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As I understand it, the concept goes like this: Drugs are always bad.  Disease is a healing process.  Practice natural hygiene and you won't need all that Western medicine.


So why do wild animals suffer outbreaks of disease?  Examples in frugivores:



This fungus is devastating bat populations now.


Here are a bunch of afflictions affecting primates:



Gorillas can get pneumonia and cancer.



Here are some killers of wild gorillas.



Gorillas and chimps have been devastated by ebola.



So what am I missing?

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Are you addressing me or Fiona?  I think you're confused.  I mentioned HIV.  I didn't say it's everywhere.  That's my point.  If it were you'd contract it.  Same with small pox.  No diet would help you.  You seem to imply pathogens are all around and they only cause trouble if they have toxins to clean up.  In fact, many novel pathogens will hurt you no matter what you believe, eat, or do.


I prefer modern science to "teachings" that are many decades old, with no scientific basis, as you seem to recognize.


Why are you telling me how to avoid stress?  Are you saying the primates had the wrong mindset?  They should have blown off their problems?  Oh, my...


The certain types of bacteria are always present in a diseased body

Name the bacteria, please.

First of all, nothing external to the body (including food) can cure cancer.  The body is self healing.  If we give the body the ideal conditions (enough sleep, sun exposure, exercsise, fresh clean air, proper hydration, LFRV foods, etc..) the body will maintain health.

Why do the animals in the links you offer succumb to cancer?  Could it be stress? Could it be pollution?  It is really hard to say.  However, it should be noted that Natural Hygiene does NOT suggest food cures any disease.  Once again, the body is self healing.

 It is true that cells use glucose for ATP (energy) production.  However, glucose is just one nutrient.  Cells need other nutrients as well (minerals, amino acids, vitamins, fatty acids, etc...).  In a diseased body, let's say a body who has consumed too much fat which has cause the blood vessels to become atherosclerotic, the cells that are nourished by the blood delivered to them by these blood vessels will experience waste build up.  Also, certain nutrients (if present) in that blood may become trapped as well.  Now, this organisms cells may use these nutrients, but so could a pathogenic organism. If our immune cells cannot reach and eradicate this organism, it will thrive in this toxic environment.  So, you see, the pathogenic bacteria is NOT feeding off of the toxins, per se....rather, it is feeding off of the same nutrients that any cell would need to stay healthy; however, the toxic enviroment allows the pathogen to steal these nutrients much more effectively.

BTW...I am studying to become a Hygiophysician at UNH.  Thanks for posting this!!  I really do like this discussion!!

First, a truly healthy body should be able to elimate any toxin-inducing pathogen/substance before it results is "disease".  So, when the disease state has already set in, the first step should be to eliminate any further toxic exposure (whether it be lack of sleep, improper foods, lack of water, etc...).  By doing this, the body can work on building its natural energy to elimate the disease and regenerate any tissues (if possible) that may have been damaged or destroyed in the process.


Even the deadliest diseases never kill everyone. Likely more than half of all Europeans perished in black death, as did most of native Americans in smallpox and other European diseases; but never did all of them die.


Why was that?



Better than many I know.


Why would life expectancy fall to 40 years?

I wouldn't mind 40. Or 50. I prefer quality over quantity.


Are you familiar with the Kitava study?

Why do you not trust in the workings of the human body?  So, stem cell research will save our lives, right?  Well, I suppose you should hope this will come about since you will have weakened your body’s ability to defend itself with the wonderful vaccines you seem to think are so great. 

Although many believe vaccines have enhanced human survival, that does NOT mean vaccines are health promoting.  Vaccines  basically hijack our immune cells, which end up launching an immune attack on either an attenuated pathogen, or pathogenic antigen.  In its attack, healthy tissues are often damaged.  Also, while it is in attack mode, the immune system is not able to protect us from the real threats that the body may be under.  This is why it is not uncommon for individuals to become ill shortly after a vaccination. 

