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Question for the ladies - Nuvaring and Contraceptive


I was wondering what the females are using for contraceptive and advice.

I have tried the pill before and gained weight, got extremely lethargic, I also bleed a lot, was very emotional and had bad cramping and I had a hard time remembering to take the pill at a certain time every day.  I also tried the Depo shot, and again, same problems, only worse and I had my "lady's week" for 3 weeks straight off of it. 

I was off birth control for a year or so and only used condoms, also went vegan around this time then I started to see someone on a regular basis and I wanted to be more protected. I don't like the thought of adding hormones into my body now that I'm aware of it, and I went against what I thought and talked to my doctor. He did a paps and made sure I was "qualified" to use the Nuvaring. He also tried to tell me to change it every week (which would of eventually lead to over dose). I put it in about 2 weeks ago and I have had non-stop cramping, when I tried to have sex, I bled. I felt it constantly and I made sure it was as high up as it could possibly go. Over the weekend I went on a bike ride and the pain became pretty unbearable, I got out winded after 14 km and almost passed out. when I got back to my friends house, the ring actually made me bleed. I also stopped losing weight as well.

What do you ladies do? I took out the ring on Sunday after the bike ride. I really do not like the thought of adding in hormones to my body, but I can't risk having a kid right now. I'm not prepared for that and want to be safe.

Sorry it was so much to read! But any suggestions would be amazing. Thank you!


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Hi Melissa Gagne. :)

My main advice for you is: DO NOT fill yourself with hormones. My partner and I use only condoms and as long as I'm not (yet) sterilised via Essure or Adiana, I will also be looking into NFP-methods (that can also be used for people who never want to procreate, like myself).

Check out this video HERE. There is also a NPF-forum as well. :)

Please do your body good and don't fill it with these awful hormones.

Thank you, much! I'm watching the video now and will look up the Essure and Adiana. I'm not wanting to mutate into another being for a long time, if ever. But I agree, I really don't want to be adding in anything foreign into my body. I really hate the idea of medication in general for me. Thanks again! 

You're very welcome! :)

Here's also an interesting discussion from Tarah Shannon HERE. There are also certain herbs that are mentioned there that can help hinder fertility from women as well as men. There's also someone here who had success with the Essure. :)

A copper IUD is an option.  No hormones, but it is a foreign object in your body.  I've had mine for a couple years now and I love it.

Get the book Taking Charge of Your Fertility! It teaches you how to chart your cycles to know exactly when you ovulate by taking your basal temperature (temp upon waking) and checking your cervical mucous (internally or not). During ovulation and the 5 days before is when you either abstain or use a barrier method. I've been thinking about making a tutorial video on how to chart for natural birth control because I want to get it out there!! When I read the book I was so shocked that I had never heard of it and that it's not even mentioned in school sex ed classes. I thought we were able to get pregnant at any time.

Synthetic hormones are terrible for your body. I put myself through two years of it only to end up with chronic pelvic pain.

Check your library to see if they have it.

yes yes yes!!!!!!!!! become aware of your cycles and prevent pregnancy this way!!!!

I am probably completely unqualified to answer your question as I don't have any personal experience with any birth control methods, but I have done some research on different methods. But definitely, definitely avoid hormonal methods. You don't want to mess with your hormones more than you have to.

Anyway, if you are not wanting to have a baby in the near future, a copper IUD may be a good choice, as it stays in, so you don't have to worry about it in the heat of the moment, and they can last years.

If you think you might want to have a baby in the near future, you could use the method where you track your cycle, so you know when you are infertile then use some kind of barrier method other times. 

In addition to reading Taking Charge of Your Fertility, you can find a lot of information on their website. You can read the TTA (trying to avoid pregnancy) forums and use the calendar to track your cycle if you make an account. A lot can be learned from the site and the forums, but I haven't read the book, so I don't know if you can learn everything through the site.

Good luck finding a method that works for you :)

Thank you everyone! You all have been suchh a great help! I think I might just stick with vegan-friendly condoms and tracking it. Maybe eventually get some type of permanent form of BC. Thank you so much again! 



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