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1. The grounds were beautiful

2. Loren knows about fasting

3. The people I met were very nice and the vibe was good.

4. The lectures were helpful

5. Loren helped with me with my detox

6. The weather was nice most of the time 80f sunny and raining sometimes.

7. The housekeepers were of good service

8. The views were fantastic

9. The natural beauty was spectaclar

10. The air was very clean and amazing

11. It was very affordable

12. The water was pure and excellent





1. The place was dated

2. The sheets and comforters were stained

3. The staff was treated poorly

4. Loren told me that he had no wi fi when in fact he did and he said it caused cancer

5. I paid for the ride to and from the airport and thought it would be included

6. Loren talked badly about other health leaders and said he knew for a fact about personal things about them and I found them not to be true.

7. The beds were too hard

8. The walls were paper thin and you could hear every word your neighbors would say

9. Internet was very expensive, he charges per minute 10 cents which I thought was crazy

10. Lights out at 8:30 pm on the grounds

11. The weight scale was dated and was not really accurate for reading fat and hydration

12. The Library had no books on health and had old novels and old magazines and was small with a small selection.

13. Loren told us all about his financial problems and I found it to be unprofessional

14. I felt as though I was getting Island Fever and felt trapped at times.

15. The fruit after re feeding was not ripe and not very tasty

16  Not every room had warm showers

17. Mosquitoes, spiders, scorpions, snakes were on the grounds and Gekos that were very noisey at night

18. A lot of outside noise from the neighbors at times and dogs barking in the middle of the night. Bring your earplugs!


I hope that one day these corrections will be made by Loren So things will be more comfortable in the future.

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well, to be honest, it was just tasteless

The staff complained to me about how little they got paid and that they expected a bonus b/c they worked on xmas and New years and some were there for years. They said that they got yelled at a lot and the bonus was a mere $4.25 extra from their pay of only $10 per day, which they were not happy about. They were also told they could not eat the fruit and that they needed to bring their own lunch from home..They were seriously not happy at all. I am just telling you what I know.

The water came in Bottles but I think it was pure or distilled..not sure about reverse osmosis though..I do know that after about a week the water tasted sweet and it went away after I ate fruit again.

I think the wireless thing was so he could charge us a crazy amount of money for the internet which I was not too happy about b/c I am a mother of three and I needed lines of communication open and for less money..He assumed it was no problem for me b/c he assumed I had money...which was also not too cool.

I wrote this list in hopes Loren and his secretary could improve on this and maybe some things may be not good for me but good for someone else..People have been asking me to make a list and so I did so.,I hope this helps people and Loren in the long run.

wow where is this fasting clinic located at this sounds terrible i can understand lights out but that's about it. no books on health is super lame. its nice to have books on fasting while your fasting so you can find out whats going on inside your body
Panama Tanglewood with Loren Lockman
I know Doug well but I never mentioned fasting in Costa Rica..this was my first long fast. I did go to Health and Fitness week 2x with Doug and that was nice. I do know that I have nothing to compare Loren's place in Panama to, but that was my list..I hope it helps!

Doug is a raw fooder so he always has enough ripe fruit around that is tasty. You know your not dealing with a real raw fooder when the fruit is crap flavour. Its like 'you really eat this schwag? no way!'


Doug's retreats are good enough to go just for the tucker!


Sounds like I would like Lorens camp if its got lots of bugs and critters. Some say Loren is a critter himself that cries poor to scam money.



Having some books would be nice. I can semi understand Loren's internet policy so people dont get carried up in cyber life whilst fasting but if your a parent, thats a different matter to be able to reach your family etc.


Im not sure if Loren has gambling issues or what but I constantly here lots of negative stuff about him in regards to money. 

well, to be fair, I think Loren is 100% raw and low fat vegan...I don't know for certain of course b/c I never ate with him, but I think he is.

To be fair Harrison, that depends on the foods you are eating, activity levels and other factors, such as whether you have fasted for extended periods. There are all sorts of things that change your metabolic rates. Loren doesnt do heaps of exercise, except yoga, and he has done extended fasting himself. I don't know whether Loren is really raw, I dont know him. But I know that lots of people have experienced needing less calories after eating raw for a long time, and focusing on higher water content foods, especially if they have practised fasting, which is well known to slow down the metabolism.


I do agree it is good to have healthy skepticism, but I think that it is also important to keep an open mind about things too.


Take care


Adam x

Victoria, just a few questions:

1. Would you go back there?

2. Do you think you could fast at home on your own?

3. Were you able to run while fasting? If not weren't you nervous about losing your running abilities and having to start from scratch?

4 Do you have a plan on how you are going to eat now?

no running while fasting no way...i am hoping to get faster at running once I get my ability to train again..I think I could fast on my own after this yes, but each fast is different...maybe I would go shorter on my own and get monitored once a week...maybe do it with a few others that already fasted...I plan on being raw vegan low fat,..ran into a few cooked foods vegan, but got through it..just 2 meals since

He has only fasted for 2 weeks at a time in his life.

Cia, are you addressing Loren?



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