I disagree with Fiona.  We have Natural Killer Cells and Cytotoxic T lymphocytes that are designed to kill cancerous cells and virally infected cells (if you want to know how, just ask...I am a Human Antomy & Physiology Professor, this is what I do for a living).  Before the virus infects our cells, we are also armed with phagocytes like Macrophages which can engulf them.  B lymphocyes can also become activated to differentiate into antibody producing plasma cells in order to sequester the virus.


So, our bodies have what they need to protect us from ANY virus or bacteria.  When the body is not overwhelmed by improper digestion, toxic build up, improper/stress producing thoughts, etc.., it can more easily allow the immune cells to do their job properly.  However, cooked foods, vaccines, etc... also require the attention of our immune cells.  So, these will compete and not allow our immune cells to effectively destroy thepathogens we are exposed to.

Wow, so wrong.  Why would you believe this?  All successful pathogens are able to defeat the immune response.  The have many, many different stategies to do this.  Viruses imbed themselves inside healthy cells.  Parasites disguise themselves from the immune cells, appearing as host cells.  For example:



Are you willing to expose yourself to anthrax, small pox, necrotizing virus or some similar pathogen?  I think you would learn first hand the limits of your beliefs.

Yes, pathogens have developed ways to defend themselves and to avoid our immune response; but, they are not always successful.  I simply stated facts (not beliefs) in how the immune system works.  The fact is that we can protect ourselves.  I BELIEVE that following the principles of Natural Hygiene will give our immune system (as well as our other body systems) the best conditions to prevent and eradicate pathogens.


No, I am not willing to expose myself to pathogenic organisms,  I am not perfectly healthy, but I am working towards this.  However, I would say that someone like Dr. Graham, who has been following the principles of Natural Hygiene for over 25 years would be better able to prevent themselves from becoming ill when exposed to a known pathogenic organism compared to someone who does not follow the principles of Natural Hygiene.

I teach full time at Lincoln Land Community College.  I became tenured in 2009.  My master's degree is in Biochemistry at the Univeristy of Missouri - St. Louis.  I went the University of Missouri - Columbia to study immunology (a PhD prigram that I did not complete because I was having issues with the animal research that I had to do).  I also attended an Osteopathic Medical School (Chicago College of Osteopathic Medicine).  Here, I completed the first two years of the course work.  I left during my third year when I began rotations. 


Currently, I have begun studies at the University of Natural Health.  I am working towards a PhD in Holistic Nutrition as well as Hygiophysician. 

Wow, your ego is pretty big, isn't it??  Good for you!!


The teacher in me could not let this pass:  you are using "your" incorrectly in the following sentence: "no wonder your missguided".  It should be "you're".


Ok, to address my education (which you seem to be so interested in), I will point out that, in the two educational programs I did not finish, I did complete many courses in each program; and, I earned very high grades in those completed courses.  My understanding of the immune system is by no means complete, but I am sure that I have enough of a  basic understanding of how the immune system works to tell that you are very confused.   I am not sure what you think an education constitutes, but I have learned much more since earning my "degrees" by questioning and researching what I myself study when it comes to living a healthy life.  This is why I decided to pursue the Hygiophysician / Holistic Nutrition programs.  I want to deepen my knowledge of why the principles of Natural Hygiene so effectively allow the human body to thrive. 


I am not sure why you seem to hold on to the belief that certain pathogens will ALWAYS kill humans.  This is not true.  If it were true, humans would not be here today.  We have both innate and adaptive defenses that can 1) prevent pathogens from entering our body (and by entering, I mean being able to get past the external and internal barriers of the body, and gain access into the blood/lymph/ECF/cytoplasm), and 2) kill virally infected cells, cancerous cells, and pathogens that may be external to our cells.  Why do you think this is mis-guided?  Any basic Physiology or Immunology book will explain this.


And yes, I pay for the programs I am studying at the University of Natural Health. I am not sure why this is relevant. 







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