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A family of quail in my yard started to hatch the chicks within the past couple days, and a couple have already escaped their box and were running around the yard after their parents today.  Left behind with no attending parents for many hours now are a few unhatched eggs and one cheeping little lonely chick.  

Ordinarily it's best not to intervene, but given the duration of abandonment, and believing the chick will not survive the night alone, I've brought it inside.  I was careful to avoid skin contact.  It's in a soft box, with a bright warm (not heat) light and a shady part of the box if it needs that.  I read it needs water, though in only a tiny container so it doesn't jump in and get soaked and chilled.  

It seems pretty alert since I brought it in, and it seems to have a case of the shakes, and is periodically cheeping.  

There's a lot of conflicting info online over what and even if I should feed it anything.  I'm inclined to leave the light on for it all night, then call a wildlife center in the morning unless the parents are in evidence in which case I'll release it into the yard.  

Experience and thoughts on how to proceed appreciated :)

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Oh Windlord! I don't envy your responsibility! I nursed a bird a few days ago at a shopping centre. The centre called the Wildlife Rescue for me and I cuddled him and kept him warm in my shirt. He soon started to wriggle and climbed out of my shirt and sat on my hand. I chatted to him and pat him...sweet little darling he was :D Just as the wildlife crew turned up he flew off into the sunset. I was soooooooooooo happy :D The wildlife crew were great about it...said it was the best outcome :) 

Good luck with your baby!! 

Vegan <3 

That's a happy story there.  

Just talked to the 24/7 line at a local wildlife rescue, and they said I'd done well by the chick.  If they parents aren't in evidence tomorrow, I can deliver it to the rescue later, and at the very least I might take them the eggs.  It's standard for the parents to help the initial hatchlings and abandon the rest.

Thanks, G :)

P.S.  The baby needs a name!

Good luck Windlord!! Will be looking forward to the happy ending of this story! :D 

P.S. My cats names are Oceanfish, Omega Three and Snow Hey Oh...sooooo maybe someone else should come up with a name ;) 

Vegan <3

The baby needs a name!

How about Danforth?

As in Danforth Quayle.

Winner winner!  Thanks for playing everybody :)

Don't see any of the babies or the parents anymore so they must've moved on from the yard.  

Rex :D

How adorable!!!  Thank you 24/7 helpline! :D  Good goin' Windy!

Thanks ladies!

With her striping, she reminded me of the ROTJ Ewok Logray, but that's not a very cute name.  Plus he tried to cook Han, Luke and Chewie! 

Now I have some small clue as to what it's like to be a parent--this episode has def shortchanged my sleep!

I was prepared to deliver chick and eggs to the rescue today, but found the parents again this morn, so released the baby in their area.  Hopefully they'll link up.  

But we did take the unhatched eggs to the rescue, as I couldn't be sure the parents would be interested any more.   Best I could do this time.  



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