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I have a question about calories. I have ordered the book but have not recieved it yet. I have been raw for the last month. Over the last year I cut out processed food and a lot of animal products but raw vegan is new to me.  Last month I lost about 9 pounds from going on a raw foods diet and eating (and juicing) a lot of fruits and veggies. The more I read about 811 the more it interested me. I started the diet 5 days ago, although I'm not sure I'm doing it right becuase I haven't gotten the book yet. 

I notice everyone on here eats very high calories. Can someone tell me why he recommends that for weight loss? My quest is to get healthy and I know that the weight will come off but I'm used to doing that on a lower calorie diet. 

I currently am a female and weigh 190 lbs so I have a good amount of fat to lose! Since starting this 5 days ago I have averaged 1800-2500 calories a day and it seems like a lot of food. The first 2 days I felt awful but now I'm starting to feel amazing! I run or walk 2-3 miles 5 days a week so I'm not crazy active but still get some cardio in. I want to do this right.. Just need an explanation for the high calorie content.  


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Ok, figured out how to change the picture.. it's just like facebook, duh :)

Eat more to live more, you can't get fat on fruit.  Eating more will give you more energy so you feel like you must move, so you think clearly, so you feel happy, so you don't crave fats and cooked stuffs.  Harley and Freelee recommend calculating your basic fuel needs by multiplying your body weight in kilos by 10 to figure your basic carb needs and then multiply that by 4 to get your basic calorie needs, add more for activity.

This is a cute and informative video from Harley:

I don't really get the "eat more to live more" philosophy.  Even Harley says he and Freelee will sit around a tonne just keeping up on the internet etc.  He also says that he doesn't work out that much either.  So I don't get it.  When I tried that 3000 plus deal I just gained weight.  Now I'm just eating maybe 1500-2000 and the weight is burning off.  I'm not tired because I'm allowing my body to burn fat so it is still getting the calories it needs.  If you keep feeding it too many calories how the heck is it supposed to burn fat? I looked into intermittent fasting but I do it 811 style, and it works for me.

Some people gain at first as Freelee did.  This is a great thread on that topic:

'How to accept possible fluid/glycogen/fat/blood/lymph weight gain a...'

Here is a quote from Dr. D on calories from an interview he did, he has said he thinks 30BaD's minimum calorie recommendations are good.

Many who have read your book are choosing to leave out greens because they are not drawn to them and want to just be "fruitarian." Any thoughts on this?

They are not following 811 at that point. I have not seen long-term fruitarians succeed, and have seen huge numbers of them fail (and too many die) over the almost four decades since I first started my dietary journey. My thoughts? DON'T do it. And certainly don't associate fruitarianism with 80/10/10. In my book, I recommend eating 2 to 6% of calories from green, leafy vegetables. This amounts to 40 to 120 calories for a person eating 2,000 calories (which, by the way, is very unlikely to be enough food for a person doing enough physical activity to be healthy). Forty calories is roughly a medium-sized head of lettuce. That is the absolute minimum I would suggest, and two to three times that is far more likely to provide adequate nutrition. People who eat more than 2,000 calories should adjust accordingly.


How does the fat come off when you're eating more fruit calories than you did on SAD?  There are many theories around here, there are quite a few threads on this topic.




If you are under eating and not tired, you could be running on adrenaline which people can do for long periods but it's not healthy and will eventually lead to problems.  Weight gain or loss is one measurement of health but not the only one and since many people report an initial weight gain as their bodies heal, it is not a reliable way to decide how much to eat on 811.

Thank you for that, Ednshell.  I read the book but I love to get periodic reminders of the important stuff!

Some people gain glycogen storage and freak out. Some people gain healthy weight and freak out.

These people just don't 'get it' yet. ;)

Eat more to live more. Eat so much food you almost burst each meal. We stuff our faces each meal till we cant stuff no more. Stuff slow. Dont stuff too fast but STUFF those carbs in lol! I just drank so many bananas that I cant move. Im gonna wait some more and then stuff in some more. I want to have a BIG day tomorrow fun wise.

Reverse the following beliefs of the status quo for non status quo success. :)

Eat less fruit. Fruit makes you fat longterm. Look at myself and Freelee.

Seriously, fill up on parsley and super foods jing herbs.

Remember that you got big on fruit so its best to limit it. Twinkies have the same fat content as bananas and dates. Ice cream is very slimming as long as its grass fed. Same with butter. Fruit has sugar which gets stored as fat. If you eat grass fed butter, it turns into lean muscle. If its non grass fed butter it turns into nothing. Carbs = fat. Dietary fat = lean.

NFL line backers live on 811 during their bulking up phases. Bananas and lettuce build the big heavy bodies. Sumo wrestlers are famous for the amount of mangoes they eat each day. They dont eat fat cos it makes them too slim. They fill up on whole food plant carbs like fruit, brown rice and baked potatoes. They dont eat fried food cos thats too sliming.

Good sarcasm is good.


Dr. D's book will explain a lot of this when you get it, and it's an invaluable resource. but until you do, a couple of things to know about body fat that might help.  one of purposes of body fat is to encapsulate toxins, and keep those harmful things away from your organs.  No matter what diet you're on, if you have toxins in you, your body will keep that fat no matter what, it has to.  That's why people talk about reaching a plateau with weight loss.  They lose a bunch of weight, but can't get that last 10 lbs off.  The point of the diet is eating clean food.  not introducing more toxins for your body to eliminate.  Your body will do the rest to take care of you.  The 2500 to 3000 calories is what you need to run your body, regardless of how much fat you have.  The other thing is that most people are eating nutrient deficient foods.  So when you're done eating, your body says "hey, we need more"  so you eat more nutrient deficient food, and again, "we need more", and again, etc.  then your body has to do something with all that extra crap it couldn't use in the first place.  so we have a lot of overweight, malnourished people walking around.  read the book, and keep coming back here for help.  I know it seems backward from what we've been taught, but look around, how has that worked out for the majority of Americans?  Good for you for choosing to take good care of yourself!!



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