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I would like to share my newest article, Protecting the Earth, One Bite at a Time. https://www.thosecrazyvegans.net/protecting-the-earth-one-bite-at-a...

Humanity has one home, and she is dying. The Earth can endure only so much. We kill and destroy everything and everyone in our path. Oxygen is essential for survival, but if we clear all the forests, kill the native wildlife, poison the land, air, and water with toxic chemicals and fertilizers, and remove all the fishes from the oceans, what will happen to the vital oxygen needed for life to survive?

For a few months, I've lived in the Belizean jungle and have witnessed breathtaking scenery and some unique and beautiful truly free-roaming animals. Colourful lizards, paca (known as the gibnut in Belize), similar to the guinea pig, playing and eating around the compost pile, and geckos climbing up and down the walls. I got to listen to crickets, frogs, various birds, and the occasional, howler monkey living far high up in mountain jungle.

Belize is a magical place, and I got to witness all the beauty. However, it can get a bit sad at times. We saw people deforesting native jungle to grow monoculture orchards laden with poisonous chemicals that harm wildlife and the Earth. People shoot and kill many animals for food or for enjoyment, leading many animals to extinction. They only see profit and feel as if they can do as they wish to our precious home. But without the forests, clean oceans and rivers, and many naturally free-roaming animals around, humanity won't survive. Money can't help us if the air, land, oceans, and food are all polluted and poisoned.

Many people either don't realize that we need to take care of the Earth in order to survive, or are too ego-driven to care. In nature, nonhuman animals only kill, to either protect their young or their home or for sustenance. Humans destroy and kill just for enjoyment and taste pleasures. These are not reasonable justifications for the continuation of using, slaughtering, and stealing from innocent beings.

By far, the most significant destruction to the Earth is caused by animal agriculture. It is because, when we see other animals as property and food, we have this destructive tendency which wants to destroy and kill. We have no regards for future generations or for other people who inhabit the Earth. Through partaking in mealtime rituals, eating the animals and taking their purposes away, we also lose our purposes as well.

We all contain the sacred feminine within us, which protects, nurtures, and loves. That is why, when we consume foods violent in nature such as those which come from animals, we have a hard time empathizing with the innocent animals we consume. It is because the feminine part of us knows what we are doing goes against our moral values of love and kindness. And that is why for most of us, we would be unable to kill an animal for our meal. If we had to kill animals to eat them, most of us would become vegan.

Through our intuition, we know killing and stealing are immoral and inconsistent with our innate kindness and love. However, we go against our yearning for peace and freedom just to conform to our cultural practices and to follow and please everyone else, and never question any of it.

How are we to progress to higher states of consciousness if we are still supporting the mass murder of innocent beings? Why do we not want to live in harmony with all life? Why do we continue to justify the use and killing that we cause to nonhuman animals for our food and other lifestyle choices? When will we awaken to our true inner state of compassion, love, and kindness to others?

Looking around at nature and all the wildlife, the blue sky and clouds rolling by, why would we not want to be a part of such Earthly beauty? Why do we continue killing each other and destroying the environment around us? Life is precious, life is beautiful. Live life vegan, one bite at a time. Try it. You won't regret it.

To Learn more get my newest book Our Path to Freedom: How We Can Live a Freer and More Peaceful Life and visit my website.

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