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I am seriously at my wits end. My digestion is crap and I can't seem to figure out what to do anymore. I am to the point where I cannot even fully breakdown cantelop or zucchini pasta. I have tried no overt fats, eating bananas all day, green smoothies, fasting, etc. I take enzymes which seem to be not helping very much anymore. I am always bloated after meals and I always get a stomach ache at night. I am very active - 90 minute bikram yoga everyday plus at last 30 minutes + excercise after that. I am usually sedintary after dinner unless I go out to the store. Does sitting affect my digestive process? And I usually eat my last meal before 9:00 - always fruit. I don't go to bed until 1 the earliest. Is this affecting my digestion? I recently moved to CA from NYC. And in NYC things seemed to have been going really well in terms of digestion. I did bikram everyday there too and walked 4 to 5 miles a day just in general. In CA, it is much harder to get in that extra activity since I mostly work from home and do a lot of computer work for my blog. What am i doing wrong?? Any suggestions?

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Are you under a bit more stress than usual? Stress always effects my digestion...if you are having problems with simple foods like melon and zucchini it makes me think that it's not food that is the problem, you know? Another factor maybe the change in water?
digestive enzymes usually contain some animal products that most people seem to have an allergy too. i know matt monarch and fred bisci's enzymes contain animal products and have an allergy warning on their site.

fruit is bad, but buy my enzymes! :)
I don't know why but my first thought is look at your emotions. Think chakras. Could be stuck emotional energy in solar plexus area. You might try placing your hands on that area and focusing on sending healing energy. Like Reiki. I know that when we are relaxed while eating, it is beneficial to the digestive system. Look up the Parasympathetic nervous system and digestion.

Best wishes
chakra's are a man made concept. sure they sound sexy, mysterious etc but when someone feels emotional its 99% for sure they are either dehydrated, uncarbed, underslept or all 3! :)
How long have you tried?

I find do is more important then tried.

You use words like always is this true?

If fruit is your last meal what fruit and what are your meals before?

Are you the anxious type?
I experience digestive issues with certain fruits, like eating fuyu persimmon when they're not super soft or when I eat their skins. I've also been eating a lot of sapote lately and I'm noticing it's messing with my digestion by really slowing it down. Also, eating bananas that aren't ripe enough or eating a lot of nuts. Food combining really helps if you're not already doing that and mono meals are also helpful, as others have suggested.

The solution is there, just try to be more open to it. That's one of the great things about this diet and way of life, it allows you to really tune in to your body. With all the help and suggestions you'll receive here, I'm sure you'll find the answers you're looking for.

Good luck and I hope you feel better soon.

im a hydration manic and even i wouldnt do bikram again. so drying, so trying, so frying!

yoga is great but cooking ourselves to do yoga aint fun!

your digestion will be amazing once you start drinking a room temp quart upon rising before eating or drinking ANYTHING else.

this is a common one. i know a few people that dont drink water or very little and they have chronic digestion challenges.
This is very odd. So, for weeks now I have been sticking to a blended diet mostly. I mean, I blend everything. My toms and my cucs and celery to my apple sauce. and then this weekend i was really craving nori rolls. so i bought some nori and and had rolls with toms, cucs, and sprouts and then i made a small salad with the leftover toms and cucs and a celery dressing. and NO DIGESTIVE PROBLEMS WHAT SO EVER!!! I have been consciously drinking more water this weekend, spacing out my meals more, and I haven't been sitting around after meals. This seems to help DRASTICALLY. I think my problem might be the fact that after dinner I am not moving around as much - I usually sit and read or something and so everything just SITS in my belly. I am trying to change my bed time esp. since I am going home to the east coast in two days. Thanks for all the advise peeps!



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