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I've been meaning to share this experience--too funny.

My World Civ professor was talking anthropology and the diet of prehistoric man. When he came to the topic of raw foods, he jokingly asked whether anyone in the room ate only raw foods. When I raised my hand, he kind of jump backed and suddenly looked a little awkward and sheepish--because what he proceeded (and was planning) to say was that, before man became civilized by cooking their food, they were weak, had rough digestion and distended bellies.

I sit up front and could hear the suppressed laughter behind me because (1) I have no distended belly, but my professor--who is always sipping a cola--has the hugest pot belly you've ever seen (and looks quite sick in general) and (2) although I said nothing, not wanting to embarass him, I was thinking "my digestion has never been BETTER!" (3) I'm only skinny in a fit sense

After class he asked condescendingly, "You're a vegan, huh?" So I told him the transition I've made to now, mostly fruit. He asks, "Where do you get your vitamins and minerals?" I've heard the protein inquiry, but THAT's new!

So that was a few weeks ago. Yesterday, while throwing popcorn into his mouth, he was talking about chakras and how you need to eat nutritious foods in order to give off positive energies (warning us to watch what we were eating but asking a kid with a health food bar to please wait to eat it until after class). And for some reason he avoided looking at me...


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Dude, you should call that dodo bird out on his bullshizzle. It annoys me to hear fat people talking about nutrition.

im with you on that. my high school gym teacher was so fat he brought out a chair to watch the us kids 

same here. my 7th grade gym teacher was quite obese and she would go from place to place via golf cart while we were running laps around the track. I barely ever saw her walk a lap. oh, the irony!

lol i made to a provincial cross country meet. i was so humiliated having him coach me at the event . i didnt run to my potential for the fear of having him stand next to me. As a coach he was terrible he would tell me "UM do that nose breathe stuff up your nose and out"    ya thanks coach !!!

Embarrass the fool! 

You're professor sounds massively screwed up in the head in a whole bunch of different ways. You must wonder "Why am I wasting my time learning from THIS guy?!" 

You're story makes me soo glad I decided against college.

Yep StyleStacker, they are the ones teaching humanity to be Sheeple.

Carter why not print out some hard hitting Vegan Lore, maybe not label it as such, more Health/Love vs Sickness/Fear include in it diet, animal protection, environment, freedom, truth etc, hang them up around the place, put them on desks etc.. If you are so super excited arrange a talk, you be the teacher, even if it's just 30mins, share your magic and blow these sleeping lumbars back to the cave.. :)

Well it's funny, because before those incidences I was loving this guy--we were both into some of the obscure literature that no one else got into. I actually took from this guy specifically because my brother had and knew I would love him. But it definitely confirmed my suspicion that you can't trust everything that everyone says--even mostly-wise teachers! But I'm glad I can just kick back and laugh.

I just thought of another story and this forum is a nice release to let go of frustrations.


One day I want to work in and around the Amazon Rainforest, and we got to learn about it in World Dev the other week which was a mix of very exciting but also frustrating and upsetting for me. We watched part of a Bruce Parry program where he went to speak to illegal loggers and find out why they do it and understand their lives. Bruce came to the conclusion that these misunderstood chappies were just friendly men up for a laugh and trying to provide for their families back in the favellas.


Here's my conclusion: The men 'couldn't afford to feed their families' in the slums so they went into a FRUIT FILLED rainforest to smoke weed and cut down FRUIT trees, and when they got hungry they didn't sit with the monkeys and fill up on fruit, oh no they went to the trouble of finding a monkey just to shoot the poor guy and eat him! It is frustrating enough for me when people living detatched in urban England don't understand the need to protect rainforests and the way they can provide so much fruit to feed rainforest animals and people too! But when people who are actually IN the rainforest, fruit up to their eyeballs, still won't touch a piece, that gets me bloody mad. These men spent half the time drinking and smoking and p!$$ing about, funny they have enough money to by alcohol and drugs but oh look there's none left to 'feeeed my family'! Jeez if you really care so much then move your family into the rainforest, build a sustainable home and dig in to the fruits all around. No farming needed! Or get a job wild-harvesting fruits to send abroad.  The same area of land in the rainforest is worth so much more left standing, making money through wild harvesting fruits and medicines, rubber tapping etc, than it is worth to sell the logs or use the land to raise cattle. Problem solved. Capeesh?

Nice story ApeGirl April ;)

I think it has something to do with mans perversion and fall to a life that is shall we say "chaotically attractive", also most humans do not know or understand that you can infact just eat fruit.. The peaceful self sufficient family life in the Jungle with a myriad of animal friends and boundless adventures and food has been replaced by cities, cars, TV, washing machines, radios, alcohol, porn, travel etc etc etc.. Money money money in a......

I don't even try to get into it in my World Development class, except once we were learning about the measurement for starvation which is anything less than 2100 calories a day. Then my teacher who, seems like my sister, the kind of person who is thin because they skip meals or undereats without realising it (not anorexic).


Anyways my teacher and all the calorie-phobic carb-phobic yet out of shape girls in the class thought that was way too high to be the line of starvation, and even though I told them 2100 calories was correct everyone just sort of pretended not to hear me and agreed that 2100Kcal must mean 21 calories a day for the line of starvation! One girl even said that you didn't need food to eat and you could just live off 'natural energy' from tomatoes! She said she had even gone without food for days on a diet. I feel sad and just want to wake these people up sometimes.


By the next week our teacher had 'researched' to find out the truth and funally agreed that it was 2100 calories a day lol.

"she has Dyslexia and she doesn't like to take baths" ~ erm, dyslexia doesn't mean your stuip or lazy! the learning model in schools being what it is - read/listen, (shut the fcuk up!) copy and repeat isn't one thats engaging for any mind, let alone a dyslexic one. nor is the way in which credit is attributed. i would hazard a guess that your sister finds/found the learning structure around her very limiting. that along with the fact it may have made her feel slower than her peers made her disengage. as such, she may appier lazy. dyslexic's minds often grasp visual imagery with great ease. my advise would be if you want to stimulate her, to try there!

...im sure ive taken you MASSIVLY out of context! sooo, in advance, im very sorry for doing so!

~ james :)



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