30 Bananas a Day!

Bought these lovely bananas at the store today. (red arrow pointing to them) They were in a "single banana bin of overripe bananas"
$0.24 cents per POUND!

look for the deals, and you shall FIND the deals. 

1 weeks worth of food in front of you (not including my greens) for $48.00 USD

Health has no price limit. 



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I couldn't agree more! Now I'm looking for opportunities, I find them all around me.

I love your salad bowl's shape and colour.

Oh yeah. Your pile of yellow penises is making me hungry.  When on Sale stock up.

I found putting bananas in the fridge makes the outside of banana a weird brown color

but the inside stays fresh for a long time.

Fantastic !  sometime I hear its cheaper to buy fast food rather then fruits and vegetables . Today I bought organic banana from trader joes 29 cents each and sometimes they are very big.

ok eat 10   thats 1000 calories-ish  cost=   2.90 $   and fast food will cost ya how much for a 1000 garbage calories ?

this diet is afforable and sustainable for self and earth and wallet... not an elitist game at all...

also bought 5 lbs of organic red potatoes 4.49$ lately 85% or so raw...potatoes are cool with me at this juncture

amazing now knowing through 4 weeks or so of  experience the quality and power of what we  are eating.

i love this aspect of the game!


derp herp . I wouldnt survive for a week with only that amount of banana ,mentaly wise lol.. I'd need at least 4x that amount if I want to feel at optimum



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