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hey everyone. im just starting to get nervous about fertility. i know deep down this lifestyle is what we as humans are designed to eat, and as a result we women should all still thrive with great fertility just like how we thrive in every other way of our health.


i started 811 about 9 months ago, while my son was 7 months old. i was and still am nursing. he is now 19 months old and i still have had no period. i know every women's body is different but most women by now (at 19 months post delivery) have had their period even if they are still nursing. and my son only nurses a few times a day now.

i used to have super regular periods and my husband and i literally got pregnant the first time we decided we wanted to have a baby. literally we got pregnant the next day. i have always charted my ovulation with the FERTILITY AWARENESS METHOD and have never taken any pills for birth control. so im very discouraged that as i chart now even at 19 months past delivering my baby that i STILL havent had my period.

i have heard a lot of women to have stop menstruating on this lifestyle so i thought for a long time that between me nursing and eating a low fat raw diet that that is why i havent had a period yet. BUT i started charting my fertility recently because we are wanting to have another baby and sure enough IM NOT OVULATING. (i can tell through charting my cervical fluid and temperature)

since im not ovulating it means i cant get pregnant right now. i know there is a chance i will start ovulating once i stop nursing my son when he's 24 months, but im starting to get nervous about ovulating at all on this diet.

simply because i have not seen ANY 811 raw food leaders have babies. my question is, have any of you ladies out there, gone through not having a period anymore but still ovulate and been able to successful get pregnant? im talking long term 811ers. because i want to know if u women out there have successfully not had a period for a while and then we still able to get pregnant when they wanted to, or on accident haha.

this is very serious to me as i have heard of horror stories where women completely wreck their fertility by eating a super low fat diet and that it can be irreversible. we want like 4 kids guys! i dont know if those stories are true or not ive just heard.

thank u!!  

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I'm close to a long term 811er, but off and on over the years before I knew there was 811.  

We have 9 children (11 down to 8 mos) and would like more, too.  I never took birth control either.  After my second (a boy) I didn't have a period until right before we were expecting our 3rd - a total of 9 months and I nursed him about 3 or 4 months more while I was pregnant.  Right after I had my 4th (a girl) I didn't have a period for 4 months and thought I was already pregnant (just didn't take a test) and I never had a period in between, I had even stopped nursing her.  Now, after our 9th (a girl) I've had my period about 3 times in the last 8 months and not months in a row.  Pretty much between everyone else I had a period every month, but odd lengths from 30 to 45 days every other period-weird!  I also chart, by the microscope/ferning pattern with notes of CM, but not temps. and it doesn't look like I'm ovulating now either.  

No matter what you do or eat or how you live, there are thousands of horror stories of women who mess up in their fertility.  Use them as a way to find out more information, but don't freak out, dear!  Those that were eating super low fat were NOT eating 811 or hclf.  I know many woman like this - they just were basically anorexic and wondering why they couldn't have children.  And it is 80-10-10, you should be eating fats that are right for you...whether by copious amounts of fruits and veggies or including nuts and seeds or avocados (if you like them-I don't :))

Like with anyone who wants to have more children: RELAX.  I completely understand the frustration when things don't line up like you expect them to.  EVERY pregnancy is truly completely different.   Talk to your husband about it, I'm sure he'll help you quiet those qualms. 

Bottom line, make sure you are eating plenty, drinking plenty (you are still nursing), getting plenty of sleep/rest and PLENTY of vitamin d/sunshine (which helps regulate hormones).  Best wishes and you can always ask any questions if this didn't make sense - which I feel most of my babblings do. :)

thank u for your detailed response! when u say u were 811 before u knew about such a thing, were u really eating a very very low fat diet? i guess i just dont see people who really have been on this lifestyle a long time and get pregnant and i know its pretty common to loose your period. 

ya i agree i need to just relax and not worry cuz worrying doesnt help a dang thing haha.

anyone else????

I don't agree with Melissa's premise of ovulating while breastfeeding.  I DO agree that the unnatural (or natural) hormones that SAD eaters eat mess up their bodies completely, but nursing does not, in every woman, make ovulation cease.  Just like for every individual woman, there are individual differences not only with each child, but before, during and after each pregnancy.

