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Some people turn to synthetic materials in the absence of animal skins or something similar, I'm totally against the use of animals for clothing or anything of that sort, But i also think there's a discussion to be had about synthetic materials especially those derived from substances such as oil. Not only does this fuel the fossil-fuel industry and contribute to harmful chemicals being released into the atmosphere or being put into use for a durable t-shirt, but there are a lot of studies out there showing that chemicals used in synthetic processes when making clothes actually remain in the fabric and cause us harm. Also then there are workers conditions and exposure to such harmful things etc etc the list goes onnnn. I follow this blog and find it gives a very informative perspective, this is one of the posts http://oecotextiles.wordpress.com/2014/06/18/do-we-exaggerate-the-d... .

thoughts? (Moved discussion)

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i'm against it too.. i can't even wear polyester, whenever i wear polyester everything starts to itch.. and when you wash it miniscule plastic balls or something get released poluting everything.

These days i'm always looking for preferably hemp or organic cotton.. at this point i haven't found anything made of that, only expensive stuff that probably some kind of designer dude has done something to.. i just want basic stuff.. if i want a black t-shirt i want a black t-shirt.

As far as shoes.. have been looking for vegan shoes, but only plastic/rubber stuff can be found. at this point i still have nikes probably made of animal skin.. which i already have for at least 6 years.

Yeah i'm the same, I normally look for cotton and things of that nature, There are a lot of 100% cotton or organic cotton places that sell here in the UK. A quick Google search lead me too those but they usually are quite expensive, It's either that or the thrift stores haha!.

I'm not down with using homophobic terms in a negative-slur way like you just did.

But glad we can see eye to eye on this topic

100%cotton is everywhere, that's what i wear, because i already have it, but i don't want to support the industry that's responsible for something like 70% of the worlds pesticide use..

As far as calling the designer gay is because that's usually the case, no negative meaning, maybe unnecessary to mention. also there's nothing homophobic about the word gay.

Yeah unfortunately I'm not in the same situation but I'd like to own just 100% cotton clothing :), Trying to minimize my monetary support for the industry is one of my aims too,

Unnecessary to mention then, it just came across like it was being used in a negative way is all, Nope nothing homophobic about it! But the way you use it can be, But thats a whole other discussion

yeah, true there are so many natural fabrics - organic cotton, hemp, bamboo :)

there are some nice brands in Germany that are not expensive :) don't think they ship to the UK though..

There are! we should be utilizing them too, It's a shame we don't really :(

AH i see, Next time i am in Germany i'll have to see haha

let me know when you are going, I could name some nice companies

by the way, here is a "hemp company" that is located in UK, not sure about the quality but maybe you can check them out http://www.thehempshop.co.uk/subcat-2-7.htm

whatsup with all the german sites that claim they sell hemp yet everything they have is basically 50-50 hemp - organic cotton.

A guy i know was making a shop, which i helped him with but i quit cause i don't like his satanic or whatever symbolism he puts on everything, but his shirts were 98% hemp 2% flax, that's what i like to see.. preferable 100% hemp, though i'm not in need for t-shirts, i have enough of them.

what's wrong with selling clothes that are 50% organic cotton and 50% hemp? i mean it's all natural materials and it's not that they state 100% hemp and when you buy it you read 50% hemp on the label.. besides not all german sites sell 50/50 for instance herethey have pure 100% hemp tshirts http://www.biotextilien-allgaeu.de/HempAge+Herren+T-Shirt+Prince+re... 

but i agree that generally there could be more clothes made with 100% hemp :)

i actually prefer "blank" tshirts :) without any symbols 

there's nothing wrong with it, i just get sick of searching for hemp and then getting 50-50, cause hemp is better quality then cotton..

i prefer blank shirts as well.



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