tea is pretty conditioning too though.

ok sounds good, I'll just skip the lemon as my hair is jet black (: do you think olive oil would be a good hair conditioner?

I've never used it as a conditioner as such, but I've used it on my ends if they have ever felt a bit dry (before I starting using the tea too) Saying that, coconut oil is a good conditioner, so I don't see why not. Apple cider vinegar mixed with water is often used as a conditioner by people I've spoken to.

whole foods sells a great shea butter that is high quality and fair trade: http://www.livestrong.com/article/285449-shea-butter-for-african-am...

ok, thanks for the help (:
ok awesome, i love these tips, what about household cleaning? and where do you purchase dr bronners?

Oh man, throw it all out ASAP!  7th generation laundry detergent is the highest rated laundry detergent for environmental friendliness.  soap nuts works great too, as well as baking soda and dr. bronners soap.  plain vinegar makes a great fabric softener and gets your old chemical still left in your clothing or from new clothing or used clothing out. congratulations BTW on becoming The Healthy Person! :)

Anybody gonna make a plea for product-free?

when you say product free, so you mean using anything (store bought or homemade) or just store bought things?

If the latter, me! I'm just using up some old body creams leftover :)

I've found that a little freshly squeezed lime juice works great as deodorant. I only need to apply occasionally. Just might not feel good on freshly shaved pits.



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