30 Bananas a Day!

Proof: High Carbs Made Me Morbidly Obese!

Warning: Before passing judgment please READ my whole post. Read the whole post before deleting it because it tells the TRUTH!

Today I tipped the scale to 165Kg.  I am 190cm in height.

Using the calculator at the National Institutes of Health my Body Mass Index (BMI) is 45.7 - morbid obesity!

Therefore this proves that all the fruit and carbs I have been eating, for a number of years now, have caused me to have morbid obesity!

Please remember I am a REAL world person, with REAL world major health issues.  The next time you are talking to an obese person, you should think about me!

To understand how fruit and high carb foods made me Morbidly Obese, it may help you to understand that I started with a BMI of 97.0 (350Kg).  Since no BMI chart goes that high I made up my own (BMI >55)...

    A BMI of ≥ 19 to 25 is ideal
    A BMI of ≥ 25 to 30 is overweight
    A BMI of ≥ 30 to 35 is obesity
    A BMI of ≥ 35 to 40 is severe obesity
    A BMI of ≥ 40 to 50 is morbid obesity
    A BMI of ≥ 50 to 55 is super obesity
    A BMI of ≥ 55 to 65 is Super duper obesity
    A BMI of ≥ 65 to 75 is Don't let me step on your toe obesity
    A BMI of ≥ 75 to 85 is Why Hospitals have double doors obesity
    A BMI of ≥ 85 to 95 is Sitting on you is not really murder, is it?
    A BMI of ≥ 95 to 100 is Basically Dead! - "Two weeks (or less) to live!"
That last one is what my doctors told me, just before I fired them for failing to meet any of the objectives they were hired for (keep me alive and reasonable healthy!)

A new "health friendly" doctor agreed to order any minimally invasive medically testing I wanted (blood, urine, etc.).  Having a high IQ, I went to work to fix things.  All of my other doctors had refused to order, or even consider, testing for Celiac Disease, even though others had shown me I had many symptoms.  Stool exams (fecal occult blood test) and an elimination diet test proved to my doctor that I both had Celiac Disease, and should not eat Gluten containing food.

However, the Philippines is not America.  Eating a Standard Anthropocene Diet (SAD) in the Philippines, that is Gluten Free, was not possible. Even meat here (beef, chicken, some fish), is often injected with a wheat flour mixture (that has gluten in it) to make the meat more tender, and taste better.  I decided to eat food just the way God grew it! Or as close to that as possible. (No meat, just fruits / veggies in the public market!) Three days later, my gout had eased enough to allow me to walk 2 meters to the toilet, the start of my exercise.  About the same distance from the taxi into the market.

I soon started eating my meals at the local public fruit and veggie market. I became a bit of a celebrity there.  Only able to walk a couple steps with a limp, and a strong cane, vendors would bring me their produce.  Day one - I asked a vendor to peal and slice a pineapple for me, and then I just ate it.  I found out they were ALL willing to prepare the food I bought from them.  Dragon fruit, chicos, mangoes, the fruit in rural Philippines is amazing! I also ate some rice and squash and sweet potatoes, all common food here.

One day I noticed some kids actually counting how many of these bananas I was eating.  They were so excited when I ate the 100th banana at a single meal! And I had never heard of a "banana island" before! (Nor "Banana I. Lan!")

So I can honestly say that high carbs and literally tons of fruit has taking me from "Basically Dead" to "Morbidly Obese!"

Then 350Kg - NOW 165Kg
Then BMI 97.0 - NOW BMI 45.7
Then Bedridden, could not walk 2 meters - NOW, I can (and do) walk 5Km, or swim 600 meters, and I wish someone would send me a strong bicycle!
Then BP 200/140 (while taking blood pressure pills) - NOW 120/75 and No BP meds!
Then Insulin for Diabetes, 5 injections every day for 30 years, and many pills - NOW No Diabetes meds!
Then daily frightening angina pain and countless pills and ER trips - NOW no pain 11 days after I started and NO angina pills or ER trips!
Then Basically Dead! - NOW I am pleased to announce that Fruit and High Carbs have made me Morbidly Obese!

Full Disclosure:  The RAW118 Design Diet I follow is not exactly the same as the 80/10/10, 90/5/5, 811-lfrv, 30BaD or RT4.  I invented it myself to meet my needs before I knew the others existed.

RAW118 is a mostly raw (mostly not cooked), to fully raw diet. The R.A.W. part of RAW118 being an acronym of Rich (or fat) foods, Amino foods (dark-green leafy or salad veggies), and Whole foods.

Rich (fat) foods and Amino foods are figured as 10% maximum of the Optimal Metabolic Rate (OMR), which is basically twice the Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR), or what a top athlete would be burning.  So a top athlete on 30BaD and a top athlete on RAW118 would be eating basically the same thing.  Durianrider on RAW118 or on 30BaD would eat basically the same thing.

However, this calculation for a bedridden, "Basically Dead", almost uncontentious person, may be fat <20% of daily calorie needs - and for a housewife with little exercise (just starting out) perhaps 12-17%.

For me, dropping to <20% fat (mostly from coconuts and avocados), in the beginning, (I am about 9-10% now) was HUGE from the other "80/10/10" diet I was on then (80% Fat, 10% Soft-drinks, and 10% [actually more] deserts).  (Warning: Do NOT try that diet yourself... Although I ate this everyday, I have not done it for years, and I would not recommend it to anyone that does not want to bulk up to 350Kg and die in fear and pain!)

Just consider my former LUNCH... Two family size double stuffed Pizza Hut deep dish meat lovers pan pizzas, with double extra cheese. Plus a family size tray of meat lasagna. That came with 4-6 liters of soft-drinks and 8 deserts!

