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After a long time I finally got my blood checked and everything is perfect except 2 things. My B12 levels are 110 pmol/l and homocystein level 26 umol/l. I have seen several videos but there are still some questions I have ...

1. Would you supplement?

2. What form would you use and why

3. I tried B12 pills (that you swollow) and I felt terrible the following days. Anybody had the same experience? Any ideas?

4. I bought B12 injections, how long needles do you recommend to use?

5. do you need to desinfect the area of my skin before I apply the injection?

6. How often would you apply it? I have 1000 ug cyanocobalamin, I was not able to get methylcobalamin.

Thanks a lot, guys!

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1. Yes, I'd supplement.

2. I'd use injections as they seem more effective than the sub-lingual spray I tried before. I could feel no effect from the spray, but definitely felt better with the shots.

3. No idea, honestly.

4. I started out with 8 mm needles, but they turned out to be too short to fully fill the syringe with B12 injection liquid. I then switched to 12.7 mm needles and they work better. 

5. Yes, I would and do disinfect the area of skin beforehand.

6. I used the protocol from the package insert that came with the injections which said to do one shot every week for a month and once a month after that. Seems to work quite well that way for me.


Good luck! 

definitely try the injections but dont go overboard with them unless your actually deficient eg: less that 550

read Could it be B12?  book :)



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