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Hey guys!

I'm brand new here. Long time vegan, new to experimenting with raw food. Trying out a RawTill4 lifestyle, which I've been doing for a couple weeks now. 

I have noticed that if I have dates in the morning (alone or with bananas), I experience a tightness in my chest, paired with a dizzy/nauseous feeling. It's very scary! Because of this, I stopped eating dates in large quantities and have been using them as more of a condiment lately, which I am fine with.

However, this morning I had a huge, beautiful watermelon for breakfast! About 1/4 way through I started to experience the same thing! I stopped eating, lay down and the feelings get intense then went away after 10 minutes or so.

Has anyone had a similar experience? Does anyone know why this might be happening to me? It's very concerning and I'm considering finding a naturopath who might help guide me through this, but I don't have a ton of money for that right now.

I'm really concerned about this, as it's making me question my decision to switch from a high carb cooked vegan diet, to a fruit-based RawTill4 diet! I made the switch to help with IBS that was severe despite a vegan diet free of all processed/manufactured foods, and my IBS symptoms disappeared right away so I am very hesitant to leave this lifestyle without seriously trying to make it work. 

Thanks in advance! Cheers!

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(Cortisol anyone ?) What time do you have your breakfast, and how long after you wake up ? Also, do you drink your liter of water before your meal ?

I usually wake up around 7, drink 1L of water and have breakfast around 8. Hope those details help!

Cortisol levels are high when you wake up and it is said to prevent the good digestion and assimilation of nutrients. It is often advised not to eat too soon in the morning, usually not before 10am. Maybe you should give it a try ?

+1, I noticed the same in the mornings...without intention...just the days that I wake up, take my time , relax..maybe do some exercise...and then hit the breakfast usually after 10 am.. ( with the exception of drinking water in the morning first thing)...I FEEL AMAZING, but if I eat breakfast earlier ....I feel light headed, and get similar symptoms as the OP. 

This is cool, learn something new everyday never thought it was something to do with cortisol but it makes sense now!

also REALLY IMPORTANT...EAT SLOWLY. take time to let your saliva DIGEST your food. CHEW to help your stomach's digestion so its not taking energy out of you to digest whatever your teeth slacked off on. This way it has more energy in repairing- nourishing your body :)

Ooooh i'm not sure about the chest pains.  But I saw you're heading title and OMG I know you are meant to eat melon alone, but dates and melon together taste like heaven!!

Do you think you may be experiencing heart burn?  If it is affecting you enough that you need to lay down I would suggest going to see a doctor.  I know when I started drinking a litre of water in the morning as soon as I woke up I would feel a little nauseous and I would sit down, but I never got chest pains.  The nauseous feeling did go away after about 4 days of doing it... I started drinking more water in the morning months before starting rawtill4 (which i'm new to, otherwise I would offer more advice).

Hope you feel better soon x

I'm definitely eating watermelon alone, on an empty stomach.

It's certainly not heartburn, it's more of a tightness in my chest/shoulders/upper abdomen. It almost feels like my heart is racing but my pulse doesn't seem elevated. It only seems to happen after fruit meals, so I don't think it's a reaction to filling my belly (like with water). 

this is dead on EXACTLY what i feel with watermelon literally such a good explanation. And Im always hydrated at least 30 mins before eating the melon. Its horrible. 

I've actually been looking around on this site and it seems like I'm not the only one who experiences this. However, I haven't found a solid explanation or any recommendations to address the issue. I find this really stressful! 

yeah, this just happened to me, like 20 minutes ago! It's a sugar rush i think.. 

Did a 10k run, got home, took a bath, drank like 0,50L of whater and drank a 12 bananas smoothie with a lil unrefined cane sugar ( like 50grs top) and started feeling really nauseus and had to lay down on the garden lol.. got really worried!

was just about to make a thread but i saw yours!! At least i'm not alone, haha.

It seems like a very common thing, which is why I'm worried that there doesn't seem to be an explanation!

I read that some people have success with using greens. After my run today I added a whole bunch of kale to my banana & date smoothie to see if it helped. It did! I felt fine... so maybe the added fibre slows sugar absorption? That won't help me with watermelon sadly, as it has to be eaten alone. :(

I feel somewhat uncomfortable that this is a common thing, I definitely don't want to be stressing my body out!!

AHH happens to me too!! With the watermelon, not dates!! I asked this question on this site on no one replied to me! I really want to know why this occurs! I just stopped having a lot of watermelon. It happens when I eat a lot not just a little. If you had a large cooked meal the night before that digests slower the watermelon might be catching up and causing  the pain (this is not the case for me I only do watermelon after fully raw early dinner days). But it really scares me too when this happens it feels like a heart attack ha and I have been pretty much fully raw for over a year.

It's a terrible feeling!! :( And it's definitely not a digestive pain, it's a tightness in the chest. It literally feels like the body is stressing out, there is a sense of panic/urgency to it.

Really want a solid, scientific answer!



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