That is what I ate, for My Lunch only, anyone else would have to buy extra food for them. Breakfast / lunch / dinner / TV snacks were basically the same except the brand names...

"Hello McDonald's?  I want FOUR Big Mac meals, super size everything, and eight apple pies.  Oh, you better add eight hot fudge Sundays.  Delivered!"

"KFC? Yeah, I want 3 family size buckets, with all the fixings and additional four large gravies.  Just give me an assortment of the fixings, but no coleslaw.  That comes with 12 brownies right?" "Yes sir." "Better give me an extra 12 brownies."

Anyone who knew me then would tell you that I am not exaggerating at all.  It takes work to get to 350Kg!

That was my REAL "Suicide Addition Diet" (SAD - Right?)

PROOF: High Carbs can make some people Morbidly Obese!

I'm so glad it has happened to me!


Banana I. Lan

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I did not really understand what your raw118 diet is, but as long as it is vegan and it works for you: fine !

@Gousti Fruit Yeah, I am not too good at explain that calculation... Anyway, high carb low fat plant diet does work! I'm half the man I used to be!


What does Ammino mean? Anyway 10% Rich/Greens/Whole seems like a healthy composition.

Does Rich includes nuts, avocados, coconut, palm, and oils?

Amminos include all veggies? Or just greens?

And Whole includes fruits; What about mushrooms, grains and beans?

This seems in the spirit of Fuhrman's G-BOMBS (Greens, Beans, Onions, Mushrooms, Berries, and Seeds) or Greger's How Not To Die servings daily:

  • 3 beans/legumes
  • 1 berries
  • 3 fruits
  • 1 cruciferous
  • 2 greens
  • 2 vegetables
  • 1 flaxseeds
  • 1 nuts
  • 1 spices
  • 3 whole grains
  • 5 beverages
  • 1 exercise


I don't ever, consciously eat oil, of any kind. If you are diagnosed with diabetes (me), gout (me) heart disease (me), or cancer (not me) or you just want to be healthy and fit, any oil will ruin your progress big time. Living in the Philippines, coconut oil or coconut milk is in so much food. The most unhealthy people I know eat the most of it - but the "healthy oil" myth sells a lot of coconut oil to other countries! Virgin Coconut Oil is a great product to rub on your skin (but stay out of the sun or you will cook!)

Coconut milk is ok sometimes - but daily would blast your oil way above the limit. Same with Avocados. Nuts, I eat them like supplements, as needed (one Brazil nut and some days a walnut.

Aminos: As we know, all plant food has aminos. However, I generally consider this the "fill-in aminos" - the greens. 1/2 kg to 1 kg a day works for me. I am not big on exact measurements of food.

Aminos would also include fresh green sprouts. Alfalfa sprouts, Broccoli sprouts, Radish sprouts are almost always growing at my house. Wheatgrass juice (or barleygrass juice if you like it) give a nice morning wake up to the body.

Whole Food would be mostly fruit, fruit, and let's see... fruit! Mushrooms, grains and beans might be a sometimes thing, but not daily. Whole food would be also carrots, squash, radishes and beets.

While trying to heal (or if you are obese), I would stay away from the "Big Five" allergy foods (tree nuts, peanuts, gluten [anything made from wheat, barley, rye, or corn!], soybean and nightshade veggies). When you are well, you can try adding these back in, one at a time, to see what happens, if you really want them.  I would still avoid unformatted soy.  Soy can be deadly to some people - they do not tell you that.

Of course never eat, wear or use any animal for anything. If you do, you will suffer! If you want to eat dairy, just plan to die soon, a painful death! If you have cancer and do not want to give up dairy, plan to die - you will!

I eat between 70% and 100% of my food raw (uncooked) each day. When I cook something, I use water. Water cooking would be steaming, boiling, pressure cooking, crock pot or slow cooker, Pain Marie, or double boiler.

I do not like more modern or gluten grains. I don't eat bread. But I do not eliminate all grains as some do. Last night I had oatmeal cooked with a cup of green peas for my dinner.

I respect the doctors who are doing serious work, like Greger. However, they write for someone with unlimited resources. Buy my book or DVD's or pills, and get well. For example, I live in the Philippines, rural Philippines, I have never seen a berry bush here. Frozen berries are not available at any store here that I can shop in. I cannot even buy their books at any of the local book stores! It is impossible to follow their advice.

On the flip side, since I started sharing with my friends and neighbors, a few thousand have lost their heart disease, diabetes, gout, angina, and even a few had their cancers reverse. Many Filipinos don't have money for doctors and medications, so they welcome what they can do with diet and exercise.

Loving And Nice,


wow, i love your story! Tell it to the world. There are many sick people out there that need you

Yeah, perhaps if you can collect photos/videos, chart your progress, you could produce a really powerful video. I'm sure you'd get great positive responses. I'd follow for sure!

Awesome :D 

@Georgia Scott @Ahimsa @Frugisaurus

Thank you so much for the encouragement.  I actually did not allow people to take photos of me when I was the biggest.  I did not want people making me a freak show.  The first photo was taken when I was down to only 240kg (528 pounds) and it was at a political rally when I was shaking the hands of a candidate for president of the Philippines.

I am still morbidly obese!

Since you encourage me, I plan to put something up before I have lost 200Kg (only 10 more to go so it will have to be soon!)

I really appreciate your words!

UPDATE: Today, March 8, 2016, for the first time in more than 30 YEARS - I was able to swim 1Km!

You rock mate!!

Salamat! (Thank You!)

Congratulations!  You are very inspiring!  Keep us posted on how you are doing.



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