After I had my second, the one that I went without a period until right before #3, I ate relatively high-er fat...mainly peanut butter for my lunch after I worked out...I also lost extra weight after he was born, down to my lowest-like Freelee.  We biked, walked, swam and were generally hugely active.  We ate alot more fruits and veggies compared to before I was married when I would have a few bananas per week and the only veggies were either lathered in butter or a mini-side dish.  

My periods were always irregular up until 3 months before I was married.  My now husband and I would go for walks and I was so excited to be regular, I believe from the vitamin d, since I was a homebody and rarely went outside.  So...remember to take/get your vitamin d from the sun as it regulates all hormones in your body as well as all of the wonderful things it does!

Just want to let you know that I know EXACTLY how you feel.  I know that it takes something in yourself to change how you think, feel and react to what's going on.  I think it's overstated to just "let it happen", but when you come to that point - it really just happens.  All the best to you!

ya im going to just relax about it for now. in 5 months, when my son is 2 years old im going to wean him and be positive that i will start ovulating again. :) thanks!

I believe Karen Ranzi has a book titled Creating Healthy Children.. She has 3 of her own, maybe google her? :)

best of luck <3

awesome thank u for your response! we used to follow each other on instagram, did u leave IG? 

also, so u said u are ovulating thats awesome. but are you having a monthly period? if not, did u have a monthly period before 811?

thats so interesting that you didnt have a rise in temperature when u got pregnant! ive never heard of that!

on a different note: how has your weight loss been? i loved following your success on instagram!

much love thanks melissa!

oh and im eating between 2800-3300 cals a day i think

I've been eating low-fat, high-fruit for 6 years. I conceived twice on this diet with no issues but I had to mostly wean my nursling first.  My body goes 2+ years with no period post-partum.  With my first son, I had to pretty much wean all the way to get my cycle back. But the second time, we just night weaned and then she kept nursing for 4 months into my pregancy, then my milk dried up.  (if it matters, I am about 17% body fat)

would love to hear more mothering topics!! I am pretty new to this website... There are not many families doing 80/10/10 I agree.  But there are raw food mothers like Karen Ranzi and Angela Stokes (just ignore all the wacked stuff Angela and Matt talk about, like enemas, etc)

thanks for letting me know that makes me feel great to here this! do u have monthly periods since on 811? and yes id love to hear more mothering topics as well. it seems a lot of people on this lifestyle are young and dont have kids yet, which is cool too! haha my husband, baby and i all eat high carb raw vegan together and id love to hear about more families who do this as well! i might start a thread soon about feeding children. i might also down the road start a youtube channel and create videos on easy easy to feed your children raw foods, natural parenting tips, easy ways to transition to 811 with kiddos around etc.

i dont consider angela stokes someone for me to listen to or pay attention to because she eats an extremely high fat diet, and is actually quite over weight now, so i dont consider her healthy at all or someone to look up too. i havent looked up karen ranzi but a couple people have mentioned her so i will soon!

thanks again mama!


Interesting question - I've heard many varied opinions. I am interested to hear from other long term 811ers as well. I have been 100% 811 for over 3 years and been a raw foodist since gosh like 2007... I haven't tried to get pregnant so I am afraid I cannot speak on my own fertility, but I am interested to hear other womens' experiences.

Hi Ellen,

Please feel free to message me privately if you would like to talk about this in more detail.

I am a Certified Professional Midwife and a Florida Licensed Midwife.  It is completely normal and natural for breastfeeding women, even SAD eaters, to be in an anovulatory phase for (on average) 18 months, though many women see return to fertility much sooner because of supplementation of their baby's diet, pacifier use, and going long periods of time between feeds.

My family and I eat a hcrv/lfrv diet and have eaten this way 100% for the past 5 months.  For the past two years before going 100% raw, we alternated hcrv/lfrv with low fat cooked vegan.  My daughter is 17 months old and I have no signs of my period returning any time soon.  She still breastfeeds multiple times during the day and night.

Unless you are not consuming enough calories and your body fat percentage is in an unhealthy low range, your period's absence can be attributed to extended breastfeeding.

Hope this helps! :)

Melissa Marks



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