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It's has been one week since that I've dropped coffee, and I have to say: I feel, act, think, and be much better. But I've notice a strange thing: I've started to retain water. Someone did have this same issue? 

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Congrats on quiting coffee ... what is happing to you is natural since coffee makes you to loose water. Your body is adopted to retain as much as it can and now retaining is so much easier. It just needs time to adapt to new situation and to gain new balance and your water retention will be great, you will see. You will look a lot better than before :)

Yes, it's normal. For unit of carb your body will retain 3 to 4 units of water. I also read somewhere that it takes double the amount of water to process whatever amount of coffee is consumed. It's acidic, dehydrates the body, stimulates the adrenals..that's what I know about coffee. 

coffee is a TOXIC neurotoxin that acts as a diuretic FORCING your body to 'dry itself' out in order to get the neurotoxic caffeine out of your body.

The western world literally runs on caffeine. Im glad its hear otherwise I would have hardly nobody to train and race with each weekend lol! People would be too tired to turn up.

Congrats on your success.  How is your food?  Are you tracking? Are you exercising?  Are you sleeping?  All these effect your body. 

Hi all!

Thanks for your replies. I used to drink only one little cup of coffee in the morning! Just one cup! I eat seasonal fruits, here in Italy we have a good ones, and very cheap! I also eat my green every day( I couldn't live without it) and since I've dropped water, I've started to drop nuts and seeds. I've eaten them every day, but not so much, maybe 10gr x days. Now I want see how my body will react. Maybe I'll eat them only 1-2 x weeks. I use to sleep between 8 to 10 hours per day. I exercice with weight and bodyweight 2 times per week, plus I do sprints 1 time per weeks. Btw, I use to walk a loot! That's all.

Sandro, unless you track you won't know exactly what is going on.  I recommend Cron-o-meter.  It can be set up to have the guielines of 80/10/10.  Have you read the book yet??  How much of the greens do you eat per day?  The guideline is 1 lb per day.  I hope you are getting variety in your greens. 

I've been eating 811 since 2000, now, just dropped my morning coffee. I don't know if you've noticed, but I can feel  every small changes into my life since I've adopted this diet. 

I am proud of you dropping the caffeine crutch.  I did it while on my 92 day juice feast and suffered all the detox effects of both at the same time.


You never stated if you are tracking or not.  Time on the program is great and perhaps you already have done the tracking enough.  But also time on a program may not mean doing things according to the guidelines.  This is not a personal insult against you.  It is fact.  So, are you tracking?  Are you eating overt fats? Just curious about this point.  I have to avoid them for the most part.  Are you getting at least 8 hrs sleep?  How much exercise do you get per day average? 


Don't mind your questions, they're very wellcome. I used to track all, now I don't need anymore. I trust my inner self! Btw I sleep between 8 to 10 hours, I use to exercice 3 day a week for about one hour each time, plus a do a lot of walking: I love it. I've eaten over fats, just dropped now to see how I react.

Sounds great.  I have a real problem with fats and am working to get my body fat% down to 22% or below without killing myself with exercise.  I'm already physically active 8 hrs per day and need to reign my "inner athlete" in at times.  LOL  So the overt fats have to be kept a minimum unless I'm preparing a special dish to share, which I am the next 2 days. Sighhhh  I simply love, love, LOVE Rawfully Organics Fettucini Alfredo. To DIE for! LOL


After all we're Humans with all his vitues and vicious in us!

I used to drink between 12-18 cups a day, for 15 years, i've noticed load of retention and the withdrawal symptoms were horrible, the headaches were unbearable. I no longer drink coffee, only in emergencies when i'm about to collapse cause i've run out of money ... again.. and i need to get moving to attend my seminar and try to get a job.

I retain alot, but now and then i swap to a water fast for a day or two, or a watered-down-juice feast and it goes away.



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