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Mangoes Processing for export

"Just as simple as the word processing is, the same implies to our working conditions. According to USDA (standard) Mangoes shall be treated by 48C for 60Min as it increases its shelf life. Our hot water treatment plant is one of its kind and as per the requirements and research preferred by USDA (United States Department of Agriculture). Processing can be briefly divided in the following steps:

Initial Grading
Improper or defected Mangoes are sorted out manually by our experienced workers who are chosen for this specific task. This process lets the only fine quality Mangoes enter the process.

Initial Washing
Mangoes are washed initially with the help of hot water with chlorine 200ppm at 45-48C that let the dirt or other unaccepted material get off from the skin of Mangoes.
48C Hot Water Emulsion Tank
This is the most important step of the Processing. Mangoes are now treated in hot water temperature at 48C for 60minutes in hot water Tank (with pulp temperature 46.1C-46.6C). This activity kills the fruit flies and their eggs as well as the following bacteria: -

  • Aspidiotus destructor
  • Bactrocera dorsalis
  • Bactrocera zonata
  • Coccus viridis
  • Dysmicoccus neobrevipes
  • Parasaissetia nigra
  • Rastrococcus iceryoides
  • Sternochetus mangiferae
  • Thrips palmi

Wax Emulsion Tank
After the Mangoes passed from 48C Hot Water Emulsion tank now they are treated in Wax Emulsion Tank by the help of Wax. The mangoes go through the glowing process that shines its skin. This gives a new look hence increasing Mango�s worth when put out to Sale and also minimize dehydration and controls the respiration process. Also the pores on the Skin of Mangoes are semi-sealed by the help of Wax.

Air Dryer
After the process of Waxing the Mangoes are need to be dried by the help of Air dryer. The Mangoes are then dried which were wet due to the process of Waxing.
Cooling of Mangoes
After packing Mangoes are kept for 2 hours at room temperature in order to make it ready to be kept in the Cooling room. The Mangoes are now kept in the Cooling room at 10-12C.
for full process and contact visit our website http://www.faizeaam.com/modules.php?name=Processing"

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I am not sure where this info. comes from.  You can test if your mangoes are raw by putting a piece in hydrogen peroxide, if it bubbles it's raw.  I have tested the outer portion of organic and non organic many times and they are always raw so there may have been a quick hot water dunk but no 60 min. dunk.  The ones coming from Mexico are the ones I've tested.  I also have not ever felt a wax on my mangoes.  I frequently find wax on apples, organic ones.  I have asked my wholesaler about irradiation of non-organic mangoes and he says he has talked with numerous suppliers and they all say they do not believe any such thing happens, that they see the mangoes being picked and loaded on trucks and brought to the U.S. and there is never this type of process.  So I'm not sure which mangoes these might be happening to but it goes to show how growing our own food is so important so we have control of these things.

where do you put peroxide hydrogen, the peel or inside the fruit?? thanks.

you can take a piece off from wherever you want to test.

thanks again, I still would like to know how does Peroxide Hyd. test work, I mean, the reason why it works, scientifically that is. …do you know that info, or do you know where to find it? Thanks ednshell.

and how does one see if there is wax on skin? I only concerned because I have eaten the peel of mangoes and papayas. Mangoes seem more waxy then papayas. I get mangoes imported from Brasil. thanks again.

feel it with your hands, if you feel something slick on your hands after touching then you know there is wax.

what do you mean by slick?? i still donºt know how to feel it.. i think mangoes have wax, but i seem to find all fruits slick, except papayas, kiwis or grapes… are you sure you can test with your hands? Thanks again.

I wonder if this maybe wouldn't affect the hydrogen peroxide test?

dunno either.

what would effect the test?

hi Imported mango deteriorated in last years....

As I see  they increase treatment like hot water and chemical in water they use in their hot water treatment.. and who knows what other thing they use...

my feeling,,,, mango ripening is altered.... taste   bad...  poor in nutriment..

 its not just mango.. banana quality  organic even  reduced...

We will need to create permaculture and food forest in tropical area...and live there:)  Start your fruit community, farm permaculture and fruit forest in forest... So you could  wake up and  harvest ripened fruits on the trees.. high quality....

Monoculture  organic  is not solution. we should promote permaculture and food forest:)

Thank you:)



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